Sarancha-class missile boat

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Class overview
Builders: Almaz, Leningrad
Operators:  Soviet Navy
Built: 1973
In commission: 1977-1990
Completed: 1
Lost: 1
General characteristics
Type: hydrofoil missile boat
Displacement: 280 tons standard, 320 tons full load
Length: 53.6 m
Beam: 31.31 m
Draught: 2.6 M (7.3 m with foils extended)
Propulsion: 4 shafts , 2 gas turbines 30,000 hp
Speed: 58 kn (107 km/h)
Range: 700 nmi (1,300 km)
Complement: 40
Sensors and
processing systems:
Radar: Band Stand, Pop Group, Bass Tilt
Armament: 2 x SS-N-9 anti ship missiles
1 SA-N-4 SAM system (20 re-load missiles)
1- 30mm AK-630 gun system

The Sarancha class is the NATO reporting name for a hydrofoil missile boat built for the Soviet Navy. The Soviet designation was Project 1240 Uragan (Серия 1240 Ураган- Hurricane).


The boat was a very complex design. Unlike previous Soviet hydrofoil boats the Project 1240 had fully submerged foils with propellers mounted on the after set of foils. The boat achieved a speed of 58 knots (107 km/h) and had a heavy armament. It was deemed too large, complex and expensive for series production and only a prototype boat was built.

Missile boat MRK-5

The MRK-5 (МРК-5) was laid down at the Petrovski plant in Leningrad in 1973 and was on trials until 1977. In 1979 She was the transferred to the Black Sea Fleet via Russian inland waterways. She was based in Sevastopol until 1990 when she was decommissioned. In 1992 she was damaged by fire and sunk in shallow water. The wreck was raised and scrapped.

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