State Prize of the Russian Federation

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State Prize of the Russian Federation
Awarded for Outstanding contributions in (1) science and technology; (2) literature and arts; (3) humanitarian work
Country Russia
Presented by President of Russia
First awarded 1992
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The State Prize of the Russian Federation (Russian: Государственная Премия Российской Федерации; official translation in Russia: Russian Federation National Award) is a state honorary prize established in 1992 as the successor for the USSR State Prize following the breakup of the Soviet Union. In 2004 the rules for selection of laureates and the status of the award were significantly changed making them closer to such awards as the Nobel Prize or the Soviet Lenin Prize [1]

Every year seven prizes are awarded:

  • Three prizes in science and technology (according to newspaper Kommersant there was a fourth 2008 State Prize for Science and Technology awarded by a special decree of President Dmitri Medvedev but the name of the winner is kept secret because of the confidential character of the work [2]);
  • Three prizes in literature and the arts;
  • One prize for humanitarian work (established in 2005 [3]).

Only three prizes for humanitarian work have been awarded so far: to Patriarch Alexius II of the Russian Orthodox Church (2005),[4] to Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (2006)[5] and to French President Jacques Chirac (2007).[6]

The award consists of a cash prize amounting to 5 million Russian rubles (approximately $200,000), a medal and a certificate. If a number of coauthors equally contributed to a prize-winning work the prize is divided among no more than three authors.[1]

The prize is usually presented by the President of Russia in a ceremony held in the Kremlin.


The medal for the State Prize was developed by the artist Yevgeny Ukhnalyov (Евгений Ухналёв). The design is based on the Coat of arms of Russia. It shows a gold double-headed eagle with a scepter and a Globus cruciger with a red shield showing St. George with the dragon. The eagle is crowned by two small and one large crown and put on a silver wreath consisted of palm and laurel branches joined by a red ribbon. The design was adopted in 2005.[7]

Selected Laureates

Complete listings are available on Russian Wikipedia, For example: Laureates of the State Prize of the Russian Federation for 1992, , over 60 names of recipients.


Literature and the arts


Literature and the arts


Literature and the arts


Science and Technology



Literature and the arts


Literature and the arts


Literature and the arts
Science and Technology


Science and Technology
  • Alexei Fridman, V. Afanasiev, S. Dodonov, Anatolii Zasov, Valerij Polyachenko, Olga Silchenko, Evgenii Snezhkin, Oleg Khoruzhii - for prediction and discovery of new structures in spiral galaxies.


Science and Technology
Literature and the arts


Humanitarian work
Science and Technology
Literature and the arts


Humanitarian work
Science and Technology
Literature and the arts


Humanitarian work
Science and Technology
Literature and the arts



  • Yuri Oganessian for the opening of the new field of stability of superheavy elements.



  • Anatoly Derevyanko for outstanding discoveries and works in the field of ancient history in Eurasia and the formation of anatomically modern humans.



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