Shah Abdul Aziz

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Shah Abdul Aziz
Born 25 Ramadan, 1159 AH (11 October, 1746)
Delhi, Mughal Empire, -Mughal India
Died 7 Shawwal, 1239 AH (5 June, 1824) - (aged 78)
Delhi, Mughal Empire, -Mughal India
Era Medieval era
School Sunni [1]
  • Shah Waliullah

Al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi ( 11 October, 1746- 5 June, 1824) (Arabic: المُحَدَّث شَاہ عَبْدُ الْعَزِیز دِھْلَوِیْ‎‎) was one of the Islamic scholar scholars of Hadith in India who is considered as Mujadid of 18th century.[1] He was initiator of Naqshbandi Silsila of Sufism and first one to declare Hindustan to be Darul Harb.[2][page needed][3][page needed]


Shah Abdul Aziz was born on 25 Ramadan, 1159 AH (11 October, 1746 AD) in Delhi in the reign of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah (1719-1748). Delhi was capital of the Mughal Empire. Shah Abdul Aziz was the eldest son of Shah Waliullah was only 17 years old when Shah Waliullah died. He took over as the teacher of Hadith in place of his father, and later became famous as the Muhaddith of Delhi.[citation needed]



Shah Abdul Aziz translated the Qur'an into Urdu, 50 years of the Persian translation by Shah Wali 'Allah, when the Urdu language had started to replace the Persian. He completed the exegesis of his father from Surat Al-Maida to the thirteenth verse of al-Hujurat. He wrote and dictated several books,[4] even if some differ on the number (from fifty to nearly two hundred):[5]


  • 'Tafsir Fath al-Aziz' or 'Tafsir-i-Aziz' (in Persian)
  • Fatawa Aziz, another famous book, is the collection of Fatawa (questions and answers on religious issue) [4]
  • Taufa Ithna Ashari (تحفہ اثناء عشریۃ)(Gift to the Twelvers) [Refutation of the shi'ah sect] [4]
  • Sirush Shahadhathayn '
  • Tafsir Fath al-Aziz or Tafsir-i-Aziz (in Persian) [4]

His Students

  • Mawlana Haider ‘Ali of Faizabad
  • Mawlana Sayyid Shah Al'e Rasul Qadri Barkati Marahrawi
  • Mawlana Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi
  • Mawlana Mahboob Ali Dehlawi
  • Mufti Sadr al-Din Aazurdah
  • Mawlana Muhammad Ali
  • Mawlana Ahmad Ali


Shaykh Abdul Aziz died on the morning of 7th Shawwal, 1239 Hijri/ 5 June, 1824 in Delhi in the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar Shah II.

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