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Tat'yana Sergeyeva (born 1951) is a Russian composer.


Tat'yana Pavlovna Sergeyeva was born in Tver, Russia. She studied music at the Moscow Conservatory and completed post-graduate work in composition, piano, and organ. Sergeyeva won the Shostakovich Composers' Prize in 1987 and became an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation in 1995. She is a member of the Russian Union of Composers.[1][2][3]


Selected works include:

  • Aria for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, on a text by A.Sumarokov (1984)
  • Aria for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, on a text by I.Pisarev (1984)
  • Black Rose, for bayan, piano, violin, cello, and percussion (2001)
  • Concerto for violin, piano, harpsichord, and organ
  • Daphne, trio for saxophone, cello, and organ
  • Piano Concerto No.2
  • Piano Concerto No.3 (2002)
  • Serenade for Trombone and Organ (1995)
  • Sonata for Violin and Organ (1994)
  • Vocal Cycle for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, on verses by ancient poets
  • Vocal Cycle on Verses by Tatiana Cherednichenko

Her works have been recorded and issued on CD, including:

  • Contemporary Russian Composers by Korupp (Audio CD - 1993)
  • Musical World of Tatiana Sergeyeva by Tatyana Sergeyeva, Dmitry Liss, and Vladimir Tinkha (Audio CD - 2000)


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