Sergey Namyotkin

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Sergey Semyonovich Namyotkin

Sergey Semyonovich Namyotkin (Russian: Серге́й Семёнович Намёткин; 3 July [O.S. 21 June] 1876–5 August 1950) was a Russian chemist, a prominent researcher in terpene chemistry and rearrangement of camphenes.[1]

Nametkin Rearrangement

The Nametkin rearrangement is the shift of a methyl group in this scheme and called the 'Nametkin' step. The shift of the ring bond is actually a standard Wagner-Meerwein shift. The reaction can in fact be used to make the terpene, using chlorocamphene.

S.S. Nametkin's Memorial Office

Sergey Nametkin on the 1976 USSR commemorative stamp

Academician S.S.Nametkin's memorial office, a department of the A.V.Topchiev institute of Petrochimical Synthesis, established in 1974 on occasion of the centenary of academician Nametkin's birth. S.S.Nametkin an outstanding scientist in the field of organic chemistry and petrochemistry, professor of the Moscow State University. Main direction of activity: study, systematization and use of archives; investigation of the manuscripts of unpublished works by S.S.Nametkin in organic chemistry. Sergey Nametkin's Cabinet Museum


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