Stuart M. Gerson

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Stuart M. Gerson
Attorney General of the United States
In office
January 20, 1993 – March 12, 1993
President Bill Clinton
Preceded by William P. Barr
Succeeded by Janet Reno
Personal details
Born January 16, 1944
Profession Attorney

Stuart Michael Gerson (born January 16, 1944[1]) was the acting Attorney General (AG) during the Clinton Administration,[2][3] serving in the early months of 1993.

Gerson was a debate coach for President George H. W. Bush during the 1988 campaign[3][4] and went on to serve on President-elect Bush's transition team.[3] Gerson was part of the Bush Administration's National Health Policy Working Group, serving as head of its Medical Malpractice Reform Working Group.[3] At the Department of Justice (DOJ), he was the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division.[2][3]

Gerson was Acting Attorney General from January 20, 1993, to March 12, 1993.[1] He was in the position for two reasons. Clinton had problems in finding an Attorney General during that period.[5] Also, he was fourth in the line of succession at the Justice Department (other senior DOJ officials had already resigned).[4] Gerson supported the Brady bill[5] and was in office during the beginnings of the Waco siege.[6] Janet Reno, President Clinton's nominee for Attorney General, was confirmed on March 12,[7] and he resigned the same day.[7] Acting Attorney General Gerson's last day at the Justice Department was March 19.[6]


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