Reich Commissioner for the Consolidation of German Nationhood

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A propaganda poster for German relocation from around the world to populate Reichsgau Wartheland

The Reich Commissioner for the Consolidation of German Nationhood (German: Reichskommissar für die Festigung deutschen Volkstums, RKF, RKFDV) was an office in Nazi Germany which was held by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.[1]

Adolf Hitler in his October 7 1939 order Erlaß des Führers und Reichskanzlers zur Festigung deutschen Volkstums ordered Himmler to carry out the following duties:[2]

  • Overseeing of the final return to the Reich of the Volksdeutche and Auslandsdeutsche (Reichsdeutsche who live abroad)
  • Prevention of "harmful influence" of populations alien to the German Volkstum
  • Creation of new populated areas settled by Germans, mostly by the returning ones.


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