Takiyettin Mengüşoğlu

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Takiyettin Mengusoglu (1905–1984) was a Turkish philosopher.[1]

Mengusoglu was born in Malatya province of Turkey. After finishing the high school he went to Germany and became a student of Nicolai Hartmann. He was known as Takiyettin Temuralp at that time and published Über die grenzen der erkennbarkeit bei Husserl und Scheler in German.[2] He is the author of the university text book Felsefeye Giris (Introduction to Philosophy).[3]

Mengüşoğlu founded a new school of anthropology which he called ontological anthropology. This anthropology deals with man not through any conceptualization but through "his concrete biopsyhichic wholeness".[4][5] He believed that this new anthropology would be more suitable approaching man and solving concrete problems in the human world.


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