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The template is not a navigation tool, but presents information.

This table conveys the architectural structure of the protocol suite used in the design of the Internet. It illustrates the concept of layering in the Internet Protocol Suite. It also provides an overview of the most prominent protocols in the Internet Protocol Suite, but the table is not intended to be a navigation template or include many protocols. Each layer contains a link to an appropriate category page that lists all protocols covered on Wikipedia.

Definition of model

The presentation of this model is based on accepted Internet standards. RFC 1122 and subsequent documents define the layering in the TCP/IP model.

This model is conceptually similar to the OSI model, but there are substantial and important differences between these models.

Indeed, there is some legitimate debate about the positioning of some protocols in the suite as layering or any strict encapsulation sequencing are not principal design criteria for TCP/IP.


When adding new protocols, please include only notable protocols that are in widespread use today. Again, a goal for the scope of content was not to include all protocols and turn this into a navigation template, but only a few to illustrate the concept of layering in TCP/IP as may be found in many texts.

Please do not alter the names of the layers, as these names are the official standardized names of the layers in the original English-language reference documentation.