Royal Cambodian Air Force

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Royal Cambodian Air Force
Kangtorp Cheung Akas
Royales Cambodgiennes Armée de l'air
Royal Cambodian Air Force Wings.svg
Royal Cambodian Air Force wings
Founded 1953
Country Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia
Type Air Force
Size 2,500 (2010)
Part of Royal Cambodian Armed Forces
Garrison/HQ Phnom Penh
Motto Defending the Kingdom of Cambodia
Anniversaries 9 November 1953
Engagements First Indochina War
Cambodian Civil War
Soeung Samnang
Roundel Royal Cambodian Air Force roundel.svg

The Royal Cambodian Air Force is the branch of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces which is charged with operating all military aircraft in Cambodia.


The Royal Cambodian Air Force is commanded by Lieutenant General Soeung Samnang, who has four deputy commanders beneath him. The Air Force itself is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of National Defence.

Air Force headquarters are located at Phnom Penh International Airport and is still sign posted Pochentong Air Base.[citation needed] The only operational aircraft at Pochentong Air Base are from the VIP squadron.[citation needed] Maintenance of helicopters is also at Pochentong. The airworthy Mi-8, Mil Mi-26 Halo and Mi-17 helicopters from the helicopter squadron are based at Siem Reap International Airport


During the early 1990 Mi-8, Mil Mi-26 Halo and Mi-17 helicopters entered service with the Air Force, as well as Harbin Y-12 and BN-2 Islander transport aircraft. A VIP transport unit was formed in 1995 using the An-24RV and Beech 200 Super King Air. In 2000 a deal was made with Israeli Aircraft Industries to overhaul MIG 21's and which saw the delivery of L-39C Albatross aircraft for lead in trainers and entered service during 1995–2000.

Aircraft serviceability

Only the Mi-8, Mil Mi-26 Halo, Mi-17 and the Harbin Z-9 helicopters are currently serviceable. The VIP fleet of helicopters and passenger aircraft is under the control of the civilian authorities.


Current inventory

A Cambodian Air Force Mil Mi-26T
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
A320 France VIP 1[1]
BN-2 United Kingdom utility transport 1[2]
MA60 China transport MA60H-500 2[2]
Y-12 China transport 1[2]
AS350 France liaison 1[2]
AS355 France utility 1[2]
Mil Mi-17 Russia utility / transport 5[2]
Z-9 China utility 11[2]
Mil Mi-26 Russia utility / transport 2[2]


The force maintains a professional association football team as one of its branches, which formerly played in the C-League.

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