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Party affiliation of current United States attorneys general
  Democratic attorney general
  Republican attorney general
  Independent attorney general

The state attorney general in each of the 50 U.S. states and territories is the chief legal advisor to the state government and the state's chief law enforcement officer. In some states, the attorney general serves as the head of a state department of justice, with responsibilities similar to those of the United States Department of Justice.

The current party composition of the state Attorneys General are:

The composition for territories and districts are:

Attorneys general are popularly elected in 43 states and in the District of Columbia and Guam. In Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Wyoming, as well as in the other territories, the attorney general is appointed by the governor. The attorneys general of Maine and of Tennessee are elected by the Maine Legislature and by the Tennessee Supreme Court, respectively.[1]


List of attorneys general by U.S. states and territories:

Rows of the Attorney General table below are color coded indicating the political party of the office holder.

Officeholder State Party Assumed office Term expires Law School
Strange, LutherLuther Strange Alabama Rep January 17, 2011 2019 Tulane University
Richards, CraigCraig Richards Alaska Rep December 2, 2014 Appointed by Governor Washington and Lee University
Ale, TalauegaTalauega Ale American Samoa Dem January 28, 2014 Appointed by Governor Drake University
Brnovich, MarkMark Brnovich Arizona Rep January 5, 2015 2019 University of San Diego
Rutledge, LeslieLeslie Rutledge Arkansas Rep January 13, 2015 2019 University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Harris, KamalaKamala Harris California Dem January 3, 2011 2019 University of California, Hastings
Coffman, CynthiaCynthia Coffman Colorado Rep January 11, 2015 2019 Georgia State University
Jepsen, GeorgeGeorge Jepsen Connecticut Dem January 5, 2011 2019 Harvard University
Denn, MatthewMatthew Denn Delaware Dem January 6, 2015 2019 Yale University
Racine, KarlKarl Racine District of Columbia Dem January 2, 2015 2019 University of Virginia
Bondi, PamPam Bondi Florida Rep January 4, 2011 2019 Stetson University
Olens, SamSam Olens Georgia Rep January 10, 2011 2019 Emory University
Barrett-Anderson, ElizabethElizabeth Barrett-Anderson Guam Rep January 5, 2015 2019 Santa Clara University
Chin, DougDoug Chin Hawaii Dem March 12, 2015 Appointed by Governor University of Hawaii at Manoa
Wasden, LawrenceLawrence Wasden Idaho Rep January 6, 2003 2019 University of Idaho, Moscow
Madigan, LisaLisa Madigan Illinois Dem January 13, 2003 2019 Loyola University Chicago
Zoeller, GregGreg Zoeller Indiana Rep January 12, 2009 2017 Indiana University, Bloomington
Miller, TomTom Miller Iowa Dem January 6, 1995 2019 Harvard University
Schmidt, DerekDerek Schmidt Kansas Rep January 10, 2011 2019 Georgetown University
Beshear, AndyAndy Beshear Kentucky Dem January 4, 2016 2020 University of Virginia
Caldwell, BuddyBuddy Caldwell Louisiana Rep January 14, 2008 2015 Tulane University
Mills, JanetJanet Mills Maine Dem January 7, 2011 Elected by the Legislature University of Maine, Portland
Frosh, BrianBrian Frosh Maryland Dem January 6, 2015 2019 Columbia University
Healey, MauraMaura Healey Massachusetts Dem January 21, 2015 2019 Northeastern University
Schuette, BillBill Schuette Michigan Rep January 1, 2011 2019 University of San Francisco
Swanson, LoriLori Swanson Minnesota Dem January 2, 2007 2019 William Mitchell College
Hood, JimJim Hood Mississippi Dem January 14, 2004 2015 University of Mississippi, Oxford
Koster, ChrisChris Koster Missouri Dem January 12, 2004 2017 University of Missouri, Columbia
Fox, TimTim Fox Montana Rep January 7, 2013 2017 University of Montana
Peterson, DougDoug Peterson Nebraska Rep January 8, 2015 2019 Pepperdine University
Laxalt, AdamAdam Laxalt Nevada Rep January 5, 2015 2019 Georgetown University
Foster, JosephJoseph Foster New Hampshire Dem May 15, 2013 2017 (Appointed by Governor) George Washington University
Hoffman, JohnJohn Hoffman (Acting) New Jersey Rep June 10, 2013 Appointed by Governor Duke University
Balderas, HectorHector Balderas New Mexico Dem January 1, 2015 2019 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Schneiderman, EricEric Schneiderman New York Dem January 6, 2011 2019 Harvard University
Cooper, RoyRoy Cooper North Carolina Dem January 1, 2001 2017 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Stenehjem, WayneWayne Stenehjem North Dakota Rep December 15, 2000 2019 University of North Dakota
Manibusan, EdwardEdward Manibusan Northern Mariana Islands Ind January 13, 2015 2019 Gonzaga University
DeWine, MikeMike DeWine Ohio Rep January 10, 2011 2019 Ohio Northern University
Pruitt, ScottScott Pruitt Oklahoma Rep January 10, 2011 2019 University of Tulsa
Rosenblum, EllenEllen Rosenblum Oregon Dem June 29, 2012 2017 University of Oregon
Kane, KathleenKathleen Kane Pennsylvania Dem January 15, 2013 2017 Temple University
Miranda, CésarCésar Miranda Puerto Rico[2] PPD/Dem January 13, 2014 2017 Rutgers University, Camden
Kilmartin, PeterPeter Kilmartin Rhode Island Dem January 4, 2011 2019 Roger Williams University
Wilson, AlanAlan Wilson South Carolina Rep January 12, 2011 2019 University of South Carolina, Columbia
Jackley, MartyMarty Jackley South Dakota Rep September 4, 2009 2019 University of South Dakota
Slatery, HerbertHerbert Slatery Tennessee Rep October 1, 2014 2022 (appointed by TN Supreme Court) University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Paxton, KenKen Paxton Texas Rep January 5, 2015 2019 University of Virginia
Walker, ClaudeClaude Walker (Acting) U.S. Virgin Islands Ind August 6, 2015 Appointed by Governor Albany Law School
Reyes, SeanSean Reyes Utah Rep December 30, 2013 2017 University of California, Berkeley
Sorrell, WilliamWilliam Sorrell Vermont Dem May 1, 1997 2017 Cornell University
Herring, MarkMark Herring Virginia Dem January 11, 2014 2018 University of Richmond
Ferguson, BobBob Ferguson Washington Dem January 16, 2013 2016 New York University
Morrisey, PatrickPatrick Morrisey West Virginia Rep January 14, 2013 2016 Rutgers University, Newark
Schimel, BradBrad Schimel Wisconsin Rep January 5, 2015 2019 University of Wisconsin, Madison
Michael, PeterPeter Michael Wyoming Rep July 9, 2013 Appointed by Governor University of Wyoming

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  2. The title of the head of Puerto Rico's Justice Department is the Secretary of Justice, not Attorney General.

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