Samuel Jay Keyser

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Samuel Jay Keyser (born 7 July 1935)[1] is an American theoretical linguist who is an authority on the history and structure of the English language and on linguistic approaches to literary criticism.


Dr. Keyser received a BA degree in English from George Washington University, Washington DC, USA, in 1956; a BA in 1958 (MA 1962), in English, from Merton College, Oxford University; another MA, in linguistics, from Yale University, Connecticut, USA, in 1960; and a PhD in linguistics from Yale in 1962.[1] Peter de Florez Emeritus Professor at M.I.T. and an emeritus member of the Linguistics and Philosophy faculty, he is the author of numerous books, book series, and scientific publications, Editor-in-chief of the journal Linguistic Inquiry,[2] and former Associate Provost at M.I.T.

In addition to his scientific contributions in many fields of linguistics, including phonology, generative metrics, and lexical structure, he is well-known to jazz fans throughout the Boston area as an accomplished trombonist and bandleader.

Keyser married Margaret Horridge in 1959.[1]


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