Semyon Yushkevich

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Semyon Yushkevich
Semyon Yushkevich 7.jpg
Born (1868-07-12)July 12, 1868
Odessa, Russia
Died December 2, 1927(1927-12-02) (aged 59)
Paris, France

Semyon Solomonovich Yushkevich Russian: Семён Соломонович Юшкевич (July 12, 1868 – December 2, 1927), was a Russian language writer, and playwright and a member of the Moscow literary group Sreda. He was a representative of the Jewish-Russian school of literature.[1]

Yushkevich studied medicine at the Sorbonne, before beginning his writing career.[2]

Yushkevich's first story was published in 1897, entitled "The Tailor: From Jewish Daily Life" (Портной. Из еврейского быта) in Russkoye Bogatstvo.[1] Yushkevich wrote for the theater, including the 1906 play "King" (Король).[1][3] Yushkevich wrote novels as well, such as "Leon Drei" (Леон Дрей).[2][4]

During Yushkevich's lifetime, in Petrograd, a 15-volume collection of his works was published.[2]

Yushkevich spent time in Berlin following the Kishinev Pogrom in 1903.[4] Yushkevich emigrated in 1920. He lived in Romania, France, the United States, and Germany before his death in Paris in 1927.[2]


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