Subdivisions of the Soviet Union

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The Soviet Union had several kinds of country subdivisions:

Soviet Union
Russian SFSR
Other republics
Autonomous republics
Autonomous republics
Autonomous oblasts
Autonomous okrugs
Autonomous oblasts
File:Subdivisions of the Soviet Union.svg
Types of the subdivisions:
  Raions directly subordinated to the respective republics.
  ASSRs (autonomous republics).
  Autonomous oblasts subordinated to a krai.
  Autonomous okrugs subordinated to an oblast or a krai.
Republic Name Division types
Autonomous republics Oblasts Krais Autonomous oblasts Autonomous okrugs
Russian SFSR 16 49 6 5 10
Ukrainian SSR 25
Byelorussian SSR 6
Uzbek SSR 1 11
Kazakh SSR 19
Georgian SSR 2 1
Azerbaijan SSR 1 1
Lithuanian SSR
Moldavian SSR
Latvian SSR
Kirghiz SSR 4-7
Tajik SSR 2-3 1
Armenian SSR
Turkmen SSR 5
Estonian SSR

In addition, some cities and regions, while located within subnational entities had special status:


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