Sasha-class minesweeper

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Class overview
Name: Sasha class (Project 265)
Operators:  Soviet Navy
Succeeded by: Vanya class minesweeper
Built: 1954-1960
In commission: 1954-1992?
Completed: 37
Lost: 1
Retired: 36
General characteristics
Type: minesweeper
Displacement: 245 tons standard, 269 tons full load
Length: 45.1 meters
Beam: 6.2 meters
Draught: 1.8 meters
Propulsion: 2 shaft diesel engines 2200 hp
Speed: 19 knots (35 km/h)
Range: 2,100 nautical miles (3,889.2 km) at 10 knots (19 km/h)
Crew: 25
Sensors and
processing systems:
radar: Ball End sonar:Tamir-11
  • 1 45mm or 57mm gun
  • 4 - 25 mm guns (2x2)
  • 12 mines
  • Sweeps MT-1, SEMT (magnetic), AT2 (acoustic)

The Sasha class is the NATO reporting name for a class of minesweepers built for the Soviet Navy between 1954 and 1956. The Soviet designation was Project 265


The specification for the design was issued in 1946. The ships were steel hulled coastal minesweepers and were to replace wartime T301 class coastal sweepers. Following trials the bow shape was changed to improve sea-keeping and more advanced electronics and sweeps were introduced throughout the service lives of these ships.


At total of 37 ships were built at Rybinsk. The last two ships were retired in 1992.

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