Southern Daly languages

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Southern Daly
(generally accepted)
Daly River region, northern Australia
Linguistic classification: A proposed primary family of Australian languages.
Glottolog: sout2772[1]
The Daly languages (color), among the other non-Pama-Nyungan languages (grey)

  Southern Daly languages. Murrinh-patha is on the coast, Ngan’gityemerri in the interior.

The Southern Daly languages are a proposed family of two distantly related Australian aboriginal languages. They are:


Southern Daly is a distant and problematic relationship. Murrinh-Patha was once thought to be an isolate, due to lexical data: It has, at most, an 11-percent shared vocabulary with any other language against which it has been compared.[2] However, Murrinh-patha and Ngan’gityemerri correspond closely in their verbal inflections. Green (2003) makes a case that the formal correspondences in core morphological sequences of their finite verbs are too similar (in their complexities and their irregularities) to have come about through anything other than a shared genetic legacy from a common parent language.[3] Nonetheless, lexically they have almost nothing in common, other than cognates in their words for 'thou' (nhinhi and nyinyi) and 'this' (kanhi and kinyi),[4] and it is not clear what could explain this discrepancy.

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