Shipbuilding in Russia

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Shipbuilding is a developed industry in Russia.

Almaz Shipbuilding Company plant in Saint Petersburg

The main short-term plan of the industry is the Complex Program to Advance Production of the Shipbuilding Industry on the Market between 2008 and 2015, which was approved by the Russian Government in October 2006. It envisages the establishment of a scientific center at the Krylov Institute, two engineering centers and three shipbuilding centers, the Western, Northern and Far Eastern Centers.

The main long-term plan is the "Strategy for developing the shipbuilding industry until 2020 and the future perspective".


Included United Shipbuilding Corporation (state corporation)

Western region (center in St. Petersburg)

Name Location Year of foundation types of vessels
33-rd factory ships repair Baltiysk 1889 ship repair
Plant "Nizhny Novgorod ship" Bor, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast 1911 ships and auxiliary fleet
Vyborg Shipyard Vyborg 1948 trial of high complexity, drilling platforms for the development of offshore marine, ships small and medium tonnage
Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" Kaliningrad 1945 combat and civilian vessels
Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair facility Moscow 1933 yachts, river passenger ships, marker vessels, boats
Factory "Krasnoye Sormovo" Nizhny Novgorod 1849 court civil fleet. hardware modules for shelf development, rescue submersibles
Almaz Shipbuilding Company Saint Petersburg 1933 Ships and hovercraft, patrol boats, special purpose ships, sailing and motor yachts, speedboats
Admiralty Shipyard Saint Petersburg 1704 submarines, cargo ships, boats
Baltic Shipyard Saint Petersburg 1856 warships, heavy civilian ships for transportation of various goods, icebreakers (with nuclear power plants and diesel)
Proletarsky zavod (Proletarian factory) Saint Petersburg 1826 marine equipment
Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard Pontoon village, Kolpinsky District, Saint Petersburg 1912 missile boats (corvettes), mine countermeasures ships, patrol ships, work and passenger ships
Severnaya Verf Saint Petersburg 1912 frigates, corvettes, cargo ships, supply vessels offshore drilling platforms, repair
Kronstadt Naval Plant Kronstadt 1858 ship repair
Svetlyy enterprise "ERA" Svetly, Kaliningrad Oblast 1969 electrical work on ships, repair, installation, commissioning and testing of the ship's electrical and power distribution equipment manufacturer
Kriushinsky Shipyard Kriushi village, Novoulyanovsk 1975 shipbuilding and ship repair

Northern Region (center in Arkhangelsk)

Name Location Year of foundation types of vessels
Arkhangelsk branch "176th factory ship repair" Arkhangelsk 1949 ship repair
35th factory ship repair Murmansk 1938 comprehensive repairs ships of the Navy
82nd factory ship repair Murmansk 1947 repairing of ships (including submarines and icebreakers with nuclear power plant)
Base fleet maintenance Murmansk 1959 ship repair
10th Order of the Red Banner of Labour factory ship repair Polyarny, Murmansk Oblast 1935 ship repair
Ship Repair Centre "Zvyozdochka" Severodvinsk 1946 repair, modernization and refurbishment of nuclear submarines, dismantlement of nuclear submarines, manufacture of propellers, construction of civil vessels
production association "Sevmash" Severodvinsk 1939 nuclear submarines, tugs, cargo ships
Shipyard "Nerpa" Snezhnogorsk, Murmansk Oblast 1966 repair, maintenance and disposal of nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy

Far East Region (center in Vladivostok)

Name Location Year of foundation types of vessels
Dalnevstochny zavod "Zvezda" (Far East Plant "Zvezda") Bolshoy Kamen 1954 fish trawlers ;repair and refurbishment of submarines, including nuclear submarines 3rd generation, surface ships of any class and destination (both civilian and military), disposal of nuclear submarines
Northeast Repair Center Vilyuchinsk 1957 repair of nuclear and diesel submarines, surface ships, auxiliary vessels, weapons nomenclature ground forces and air defense, disposal of nuclear submarines
Ship Repair Center "Dalzavod" Vladivostok 2012 (merger of the holding company "Dalzavod" and 178th ship repair plant) repair of surface ships and submarines (currently closed for plant modernization)
Vostochnij Verf Vladivostok (Vladivostok Shipbuilding Plant until 1994) Boats Ships
92nd Order of the Red Banner of Labour factory ship repair Vladivostok ship repair
Vostok-Raffles (joint venture United Shipbuilding Corporation and CIMC Raffles Offshore (Singapore) Limited (Singapore) Vladivostok 2010 drilling platforms (now the plant is under construction)
30th factory ship repair Dunay, Primorsky Krai repair of warships
Amur Shipbuilding Plant Komsomolsk-on-Amur 1936 cargo ships, fishing boats, special vessels
Khabarovsk plant marine engineering of A. Gorky Khabarovsk 1946 marine electrical and hydraulic winches and kranoy small and medium-duty trucks, ejector pumps, marine heat exchangers, hydraulic feeder cargo on deck, tools, jigs and fixtures for the civil courts and Navy ships
Khabarovsk Shipyard Khabarovsk 1953 boats for various purposes, passenger ships, fishing trawlers, refrigerators, barges, boats, support vessels for the fleet (tugs, bunkering, oil skimmers, pontoons, vessels pads), multipurpose hovercraft amphibious type and transport hovercraft for the oil and gas industry

Central Region

Name Location Year of foundation types of vessels
Shipyard "Vympel" Rybinsk 1930 medium-and low-tonnage sea and river vessels, civil and military boats
Yaroslavsky Shipyard Yaroslavl 1920 VP Finsudprom small anti-submarine and patrol boats, speed boats for different purposes with a displacement of 10 to 100 tons, amphibious patrol and amphibious hovercraft, support vessels for emergency service fleet displacement of up to 1,400 tons, river and sea speed passenger vessels up to 150 people, conservation and fishing boats, river tankers for oil and edible fats floating pumping stations, ships, leisure and tourism
Lazurit Shipbuilding Plant Nizhny Novgorod Ships Boats and Submarines
Zelenodolsky Plant. A. M. Gorky Zelenodolsk 1895 Ak Bars Holding ships and special purpose ships; Court of goods by sea, river, sea-river, lake, other steel; high-speed passenger vessels of light alloys, hydrofoils, planing vessels

Southern Region

Name Location Year of foundation types of vessels
Shipyard "Lotus" Narimanov, Astrakhan Oblast 1978 block topside modules of fixed offshore platforms designed for drilling and production of oil and gas on the continental shelf seas, cargo ships
MSSZ2 and a Shipbuilding Plant Astrakhan
Novorossiysk factory ship repair Novorossiysk 1918 repair of sea and river vessels
5th factory ship repair Temryuk 1982 ship repairing
Tuapse factory ship repair Tuapse 1934 ship repairing


Name Location Year of foundation types of vessels
Feodosia shipbuilding company "More" Primorskyi, Republic of Crimea 1938 high-speed ships and vessels dynamically supported (hydrofoils, hovercraft, on the cavity, planing), pleasure yachts and boats with aluminum-magnesium alloys
Sevastopol Marine Plant Sevastopol 1783 ships and vessels of various types of destination; ship repair
Zaliv Shipbuilding yard Kerch, Republic of Crimea 1938 Holding company AvtoKrAZ Various ships

Design Bureau

Name Location Year of foundation scope
Design bureau "Astramarin" Astrakhan 2002 Perform design work on projects for hydrocarbon exploration and production offshore the Russian Federation and the Caspian region
Research institute "Bereg" Vladivostok 1976 development of ship-borne instruments
Far East Design Institute "Vostokproektverf" Vladivostok 1948 development projects of shipbuilding and ship repair plants
Zelenodolskoye Design Bureau Zelenodolsk, Russia 1949 design of ships and vessels, as well as support their construction, development projects of modernization, advice and assistance in the design, experiment and test, design and manufacture of marine engineering
Scientific and Production Association "Screw" Moscow (design bureau), Borovsk (pilot plant) 1946 creation and testing of all types of experimental marine propulsion, both for the Navy and for the national economy
Special Design and Technological Bureau of Design and Technology Bureau electrochemistry with experimental plant Moscow 1941 An electrochemical regeneration system of automatic control of the air and the composition of the atmosphere in the living encapsulated objects, electrochemical generators of hydrogen and oxygen with different performance, electrochemical oxygen concentrators and carbon dioxide, electrochemical power sources, technology producing, purifying, storing and transporting hydrogen, including the extra-pure hydrogen, termosorbtsionnye hydrogen compressors of various capacities, medium and high pressure
Design bureau "Vimpel" Nizhny Novgorod 1927 design for all requirements, including foreign ones, classification societies and technical maintenance of the vessels of various types and purposes
Central Design Bureau for Hydrofoil them. R.E. Alekseeva Nizhny Novgorod 1951 development of ground effect vehicle, hydrofoils, hovercraft, boats
Northern Design Bureau Saint Petersburg 1946 design surface warships (cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes and boats)
Design bureau Krylov Saint Petersburg
St. Petersburg Naval Machinery Bureau "Malachite" Academician N.N. Isanina Saint Petersburg 1948 drafting submarines
Rubin Design Bureau Saint Petersburg 1926 designing submarines as diesel-electric and nuclear
Central Design Bureau "Iceberg" Saint Petersburg 1947 designing powerful icebreakers for Arctic icebreaking cargo ships, multipurpose icebreakers-procurers for offshore oil, multipurpose offshore vessels and supply vessels offshore oil, floating bases for technical and general service vessels with nuclear power plants, port icebreakers, research and hydrographic Vessel
Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" Saint Petersburg 1949 designing high-speed boats, surface ships small and medium displacement, amphibious hovercraft, ship anti-mine defense, as well as ships and special purpose ships and floating docks
Research Design and Technological Bureau "Onega" Severodvinsk 1975 Technological and design software repair, recovery and conversion of technical readiness of nuclear submarines, diesel-electric submarines and surface ships


Name Location Year of foundation Parent company types of vessels
Leningrad shipyard "Pella" Saint Petersburg 1950 Pella holding tugs, pilot boats, boats, other vessels
Novoladozhsky Shipyard Novaya Ladoga 1940 river-sea vessels up to 100 meters long, boats, yachts, including aluminum alloys
Nevsky shipbulding and ship repair plant Schlisselburg 1913 North-Western Shipping Company tankers, freighters, tugs, office-crew boats, ships technical fleet and fleet software
Kostroma Marine Engineering Plant Kostroma 1934 River boats of KS
Volgograd Shipyard Volgograd 1931 seiners trawlers, oil tankers, chemical tankers and bulk carriers for different purposes for river, mixed "river-sea", marine and sailing conditions
Shipbuilding and ship repair plant them. Butyakova C. H Zvenigovo 1860 Pushers, service-crew boats (motor yacht)
Azov Shipyard Azov 1928 small boats and yachts for individual orders, oil waste collection vessels, dredgers
Commercial center Sudomarket Primorsko-Akhtarsk 1962 Group Doninflot Fishing vessels, tugs, dive boats, oil skimmer, floating rigs, semi-submersible drilling rigs, directors booms, buoys
Oka shipyard Navashino 1907 Universal Cargo Logistics Holding oil tankers and dry cargo vessels of medium mixed swimming; container ships, special vessels, barges
Sosnovka Shipyard Sosnovka, Kirov Oblast 1924 boats, hovercrafts
Akhtubinsky shipbuilding and ship repair plant Akhtubinsk 1910 Vega group of companies barges, docks, dredgers ;repairing of ships
Nakhodka ship repair plant Nakhodka 1951 ship repairing
Sakhalinremflot Kholmsk 1949 ship repairing
Shipyard "Volga" Nizhny Novgorod 1970 Russian financial-industrial groups (FIGs) "Speed Ships" hydrofoils (passenger ships, cargo ships, salvage ships, patrol boats, boats for recreation)
Redan Saint Petersburg 1901 Russian financial-industrial groups (FIGs) "Speed Ships" planing boats
Svir Shipyard township Nikolsky, Podporozhsky District, Leningrad Oblast 1940 Russian financial-industrial groups (FIGs) "Speed Ships" boats and hovercraft, concrete floating pontoons
Krasnoyarsk shipyard Krasnoyarsk 1929 shallow-draft vessels for small rivers
AKS-Invest Nizhny Novgorod 1991 amphibious passenger hovercraft types Mars-700M, Mars-702, TA-33 and Mars-3000, water-jet boat cruise Transal, water-jet passenger boats Irtysh, water-jet cargo boat refrigerator Pelikan, sea cruise hydrofoils Sokol, jetskis Flagman, sea water jet multi-purpose boat Jupiter
Aerohod Nizhny Novgorod 1999 amphibious hovercraft types Khivus-3, Khivus-4, Khivus-6, Khivus-10

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