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Dr. Rai Rajeshwar Bali
13th Taluqdar of Rampur-Daryabad Estate
Preceded by Rai Narain Bali
Succeeded by Rai Dina Nath Bali
Personal details
Born 30 July 1889
Daryabad United Provinces,
British India
Died 1944
Daryabad United Provinces,
British India
Spouse(s) Shushila Rani Bali Children: Bindeshwari, Dr. Pushpa Chandra, Rai Dina Nath Bali, Rai Kailash Nath Bali, Mithleshwari Devi, Rai Gopeshwar Bali, Rai Madan Gopal Bali, Rai Kaushlendra Bali
Religion Hindu

Rai Rajeshwar Bali (1889–1944) was the Taluqdar of Daryabad. Daryabad was a taluq in North India and is at present situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh (United Provinces).


Dr. Rai Rajeshwar Bali was an intellectual reformist. During his lifetime he was the head of the Taluqdar association of Oudh. From 1924 to 1928 he was the education minister of Uttar Pradesh.

His main contributions were the passage of the Agra University act, the creation of Bhatkhande College of Hindustani Music and passing of primary education system of education in India.

In the early part of the 20 th century the Hindustani music was confined to temples. Dr Rai Rajeshwar Bali was instrumental in bringing the Hindustani classical music to the public by opening one of the first music colleges of India called the Bhatkhande College of Hindustani Music in Lucknow. For this he invited Pundit V. N. Bhatkhande and requested him to write the grammar of Hindustani Classical Music. Dr Rai Rajeshwar Bali was also an avid Krishna Bhakt and his Phag and Panje are still recited in Vrindavan, the lila sthal of Bhagwan Krishna.


Minister of Education, Medical Relief & Public Health and Local Self Government of the UP legislative assembly in 1920 and represented the Non-Muslim rural constituency of Barabanki district
In Office: July 1924 - June 1928

Dr Rai Rajeshwar Bali was succeeded by his eldest son Rai Dinanath Bali.

His only surviving son is Rai Kaushlendra Bali, who lives in New Delhi, India.

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