Tanzania Air Force Command

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Tanzania Air Force Command
Kamandi ya Jeshi la Anga
Roundel of the Tanzanian Air Force.svg
Tanzania Air Force roundel
Active 1964-present
Country  Tanzania
Branch Air Force
Part of Tanzania People's Defence Force
Engagements Uganda–Tanzania War
Commander Maj. Gen. Festo Ulomi
Aircraft flown
Fighter F-7, F-5, F-6, MiG-21MF and MiG-21U
Helicopter Bell 206
Trainer K-8
Transport Y-8, Y-12

The Tanzania Air Force Command is the national air force of Tanzania.[1]


Current inventory

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
Chengdu F-7 People's Republic of China fighter 12[2] licensed built MiG-21
Seabird Seeker Jordan surveillance 1[3]
Antonov An-28 Ukraine transport 1[2]
DHC-5 Buffalo Canada transport 4[2]
Shaanxi Y-8 China transport 2[2]
Y-12 China transport 2[2]
Bell 412 United States utility 1[2]
Trainer Aircraft
Shenyang J-5 People's Republic of China fighter FT-5 1[2]
Chengdu J-7 People's Republic of China jet trainer FT-7 2[2]
Hongdu JL-8 China jet trainer K-8 6[2]



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