The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses

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First edition (1965)

The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses is a compilation of essays on Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It was first published as a single transcribed sermon, The Weight of Glory in 1941, appearing in the British periodical, Theology, then in book form in 1942 by Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London. It was published in its entirety in 1949, as a compilation of five essays in the U.S. by The MacMillan Company, then revised and expanded in 1980 for publication by Macmillan Publishers.

Chapter list and descriptions for 1980 edition:

  • Introduction by Walter Hooper, Editor
  • Preface to the original edition by C. S. Lewis: "This book contains a selection of the too numerous addresses which I was induced to give during the late war and the years that immediately followed it."
  1. "The Weight of Glory" - First given at Oxford University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, June 8, 1941
  2. "Learning in War-Time" - Given at Oxford University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, October 22, 1939
  3. "Why I am not a Pacifist" - Talk, "given to a pacifist society at Oxford sometime in 1940", from the introduction.
  4. "Transposition" - Given in the Chapel of Mansfield College, Oxford, May 28, 1944.
  5. "Is Theology Poetry?" - Presented to the Oxford University Socratic Club, November 6, 1944
  6. "The Inner Ring" - This was the "Commemoration Oration" given at King's College, University of London, December 14, 1944
  7. "Membership" - Read to the Society of St. Alban and St. Sergius, Oxford, February 10, 1945
  8. "On Forgiveness" - Written for Father Patrick Kevin Irwin (1907–1965) and sent to him, August 28, 1947. First Published in "Fern-seed and Elephants and Other Essays on Christianity" by C. S. Lewis.
  9. "A Slip of the Tongue" - Given at the Chapel of Magdalene College, Cambridge, January 29, 1956. This was the last sermon preached by C. S. Lewis.


  • The Weight of Glory, by C.S. Lewis, New York: The Macmillan Company, 1949
  • OCLC # 4520497

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