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Silant is an all-wheel drive truck and the only product currently manufactured by the Russian company Avtospetsoborudovanie (Ru:Автоспецоборудование) in Velikiy Novgorod, Novgorod Oblast. It was developed by the National Automotive Institute (NAMI) as the 1337/1338/2338.[1] In 2011, 150 vehicles were produced, the plant is designed for an annual production of up to 5,000 units.[2]


File:Road cleaning vehicle on Silant 3.3TD chassis.jpg
Silant 3.3TD Road cleaning vehicle
File:Silant trucks at ISSE-2011.jpg
Silant 3.3TD (rear) at ISSE-2011

Silant vehicles are manufactured in many variants:[3]

  • chassis cab,
  • "vahtovka" Combination bus,
  • ambulance,
  • volunteer fire brigade vehicle,
  • forest patrol vehicle,
  • mobile police station,
  • "Oхотник-I" (Hunter-I) - Expeditionary car for forestry and hunting camps),
  • "Oхотник-II (Hunter-II),
  • "vahtovka vodokachalnaya" (for the needs of the utility, MOE, KMG EP polivomoyka)
  • refrigerator (freezervehicle)
  • Street cleaner with KMG electric water gun,
  • three-directional tipper,
  • wrecker/tow truck 16-meter (WIPO lift-16-01 "Vitebsk lifts"),
  • crane (cranes by Fassi (Italy) with 1-2 tons carrying capacity),
  • Silant ASO 6.5 «tractor» EP (for agriculture, forestry and public utilities with low pressure tires).


All Silants have four-wheel drive, three-person air-conditioned cabs, a 66 or 76 hp 3.3L Perkins 1103S-33t three-cylinder turbo diesel, 5-speed manual transmission, power take-off [10], axles from the GAZ-3308 [2] with the locking differentials.

6X6 Model

The NAMI-3333 is a 6x6 derivative equipped with 65 hp VMTZ D-130T engine and 4-speed gearbox.[1]


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