The Ukrainian Week

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The Ukrainian Week
Ukrainskyi Tyzhden's front
cover issue 2014:5.
Chief editor Serhiy Lytvynenko
Categories Newsmagazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 41,500 weekly
First issue 2 November 2007; 14 years ago (2007-11-02)
Company TOV Ukrainskyi Tyzhden
Country Ukraine
Language Ukrainian, English
Website (Ukrainian edition), (English edition)
ISSN 1996-1561

The Ukrainian Week (Ukrainian: Український Тиждень) is an illustrated weekly magazine covering politics, economics and the arts and aimed at the socially engaged Ukrainian-language reader. It provides a range of analysis, opinion, interviews, feature pieces, including travel both in Ukraine and outside, and art reviews and events calendar.

History and profile

The Ukrainian Week is published in Ukraine by ECEM Media Ukraine LLC and was established in November 2007. the magazine is one of several Ukrainian language magazines that have appeared in Ukraine in the wake of the Orange Revolution.[1]

The English edition of The Ukrainian Week is published bi-monthly and contains a selection of articles deemed to be of most interest to non-Ukrainian readers.

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