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SamKochAvto, originally Samarkand Automobile Factory (Uzbek:Samarqand avto zavodi), is a joint Turkish–Uzbekistani venture with major investment by the Turkish company Koc Holding. Located in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the plant manufactures buses and has recently launched a production line for Nissan cargo trucks. SamKochAvto produces 4 models of buses and 5 truck models, some of which are exported. Plans have been announced for production of Renaults.


"Samarkand automobile plant" for the production of medium-capacity buses and small trucks and medium-duty trucks, organized in 1996 by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the number 381 from 05.11.1996, the commencement of commercial operations from March 19, 1999.


File:Stamps of Uzbekistan, 2011-43.jpg
Stamp of Uzbekistan, 2011

The SamAuto lineup includes basic models in the small class SAZ NP 37 chassis Japanese Isuzu, low-floor bus of small class SAZ LE-60, ISUZU trucks and other special vehicles on the chassis of Isuzu.


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