Röstäm Yaxin

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Yaxin Röstäm Möxämmätxaci ulı aka Röstäm Yaxin (pronounced IPA: [ˈjɑçin rœsˈtæm mœxæˌmætxæˈʑɪ uˈlɯ]; Tatar Cyrillic: Яхин Рөстәм Мөхәммәтхаҗи улы; Russian: Я́хин Русте́м Мухаме́т-Хазе́евич, Yakhin Rustem Mukhamet-Khazeyevich; 1921 – 1993) was a Tatar composer and pianist. People's Artist of the USSR (1986). Major works: orchestra with piano concerto (1950–1952), ballet Fidai (1987), fortepiano and viola concertos, more than 300 songs and romances. Yaxin is also an author of Hymn of the Republic of Tatarstan. Röstäm Yaxin was a laureate of the Ğabdulla Tuqay Tatar ASSR State Prize in 1959.

His awards included:

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