Stanislav Strumilin

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Stanislav Gustavovich Strumilin.

Stanislav Gustavovich Strumilin (Strumillo-Petrashkevich) (Russian: Станисла́в Гу́ставович Струми́лин (Струми́лло-Петрашке́вич); 29 January 1877, Dashkovtsy, Podolia Governorate – 25 January 1974, Moscow) was a Soviet economist. He played a leading role in the analysis of the planned economy of the Soviet type, including modeling, development of the five year plans and calculation of national income. His particular contributions include the "Strumilin index", a measure of labor productivity, and the "norm coefficient", relating to analysis of investment activity.

He graduated from Petrograd Polytechnical Institute in 1914. Until 1917 he worked as a socialist activist. After the October Revolution he worked on setting up the Soviet planned economy while he was appointed to a professorship in economics at the Moscow State University. In 1931 he became a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Strumilin's educational background was in statistics.

In the sixties he gained an international reputation in the field of the economics of education following the publication of "The economics of education in the USSR" by UNESCO[1]


  • "Bogatsvo i Trud" (Wealth and Labor) (1905)
  • "Problemikiy Ekonomikiy Truda" (Problems of the Economics of Labor) (1925)
  • "Otcherkiy Sovetskoy Ekonomikiy" (Essays on the Soviet Economy) (1928)
  • "Promiyshlenniy Perevorot v Rossiy" (The Industrial Revolution in Russia) (1944)
  • "The Time Factor in Capital Investment Projects" (published in 1946 in USSR, in 1951 published in English by International Economic Association)
  • "Istoriya Chernoi Metalurgii v SSSR” (The history of metallurgical industry in USSR) (1954)
  • "The economics of education in the USSR" (1962)


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