Stalin Bloc – For the USSR

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File:Sa sssrflag.PNG
Flag of the Stalin Bloc

The Stalin Bloc – For the USSR (Stalinskii blok – za SSSR ) was a coalition of communist political parties in Russia running together for the 1999 elections of the State Duma.

This coalition was composed by many small radical political parties including "Labour Russia" led by Viktor Anpilov, Union of Officers led by Stanislav Terekhov, "Union" led by G.I. Tikhonov, the Peoples Patriotic Union of Youth led by I.O. Maliarov, Union of Workers of Moscow, Bolshevik Platform CPSU, All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks, Russian Association of Miners Invalids, Congress of Soviet Women, All Union Society for studying the legacy of Stalin and the Vanguard of Red Youth.

Aside from the leaders of the above movements, the Stalin Bloc included Joseph Stalin's well-known grandson, Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, a retired air force colonel.

The Bloc obtained 0.61% and 404.274 votes in the 1999 Duma Election.

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