The Insider (Latynina novel)

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The Insider
File:The Insider novell by Yulia Latynina.jpg
Author Yulia Latynina (Юлия Латынина)
Original title Инсайдер (Russian)
Country Russia
Language Russian
Series Other Worlds
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Olma-Press (Russia)
Publication date
1999 (Russian edition)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 554
ISBN 5-224-00517-5
OCLC 44836032
Preceded by Wizards and ministers

The Insider (Russian: Инсайдер) is the final book of the science fiction literary cycle Empire of Weia by Russian writer Yulia Latynina.

This novel was published in 1999 in Olma-Press (Russia).

Main characters

  • Terence Bemish - the finance adventurer and greenmailer from Federation of Nineteen
  • Kissur — the barbarian leader and the Emperor's favorite
  • Shavash — the finance vice-minister of Empire



ABC Award from Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in 2000. Boris Strugatsky sayd: "It's the new type of the novels".[1]


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