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Region Trondheim
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None

Trondheimsk, Trondheim dialect or Trondheim Norwegian is a dialect of Norwegian used in Trondheim. It is a variety of Trøndersk.



  • /l/ is dental [].[1]
    • After short vowels, it is realized as an approximant, either palatal [ʎ] or palatalized dental [l̪ʲ].[2]
    • When it occurs after a short vowel before a voiceless stop (particularly /t/),[1] it is realized as a voiceless dental lateral consonant, described variously as an approximant [l̪̊][1] and a fricative [ɬ̪].[2]
  • /r/ tends to be realized as a voiced retroflex fricative [ʐ]. It is devoiced to [ʂ] before /p/ and /k/.[2]


  • /iː/ and /yː/ can be diphthongized to, respectively, [ie] and [ye].[3]
  • /uː/ is diphthongized to [ue].[4]
  • /eː, øː/ and /ɔː/ are diphthongized to, respectively, [eæ], [øæ] and [ɔ̝æ].[5]
  • The schwa [ə] does not exist in the Trondheim dialect.[6]
  • /æ, æː/ have the most open realization in all of Norway, i.e. open front [a, ].[7]
  • /ɑ, ɑː/ are fully back [ɑ, ɑː].[8]
  • /ɑi/ has a back starting point [ɑi].[9]


Phonetic realization

The tonemes of the Trondheim dialect are the same as those of the Oslo dialect; accent 1 is low-rising, whereas accent 2 is falling-rising.[10]


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