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State Highway 3 marker

State Highway 3
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 615.0 mi[1][2][3] (989.7 km)
Existed: 1939 – present
Major junctions
West end: US-287 / US-385 Colorado state line (concurrent with US-287/385)
East end: AR 32 at the Arkansas state line
Highway system
SH-2 SH-4

State Highway 3, also abbreviated as SH-3 or OK-3, is a highway maintained by the U.S. state of Oklahoma. Traveling diagonally through Oklahoma, from the Panhandle to the far southeastern corner of the state, SH-3 is the longest state highway in the Oklahoma road system, at a total length of 615.0 miles (989.7 km) via SH-3E (see below).

Route description

In the northwest

Highway 3 begins at the Colorado state line 19 mi (31 km) north of Boise City, Oklahoma. At this terminus, it is concurrent with US-287/US-385. It remains concurrent with the two U.S. Routes until reaching Boise City, where it encounters a traffic circle which contains five other highways. After the circle, US-385 splits off, and SH-3 overlaps US-287, US-56, US-64, and US-412, though US-56 and US-287 both split off within the next eight miles (13 km).

In Guymon, US-64 splits off. At Elmwood, US-270 joins US-412, coming from a concurrency with State Highway 23. SH-3 remains concurrent with US-270 through Watonga. In Seiling, US-183 leaves the concurrency but is quickly replaced by U.S. Highway 281. SH-33 joins the roadbed twenty miles (32 km) later.

SH-3 and SH-33 concurrency between Watonga and Kingfisher.

In Watonga, SH-33 and SH-3 split off from US-270 and US-281. Highways 3 and 33 remain concurrent for 28 more miles, until Kingfisher, where SH-3 joins U.S. Highway 81. It will stay concurrent with US-81 for 13 miles (21 km), through the town of Okarche. Three miles after Okarche, SH-3 leaves US-81. This marks the first point that SH-3 has not been part of a concurrency.

Through Oklahoma City

Beginning at the split from US-81, Highway 3 becomes a major artery in the Oklahoma City highway system, commonly known as the Northwest Expressway because it is a diagonal route and because it serves the northwestern part of the metro area. It skirts the northern limits of El Reno before entering the Oklahoma City limits. The often-congested Northwest Expressway passes through the suburb of Warr Acres and passes close to Lake Hefner.

At the intersection with the Lake Hefner Parkway, SH-3 again re-enters a concurrency. The Lake Hefner Parkway ends very shortly after, and SH-3 becomes concurrent with Interstate 44 through the western side of the city. Near Will Rogers World Airport, Highway 3 transfers to I-240 along the southern side of the city. After I-240 ends, SH-3 is transferred onto I-40 (also carrying US-270), which it remains concurrent with for 16 miles (26 km).

SH-3E/3W split

In Shawnee, SH-3 splits into two highways, SH-3E and SH-3W. SH-3W splits off I-40 onto U.S. Highway 177, along with US-270, at I-40 milemarker 181. It continues along with US-270 and 177 through the west side of Shawnee, and continues south of that city until Tecumseh, where US-270 splits off. South of Asher, Oklahoma, SH-3W leaves US-177 and veers southeast toward Ada.

SH-3E, the longer of the two split routes, was the original routing of Highway 3 before the two highways were split. It remains on I-40 for five miles (8 km) after SH-3W splits off. When it does split off, it soon joins SH-18. It follows a route closer to the center of Shawnee. After leaving Shawnee, it heads southeast toward Seminole. Here, it meets US-377/SH-99. SH-3E merges onto this highway, and they will remain concurrent until after they reach Ada.

In Ada, SH-3E and SH-3W are reunited and become SH-3 once again.

Ada to Atoka

SH-3 intersects US 69/US 75, SH-7, and Bypass SH-3 in Atoka.

SH-3 then becomes part of the Richardson Loop, a freeway around the west and south sides of Ada. Throughout the Richardson Loop, it overlaps SH-1 and US-377/SH-99 at different times. The highway then becomes two-lane once again and heads southeast to the town of Coalgate, where begins an 18-mile (29 km) concurrency with U.S. Highway 75, lasting through Atoka. In Atoka, US-75 splits off to join U.S. Highway 69.

Antlers to Arkansas

Two miles west of Antlers, the highway has an interchange with the Indian Nation Turnpike, and in Antlers it intersects U.S. Highway 271. After reaching the town of Broken Bow, Oklahoma, it turns southward and overlaps US-259 and US-70.

Near Idabel, the highway splits off after being with US-259 for 13 mi (21 km). Twenty-eight miles later, it becomes Highway 32 as it crosses the state line into Arkansas.


The current SH-3 was designated on 15 May 1939. The original highway included all of current SH-3 up to Antlers, where it terminated at US-271. It was extended to the Arkansas state line on 4 August 1952. SH-3 ended there concurrent with US-70 and SH-7, near DeQueen, Arkansas. On 7 January 1963, the highway was given its own alignment from near Idabel to Arkansas, taking over that of SH-21, which was eliminated at that time.

From the highway's commissioning to 1976, there was only one fork of SH-3 between Shawnee and Ada, which was the path of current SH-3E. SH-3W and SH-3E were created on 4 October 1976; the new SH-3W took over all of SH-13. Other than minor realignments, the highway remains essentially the same today.[4]

In the early 1980s, Governor George Nigh was able to obtain $97.1 million to upgrade the highway between Oklahoma City and Colorado, despite opponents labeling the project "the highway to nowhere".[5] House Concurrent Resolution 1067 labeled the highway as "Governor George Nigh's Northwest Passage." ODOT officially named the highway on 2 February 1981.[6]


  • SH-3's concurrency with Interstate 44 in Oklahoma City is an example of a wrong-way concurrency - I-44 West is SH-3 East and vice versa.
  • SH-3's concurrency with US-70 is also a wrong-way concurrency, as US-70 is signed as going west and SH-3 as going east.
  • The SH-3 bypass around Atoka is named the Cecil B. "Bud" Greathouse Bypass. It was designated by ODOT on 4 October 1982.[7]


Oklahoma State Highway 3A.svg
Former SH-3A

SH-3 had one lettered spur, SH-3A, which continued the alignment of the Northwest Expressway for two more miles before ending at Interstate 44 near Penn Square Mall. It was originally known as SH-66A, a spur off U.S. Highway 66, which once ran through the area. The combined effect of US-66 being decommissioned and "3A" being a more logical name for an extension of Highway 3 led to the name change. State Highway 3A was decommissioned in 2009.

Junction list

Colorado to Shawnee

County Location mi[1] km Exit Destinations Notes
Colorado–Oklahoma state line 0.0 0.0 SH-3 ends
US 287 / US 385 continue into Colorado
Cimarron 17.6 28.3 US-287 Southern terminus of US-287 concurrency
Boise City 18.5 29.8 US-56 / US-64 / US-385 / US-412 / SH-325 Traffic circle around Cimarron County Courthouse, eastern terminus of SH-325
20.3 32.7 US-287 Diamond interchange, US-287 exit 21
26.4 42.5 US-56 Eastern terminus of US-56 concurrency
34.1 54.9 SH-171
Texas Four Corners 53.0 85.3 SH-95 Western terminus of SH-95 concurrency
58.0 93.3 SH-95
76.1 122.5 SH-136 Northern terminus of SH-136 concurrency
Guymon 80.4 129.4
US-64 / US-412 Truck / SH-3 Truck / SH-136 Truck
Eastern terminus of US-64 concurrency
81.2 130.7 US-54 Western terminus of US-54 concurrency
81.6 131.3 US-54 Eastern terminus of US-54 concurrency
81.6 131.3 SH-136 Southern terminus of SH-136 concurrency
96.2 154.8 SH-94 Southern terminus of SH-94
Beaver Bryan's Corner 119.2 191.8 US-83
Elmwood 136.1 219.0 US-270 / SH-23 Western terminus of US-270 concurrency
Harper 171.3 275.7 US-283
May 179.5 288.9 SH-46
No major junctions
Woodward Fort Supply 188.9 304.0 US-183 Northern terminus of US-183 concurrency
Woodward 202.8 326.4 SH-15 Eastern terminus of SH-15
204.9 329.8 US-412 / SH-34 Eastern terminus of US-412 concurrency, northern terminus of SH-34 concurrency
208.7 335.9 SH-34 Southern terminus of SH-34 concurrency
217.5 350.0 SH-50 Southern terminus of SH-50
Dewey 236.0 379.8 US-183 Southern terminus of US-183 concurrency
Seiling 238.1 383.2 US-60 / US-281 Northern terminus of US-60 / US-281 concurrency
238.7 384.2 US-60 / SH-51 Southern terminus of US-60 concurrency, western terminus of SH-51 concurrency
Hucmac 247.1 397.7 SH-51 Eastern terminus of SH-51 concurrency
Blaine 266.9 429.5 SH-33 / SH-58 Western terminus of SH-33 concurrency, southern terminus of SH-58
Watonga 276.5 445.0 US-270 / US-281 / SH-8 Eastern terminus of US-270 concurrency, Southern terminus of US-281 concurrency
Kingfisher Kingfisher 304.1 489.4 US-81 / SH-33 Eastern terminus of SH-33 concurrency, Northern terminus of US-81 concurrency
Canadian 316.4 509.2 US-81 Trumpet interchange, southern terminus of US-81 concurrency
Oklahoma City 329.9 530.9 SH-4
333.5 536.7 Kilpatrick Turnpike Diamond interchange
Oklahoma 340.4 547.8 SH-74 Diamond interchange, Northern terminus of SH-74 (Lake Hefner Parkway) concurrency
341.1 548.9 NW 50th Street
341.9 550.2 I‑44 / SH-66 / SH-74 Stack interchange (I-44 exit 123B), southern terminus of SH-74, Northern terminus of I-44 concurrency
342.4 551.0 123A NW 36th Street Westbound exit only
343.2 552.3 122 NW 23rd Street
344.2 553.9 121A–B NW 10th Street
345.5 556.0 120A–B I‑40 / US-270 – Amarillo, Fort Smith
346.3 557.3 119 SW 15th Street
347.3 558.9 118 SW 29th Street
348.1 560.2 117A SW 44th Street Signed as exit 117B northbound
348.6 561.0 116B SH-152 (Airport Road) Eastern terminus of SH-152
349.4 562.3 116A SW 59th Street
350.0 563.3 1A I‑44 / I‑240 / US-62 Southern terminus of I-44 concurrency, western terminus of I-240 / US-62 concurrency, western terminus of I-240
350.7 564.4 1B S. May Avenue
351.7 566.0 1C S. Penn Avenue Full name is "Pennsylvania"
352.7 567.6 2A S. Western Avenue
353.2 568.4 2B S. Walker Avenue
353.7 569.2 3A S. Santa Fe Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
534.0 859.4 3B Shields Boulevard, Santa Fe Avenue Eastbound signed as "S. Shields Boulevard" only
354.7 570.8 4A–B I‑35 / US-62 east (US-77) – Dallas, Wichita Eastern terminus of US-62 concurrency
355.2 571.6 4C Pole Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance, to Crossroads Mall
355.8 572.6 5 Eastern Avenue
356.8 574.2 6 Bryant Avenue
357.8 575.8 7 Sunnylane Road
358.8 577.4 8 SH-77H south (Sooner Road) - Tinker AFB Northern terminus of SH-77H
359.8 579.0 9 Air Depot Boulevard
361.8 582.3 11 Douglas Boulevard – Midwest City, Tinker AFB Signed as exits 11A (Douglas Boulevard) and 11B (Midwest City and Tinker AFB) eastbound
364.9 587.2 14 Anderson Road
366.8 590.3 165 I‑40 / I‑240 / US-270 Eastern terminus of I-240, western terminus of I-240 / US-270 concurrency
368.1 592.4 166 Choctaw Road
371.2 597.4 169 Peebly Road
374.0 601.9 172 Newalla Road – Harrah
Pottawatomie McLoud 378.1 608.5 176 SH-102 (McLoud Road) Western terminus of SH-102 concurrency
Dale 380.2 611.9 178 SH-102 – Dale, Bethel Acres Eastern terminus of SH-102 concurrency
Shawnee 382.9 616.2 181 US-177 / US-270 / SH-3W – Shawnee, Tecumseh Road separates into SH-3W and SH-3E. SH-3W leaves I-40 here while SH-3E continues along the interstate. Northern terminus of SH-3W and US-177 / US-270 concurrency.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


County Location mi[2] km Destinations Notes
Pottawatomie Shawnee 387.0 622.8 I‑40 Eastern terminus of I-40 concurrency
389.7 627.2 SH-18 Northern terminus of SH-18 concurrency
391.7 630.4 SH-18 Southern terminus of SH-18 concurrency
397.6 639.9 SH-9A
398.9 642.0 SH-99A Western terminus of SH-99A
Seminole Seminole 406.5 654.2 US-270 / SH-9 Northern terminus of US-270 concurrency
408.9 658.1 US-270 / US-377 / SH-99 Southern terminus of US-270 concurrency, northern terminus of US-377 / SH-99 concurrency
411.4 662.1 SH-59 Northern terminus of SH-59 concurrency
Bowlegs 414.1 666.4 SH-59 Southern terminus of SH-59 concurrency
428.5 689.6 SH-39 / SH-56 Eastern terminus of SH-39, western terminus of SH-56
Pontotoc Ada 439.4 707.1 US-377 / SH-1 / SH-99 Southern terminus of US-377 / SH-99 concurrency, northern terminus of SH-1 concurrency
440.4 708.8 SH-3W / SH-19 SH-3E merges with SH-3W to form SH-3; interchange, eastern terminus of SH-19.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


County Location mi[8] km Destinations Notes
Pottawatomie Shawnee 387.3 623.3
US-270 Bus. (Kickapoo Spur)
388.8 625.7
US-270 Bus. / SH-18 (Farrall Avenue)
Southern terminus of SH-18, interchange
Tecumseh 392.4 631.5 Tecumseh Interchange
394.6 635.0 US-270 east / SH-9 – Tecumseh, Seminole Eastbound exit split into US-270 / SH-9 east – Seminole and SH-9 west – Tecumseh, Southern terminus of US-270 concurrency
Chisney 401.4 646.0 SH-59B Eastern terminus of SH-59B
Pearson 406.4 654.0 SH-59
Asher 412.4 663.7 SH-39
McClain 415.1 668.0 US-177 / SH-59 Southern terminus of US-177 / SH-59 concurrency
Pontotoc 421.0 677.5 SH-59A Eastern terminus of SH-59A
431.9 695.1 SH-19 west – Stratford, Pauls Valley Interchange
Ada 433.4 697.5 SH-1 / SH-3E / SH-19 SH-3W merges with SH-3E to form SH-3; interchange, eastern terminus of SH-19
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Ada to Arkansas

Note: mileage follows the SH-3E branch.
County Location mi[3] km Destinations Notes
Pontotoc Ada 440.9 709.6 Reeves Road Interchange, westbound exit only
441.3 710.2 SH-1 west – Latta, Roff, Sulphur Interchange
442.3 711.8 Oak Avenue Interchange
443.4 713.6 Kerr Lab Road Interchange
444.4 715.2 US-377 / SH-99 – Ada, McAlester Western terminus of US-377 / SH-99 concurrency, interchange, westbound exit and eastbound entrance only
445.3 716.6 Stonecipher Boulevard Interchange
446.2 718.1 US-377 / SH-99 – Fittstown, Tishomingo, Madill Eastern terminus of US-377 / SH-99 concurrency, interchange
454.9 732.1 Stonewall Interchange
Coal Tupelo 461.5 742.7 SH-48
471.1 758.2 US-75 Western terminus of US-75 concurrency
Coalgate 474.9 764.3 SH-31 Northern terminus of SH-31 concurrency
475.0 764.4 SH-31 Southern terminus of SH-31 concurrency
475.4 765.1 SH-43 Western terminus of SH-43
Atoka Atoka 488.2 785.7 US-69 Northern terminus of US-69 concurrency
489.6 787.9 US-69 / US-75 / SH-7 Southern terminus of US-69 concurrency, eastern terminus of US-75 concurrency, eastern terminus of SH-7
Pushmataha Antlers 519.8 836.5 Indian Nation Turnpike Interchange
520.5 837.7 SH-2 Southern terminus of SH-2
521.5 839.3 US-271 Western terminus of US-271 concurrency
522.4 840.7 US-271 Eastern terminus of US-271 concurrency
Rattan 534.2 859.7 SH-93 Northern terminus of SH-93
Oleta 538.3 866.3 SH-147 Northern terminus of SH-147
McCurtain 565.9 910.7 SH-98 Northern terminus of SH-98
Broken Bow 577.0 928.6 US-70 / US-259 Northern terminus of US-70 / US-259 concurrency
Idabel 584.8 941.1 US-70 Southern terminus of US-70 concurrency
586.7 944.2 US-259 Southern terminus of US-259 concurrency
Oklahoma–Arkansas state line 615.0 989.7 AR 32 continues into Arkansas
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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