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Taylor & Francis
Parent company Informa
Status Active
Founded 1852; 170 years ago (1852)
Founder William Francis & Richard Taylor
Country of origin United Kingdom
Distribution Worldwide
Publication types Books and peer-reviewed journals
Nonfiction topics Medicine, science, social science, mathematics, law, engineering & more
Imprints Various
Official website www.taylorandfrancisgroup.com
Previous Taylor & Francis logo from a 1900 publication

Taylor & Francis Group is an international company originating in the United Kingdom that publishes books and academic journals. It is a division of Informa plc, a United Kingdom-based publisher and conference company.[1]


The company was founded in 1852 when William Francis joined Richard Taylor in his publishing business. Taylor initially founded his company in 1798. Their subjects covered include agriculture, chemistry, education, engineering, geography, law, mathematics, medicine, and social sciences.

Taylor & Francis merged with Informa in 2004 to create a new company called T&F Informa, since renamed back to Informa. Taylor & Francis Group is now the academic publishing arm of Informa.

Taylor & Francis publishes more than 1,000 journals, and over 1,800 new books each year, with a backlist of over 20,000 titles. The group has at least nine offices, in the United Kingdom, New York, Boca Raton, Philadelphia, Singapore, Sydney, and New Delhi. The journals and e-books have been delivered through the Taylor & Francis Online website since June 2011. Prior to that they were provided through the Informaworld website.[2]

The old Taylor and Francis logo depicts a hand pouring oil into a lit lamp, along with the Latin phrase "alere flammam" - to feed the flame (of knowledge). The modern logo is a stylised oil lamp in a circle.

In 2012, Taylor & Francis acquired Focal Press from Elsevier.[3]

In 2013, the entire board of the Journal of Library Administration resigned in a dispute over author licensing agreements.[4]

Acquired companies

Discontinued imprints

  • Adam Hilger (acquired in 2005 as part of IOP Publishing books division)

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