Raven Freiherr von Barnekow

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Raven Freiherr von Barnekow
Born 10 March 1897
Schwerin, Germany
Died 8 December 1941
Alt Marin, Pomerania
Allegiance Germany
Service/branch Cavalry; infantry; aviation
Rank Leutnant
Unit 2nd Guards Uhlan Regiment, 4th Guards Foot Regiment, FEA 5, Jasta 11, Jasta 4, Jasta 20, Jasta 1
Other work On staff of Lieutenant General Kurt-Bertram von Döring during World War II

Leutnant Raven Freiherr von Barnekow was a World War I flying ace credited with eleven aerial victories. He went on to serve during World War II.[1][2]

Early life

Raven Freiherr von Barnekow was born 10 March 1897[2] in Schwerin.[1]

World War I service

Barnekow served in the ranks of the 2nd Guards Uhlan Regiment before being commissioned on 3 March 1915. He was transferred to 4th Guards Foot Regiment to serve as an officer. He volunteered for aviation in February 1917,[1] and went originally to FEA 5. He then began transferring back-and-forth between Jastas 4 and 11. He joined 4 in September, went to 11 in December, back to 4 in February 1918. He then was forwarded to Jasta 20 on 10 March. He scored his first victory with them, shooting down ace Henry Eric Dolan on 12 May 1918. He scored three more wins with them, between 29 May and 15 June. On 23 August, he was wounded in action. He became an ace with his 2 September victory. He was then transferred to Jasta 1, and won a double victory on 27 September 1918, followed up by four more in the first week of October, despite a slight wound on the 2nd.[1][2]

World War II service

Barnekow had served with, and become close friends with, Ernst Udet and Kurt-Bertram von Döring during World War I. Döring, who had been Barnekow's commanding officer in Jasta 4, had risen to Lieutenant General by the time World War II started; he added Barnekow to his staff. Udet committed suicide on 17 November 1941; Barnekow followed suit on 8 December.[2]

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