Russian Beauty

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Russian Beauty
Author Victor Erofeyev
Original title Русская красавица
Country Russia
Genre Novel
Publication date
Published in English
1992 (UK)
1993 (US)
ISBN 0-67-083606-0
OCLC 26395933
Preceded by Life with an Idiot
Followed by In the Labyrinth of Accursed Questions

Russian Beauty is a novel written by Russian author Victor Erofeyev.


Russian Beauty was released in Russia in 1990, and then translated into more than 20 languages. It was published in France under the name « La Belle de Moscou » ("Moscow Beauty") in 1991, and in English one year later.


The main character is a young woman named Irina Tarakanova. She tells the story of her life, mostly about her sexual encounters in a very excessive way.


In 1992, the British newspaper The Independent called Erofeyev "the exuberant new iconoclast of Russian literature." Noting the novel's sexual frankness, the paper added, "Victor Erofeyev's book, Russian Beauty, gives new impact to the phrase 'the Russians are coming'."[1]

In other media

The novel was filmed by an Italian producer but was considered by the author as "unsuccessful".[citation needed]


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