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The School of Brentano was a group of philosophers and psychologists who studied with Franz Brentano and were essentially influenced by him. While it was never a school in the traditional sense, Brentano tried to maintain some cohesion in the school. However, two of his most famous students, Alexius Meinong and Edmund Husserl, ultimately moved radically beyond his theories.

Notable members

Among the School of Brentano are counted several founders of new schools and movements (place and period they studied with Brentano):

Other students were:

Scholars such as Roderick Chisholm, George Edward Moore, Gilbert Ryle, John Searle, Barry Smith, Kevin Mulligan, Peter Simons and Jan Woleński have propagated Brentano's influence to analytic philosophy through their research, editions and publications.

Through the works and teachings of his pupils the philosophy of Franz Brentano has been spread far and wide and indirectly influenced many if not most of the debates in contemporary philosophy, cognitive science and philosophy of mind.

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