Richard Kayne

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Richard Kayne
File:Richard Kayne.jpg
Fields Syntax, Generative grammar
Institutions New York University, CUNY, University of Paris VIII
Alma mater MIT, Columbia College
Doctoral advisor John R. Ross
Known for Antisymmetry

Richard Stanley Kayne is Professor of Linguistics in the Linguistics Department at New York University.

After receiving an A.B. in mathematics from Columbia College, New York in 1964, he studied linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving his Ph.D. in 1969. He then taught at the University of Paris VIII (1969–1986), MIT (1986–1988) and the City University of New York (1988–1997), becoming Professor at New York University in 1997.

He has made prominent contributions to the study of the syntax of English and the Romance languages within the framework of transformational grammar. His theory of Antisymmetry has become part of the canon of the Minimalist syntax literature.


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