Rushdy Abaza

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Rushdy Abaza
File:Rushdy Abaza.jpg
Born Rushdy Said Bughdady Abaza
(1926-08-03)3 August 1926
Mansoura, Egypt
Died 27 July 1980(1980-07-27) (aged 53)
Years active 1948–1980

Rushdy Said Bughdady Abaza (Egyptian Arabic: رشدي أباظة) (August 1926 – 27 July 1980) was an Egyptian actor. He was a member of the wealthy Abaza family.[1] He has been known as one of the most charming actors to appear in the Egyptian film industry. He died of liver cancer at the age of 53.[1]


Rushdy Abaza was born in Mansoura, Egypt, to Egyptian father, Said Abaza, belonging to one of Egypt's richest and most well-known families, the Abaza family,and Italian mother Tereza Luigi.[1] Rushdy attended school at Collège Saint Marc in Alexandria.[1]

From his father’s side he had three half-sisters, Ragaa, Mounira, Zeinab and one half-brother, Fikri (an actor). From his mother's side, he had one half-brother, Hamed. His only child is a daughter, Qismat.



He appeared in more than 100 films from 1948 to 1980; many of which in starring or co-starring roles with the most notable Arabic actors and actresses such as 1972 film titled My Dear Daughter (in Arabic - Ebnati al-Aziza) with Najat Al Saghira;[2]


  • Al-Millionaira al-Saghira, also known as The Little Millionaire


  • Zou al-Waghain, a.k.a. The Man with Two Faces


  • Amina, 1950.
  • Emraa Menn Nar, a.k.a. A Woman of Fire


  • Al-Osta Hassan, a.k.a. Hassan the Craftsman
  • El-Montasser, a.k.a. The Conqueror
  • Awladi, a.k.a. My Children


  • Shamm al-Nesseem, a.k.a. The Spring Festival
  • Mouamara, a.k.a. Conspiracy


  • Erham Domouie, a.k.a. Pity My Tears
  • Enni Rahhela, a.k.a. I Depart
  • Gaaluni Mogremann, a.k.a. They Made Me a Murderer
  • Arayess Fel-Mazad, a.k.a. Brides for Auction
  • Fortune carrée a.k.a. Square Fortune


  • Mann al-Qattel?, a.k.a. Who Is the Murderer?
  • Mawed Gharam, a.k.a. Appointment of Love
  • Bahr al-Gharam, a.k.a. Sea of Love
  • Ismaeel Yassin fel-Boliss, a.k.a. Ismaeel Yassin in the Police
  • Ezzay Ansak, a.k.a. How Would I Forget You
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Dalila


  • Tamr Henna, a.k.a. Tamarind
  • Port Said
  • Lan Abki Abadan, a.k.a. I Shall Never Weep


  • Jamila, a.k.a. Jamila Buhreid
  • Emraa fel-Tareeq, a.k.a. A Woman on the Road
  • La Anam, a.k.a. Sleepless
  • Soultan, 1958.
  • Tareeq al-Ammal, a.k.a. The Road of Hope
  • Toggar al-Moat, a.k.a. Death Merchants.
  • Qoloob al-Azara, a.k.a. Hearts of the Virgins


  • Seraa Fel-Nil, a.k.a. Struggle on the Nile
  • Ana Baree'a, a.k.a. I am Innocent
  • Bafakkar Felli Nassini, a.k.a. Thinking of Who Forgot Me
  • Qatte' Tareeq, a.k.a. The Highwayman
  • Maleesh Gherak, a.k.a. I Have None But You
  • Samraa Sina, a.k.a. The Brunette of Sinai


  • Al-Moraheqat, a.k.a. Teenage Girls
  • Ana wa Ommi, a.k.a. My Mother and I
  • Kholkhal Habeebi, a.k.a. My Love's Bugle
  • Leqaa Fil-Ghoroob, a.k.a. Meeting at Sunset
  • Malak wa Shaytan, a.k.a. Angel and Devil
  • Mufattesh al-Mabaheth, a.k.a. The Police Inspector
  • Nehayat al-Tareeq, a.k.a. End of the Road
  • Al-Raggol al-Thani, a.k.a. The Second Man
  • Ya Habeebi, a.k.a. My Beloved


  • Bela Awdah, a.k.a. No Return
  • Fi Bayttena Raggol, a.k.a. A Man in Our House
  • He Talata
  • Hob wa Herman, a.k.a. Love and Deprivation
  • Qalb Fi Zalam, a.k.a. Heart in the Shadows
  • Al-Zogah Raqam Talattashar, a.k.a. Wife Number 13


  • Wa Islamah, a.k.a. Oh Islam
  • Sett el-Banat, a.k.a. The Lady of All Women
  • Ah Menn Hawwa, a.k.a. Beware of Eve
  • Shahidat al-Hob al-Elahi, a.k.a. Martyr of Divine Love


  • La Waqt lel-Hob, a.k.a. No Time for Love
  • Al-Maganin Fi Naeem, a.k.a. The Insane Are in Bliss
  • Tareeq al-Shaytan, a.k.a. The Way of the Devil
  • Al-Saherra al-Saghira, a.k.a. The Young Charming
  • Aroos al-Nil, a.k.a. Bride of the Nile


  • Al-Tareeq, a.k.a. The Road .
  • Al-Shayatin al-Talata, a.k.a. The Three Devils


  • Ganab al-Safeer, a.k.a. His Excellency the Ambassador


  • Saghira Ala Al-Hob, a.k.a. Too Young to Love
  • Zawga Menn Paris, a.k.a. A Wife from Paris
  • Howa wal-Nessaa, a.k.a. He and Women
  • Al-Moshagheboon, a.k.a. Troublemakers
  • Shaqqet Al-Talabba, a.k.a. The Students' Apartment
  • Addow Al-Maraa, a.k.a. Enemy of Women
  • Shaqawet Reggala, a.k.a. Naughty Men
  • "Mawwal" with Sabah the Lebanese Singer (A Ballad)


  • Al-Aib, a.k.a. Shame
  • Endama Nohheb, a.k.a. When We Love
  • Gareema fil-Hayy al-Hadi, a.k.a. Crime in the Calm District
  • Al-Qobla al-Akhira, a.k.a. The Last Kiss


  • Baba Ayez Keda, a.k.a. Dad Wants So
  • Hawwaa ala al-Tareeq, a.k.a. Eve on The Road
  • Al-Massageen al-Thalatha, a.k.a. The Three Prisoners
  • Raw'at el-Hob, a.k.a. The Beauty of Love.


  • El Shoug'an el Thalatha
  • Nos Sa'a Gawaz, a.k.a. half an Hour of marriage


  • Al-Ashrar, a.k.a. Evil Men
  • Nar al-Shouq, a.k.a. Flame of Crave
  • Al-Sarab, a.k.a. The Mirage
  • Al-Hob al-Daaie, a.k.a. The Lost Love
  • Ghoroob wa Shorouq, a.k.a. Sunset and Sunrise
  • Zawga le-Khamsat Regal, a.k.a. Wife of Five Men


  • Emraa wa Raggol, a.k.a. A Woman and A Man
  • Shay' fi Sadri, a.k.a. Something in My Heart


  • Ebnati al-Aziza, a.k.a. My Dear Daughter
  • Emraa le-Koll al-Regal, a.k.a. A Woman for All Men
  • Saaett al-Sefr, a.k.a. Zero Hour


  • Hekayti Maa Al-Zaman, a.k.a. My Story with Life
  • Ayna Aqli, a.k.a. Where is My Mind


  • Oreedo Hallan, a.k.a. Seeking A Solution
  • Youm al-Ahad al-Damy, a.k.a. Bloody Sunday
  • Abadan Lann Aaoud, a.k.a. I Shall Never Come Back


  • Tawheeda


  • Ah Ya Leil Ya Zamman, a.k.a. Oh Night, Oh Life


  • Wa Daa al-Omr Ya Waladi, a.k.a. Life Has Gone, My Son
  • Al-Qadi wal-Gallaad, a.k.a. The Judge


  • Le-Mann Toshreq al-Shams, a.k.a. For Whom the Sun Rises?


  • Daerrat al-Shakk, a.k.a. Circle of Suspicion
  • Azkeyaa Lakken Aghbeyaa, a.k.a. Intelligent But Stupid

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