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In the state governments of the United States, 49 of the 50 states have the executive position of treasurer. Texas abolished the position of Texas State Treasurer in 1996.

The state treasurer serves as the chief custodian of each state's treasury and as the state's head banker. Typically, he or she receives and deposits state monies, manages investments, and keeps track of budget surpluses and deficits. The position has powers and responsibilities similar to those of the United States Secretary of the Treasury and the Treasurer of the United States, or the chief financial officer of a corporation.

Current state treasurers or equivalents

In most states, the position is a statewide elected office, usually a constitutional office (that is, provided for in the state constitution). In some states the position is appointed by the governor as a member of the governor's cabinet.

Officeholder State Party Assumed office Next election Title
Boozer, YoungYoung Boozer Alabama Rep January 17, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Hoffbeck, RandallRandall Hoffbeck Alaska Ind December 16, 2014 Appointed by Governor Commissioner of the Department of Revenue
DeWit, JeffJeff DeWit Arizona Rep January 5, 2015 2018 Treasurer
Milligan, DennisDennis Milligan Arkansas Rep January 13, 2015 2018 Treasurer
Chiang, JohnJohn Chiang California Dem January 5, 2015 2018 Treasurer
Stapleton, WalkerWalker Stapleton Colorado Rep January 11, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Nappier, DeniseDenise Nappier Connecticut Dem January 3, 1999 2018 Treasurer
Simpler, KenKen Simpler Delaware Dem January 6, 2015 2018 Treasurer
DeWitt, JeffJeff DeWitt District of Columbia Dem January 5, 2014 Appointed by Governor Chief Financial Officer
Atwater, JeffJeff Atwater Florida Rep January 4, 2011 2018 Chief Financial Officer
McCoy, SteveSteve McCoy Georgia Rep November 10, 2011 Appointed by Governor Treasurer
Machida, WesleyWesley Machida Hawaii Dem December 3, 2014 Appointed by Governor Director of Finance
Crane, RonRon Crane Idaho Rep January 4, 1999 2018 Treasurer
Frerichs, MikeMike Frerichs Illinois Dem January 12, 2015 2018 Treasurer
Mitchell, KellyKelly Mitchell Indiana Rep January 7, 2015 2018 Treasurer
Fitzgerald, MichaelMichael Fitzgerald Iowa Dem January 4, 1983 2018 Treasurer
Estes, RonRon Estes Kansas Rep January 10, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Ball, AllisonAllison Ball Kentucky Rep December 8, 2015 2019 Treasurer
Kennedy, JohnJohn Kennedy Louisiana Rep January 10, 2000 2015 Treasurer
Hayes, TerryTerry Hayes Maine Ind January 6, 2015 Elected by Legislature[1] Treasurer
Kopp, NancyNancy Kopp Maryland Dem February 14, 2002 Elected by Legislature[2] Treasurer
Goldberg, DebDeb Goldberg Massachusetts Dem January 21, 2015 2018 Treasurer and Receiver-General
Clinton, KevinKevin Clinton Michigan Rep October 13, 2013 Appointed by Governor Treasurer
Frans, MyronMyron Frans Minnesota Dem January 5, 2015 Appointed by Governor Commissioner of Management and Budget
Fitch, LynnLynn Fitch Mississippi Rep January 5, 2012 2015 Treasurer
Zweifel, ClintClint Zweifel Missouri Dem January 12, 2009 2016 Treasurer
Kadas, MikeMike Kadas Montana Dem January 7, 2013 Appointed by Governor Director of the Department of Revenue
Stenberg, DonDon Stenberg Nebraska Rep January 6, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Schwartz, DanDan Schwartz Nevada Rep January 5, 2015 2018 Treasurer
Dwyer, WilliamWilliam Dwyer New Hampshire Dem January 7, 2015 Elected by Legislature[3] Treasurer
Eristoff, AndrewAndrew Eristoff New Jersey Rep February 22, 2010 Appointed by Governor Treasurer
Eichenberg, TimTim Eichenberg New Mexico Dem January 1, 2015 2018 Treasurer
DiNapoli, ThomasThomas DiNapoli New York Dem February 2, 2007 2018 Comptroller
Cowell, JanetJanet Cowell North Carolina Dem January 10, 2009 2016 Treasurer
Schmidt, KellyKelly Schmidt North Dakota Rep January 1, 2005 2016 Treasurer
Mandel, JoshJosh Mandel Ohio Rep January 10, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Miller, KenKen Miller Oklahoma Rep January 10, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Wheeler, TedTed Wheeler Oregon Dem March 11, 2010 2016 Treasurer
Reese, TimTim Reese Pennsylvania Ind June 26, 2015 2016 Treasurer
Acosta, MelbaMelba Acosta Puerto Rico PPD/Dem January 2, 2013 Appointed by Governor Secretary of Treasury
Magaziner, SethSeth Magaziner Rhode Island Dem January 6, 2015 2018 General Treasurer
Loftis, CurtisCurtis Loftis South Carolina Rep January 12, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Sattgast, RichRich Sattgast South Dakota Rep January 8, 2011 2018 Treasurer
Lillard, DavidDavid Lillard Tennessee Rep January 15, 2009 Elected by Legislature[4] Treasurer
Hegar, GlennGlenn Hegar Texas Rep January 5, 2015 2018 Comptroller of Public Accounts
Ellis, RichardRichard Ellis Utah Rep January 5, 2009 2016 Treasurer
Pearce, BethBeth Pearce Vermont Dem January 6, 2011 2016 Treasurer
Ganeriwala, ManjuManju Ganeriwala Virginia Ind January 1, 2009 Appointed by Governor Treasurer
McIntire, JamesJames McIntire Washington Dem January 14, 2009 2016 Treasurer
Perdue, JohnJohn Perdue West Virginia Dem January 13, 1997 2016 Treasurer
Adamczyk, MattMatt Adamczyk Wisconsin Rep January 5, 2015 2018 Treasurer
Gordon, MarkMark Gordon Wyoming Rep November 1, 2012 2018 Treasurer

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