Tatyana Lioznova

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Tatyana Lioznova
Vladimir Putin with Tatyana Lioznova-1.jpg
Lioznova (right) in 2000
Born Tatyana Mikhailovna Lioznova
(1924-07-20)20 July 1924
Moscow, Soviet Union
Died 29 September 2011(2011-09-29) (aged 87)
Moscow, Russia
Occupation Film director
Years active 1949–1986
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Tatyana Mikhailovna Lioznova (Russian: Татья́на Миха́йловна Лио́знова; 20 July 1924 – 29 September 2011) was a Soviet film director best known for her TV series Seventeen Moments of Spring (1973).

Film career

All of Lioznova's features - from Three Poplars at Plyushchikha Street (1967), a cult film of the 1960s, to her last movie, The Carnival (1981), - are distinguished by open narratives, psychologically penetrating close-ups, and poignant musical scores.

The subtle and touching drama Three Poplars at Plyuschikha Street (1967) sprouted from Aleksandra Pakhmutova’s song “Tenderness”. The starry duet of Tatiana Doronina and Oleg Yefremov is a masterpiece of acting. This story of a nearly sprung love of a taxi driver and a married peasant woman won the hearts of Russian viewers, just like Casablanca gained the love of Americans.

Known as a tireless perfectionist, filming just half a dozen features, this didn't prevent her becoming People's Artist of the USSR in 1984. She worked at the Gorky Film Studio.

Lioznova devoted many efforts and much time to teaching. Among the students of Professor Lioznova there are a lot of cinematographers well-known today.

Personal life

Lioznova was never married, but adopted a daughter Lyudmila Lisina in the 1960s.[citation needed]

Political activity

Lioznova was Jewish and was a member of the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public from 1983 to the closing of Committee in 1994.[1]


  • Pamyat serdtsa (Память сердца) / The Memory of the Heart (1958)
  • Yevdokiya (Евдокия) / Yevdokiya (1961)
  • Im pokoryaetsya nebo (Им покоряется небо) / They Conquer the Skies (1963)
  • Rano utrom (Рано утром) / Early in the Morning (1966)
  • Tri topolya na Plyushchikhe (Три тополя на Плющихе) / Three Poplars at Plyushchikha Street (1967)
  • Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny (Семнадцать мгновений весны) / Seventeen Moments of Spring (1973); TV mini-series
  • My, nizhepodpisavshiyesya (Мы, нижеподписавшиеся) / We, the Undersigned (1981)
  • Karnaval (Карнавал) / The Carnival (1981)
  • Konets sveta s posleduyushchim simpoziumom (Конец света с последующим симпозиумом) / End of the World with Symposium to Follow (1986)

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