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U.S. Route 11 marker

U.S. Route 11
Route information
Length: 1,645 mi[1] (2,647 km)
Existed: 1926[1] – present
Major junctions
South end: US 90 at New Orleans, LA
  I-10 at New Orleans, LA
I-12 at Slidell, LA
I-20 at Meridian, MS
I‑65 at Birmingham, AL
I-24 / I-75 at Chattanooga, TN
I-40 in Knoxville, TN
I‑64 / I‑81 near Staunton, VA
I-70 / I-81 near Hagerstown, MD
I-76 / Penna Turnpike near Carlisle, PA
I-80 near Bloomsburg, PA
North end: Route 223 at Rouses Point, NY
States: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York
Highway system

U.S. Route 11 (US 11) is a north–south United States highway extending 1,645 miles[1] (2,647 km) across the eastern United States. The southern terminus of the route is at U.S. Route 90 in the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge in eastern New Orleans, Louisiana. The northern terminus is at the Canada–US border in Rouses Point, New York. The route continues across the border into Canada as Quebec Route 223. US 11, created in 1926, largely follows the route of the original plan.

Until 1929, US 11 ended just south of Picayune, Mississippi at the Pearl River border with Louisiana. It was extended through Louisiana after that.

The Maestri Bridge, which carries US 11 across Lake Ponchartrain, served as the only route to New Orleans from the east for six weeks after Hurricane Katrina due to its sturdy construction. The storm virtually destroyed the Twin Span Bridge on I-10 and damaged the Fort Pike Bridge on US 90.

Interstate 81, constructed in the 1960s, parallels the route of US 11 in many areas. Beyond I-81's southern terminus, other interstates run along corridors paralleling US 11, specifically I-59, which is joined to I-81 by I-40, I-75, and I-24.

Route description


The southernmost point of U.S. Route 11 is at an intersection with U.S. Route 90 (Chef Menteur Highway) in the far eastern section of New Orleans, in the community of Viavant. Route 11 heads to the north, passing to the east of a bayou of Lake Pontchartrain. The route passes Chevee Bayou and a short stretch of land in the community of Village de l'Est. The route makes a short curve to the northeast, and returns to the north soon after. U.S. Route 11 begins to parallel Interstate 10, until interchanging at Exit 254 in Irish Bayou. There, Route 11 passes to the east of the bayou and continues north onto a causeway over Lake Pontchartrain.[2]

Now on the causeway, U.S. Route 11 runs west of Interstate 10 (which was built later) and makes landfall in the community of North Shore. There, U.S. Route 11 gains the name Pontchartrain Drive and enters the community of Eden Isles. In Eden Isles, Route 11 passes the Oak Harbor Golf Club and near Fritchie Park. The highway passes Palm Lake, a small local waterbed, and intersects with Louisiana Highway 433 (known locally as Old Spanish Trail). Route 11 and LA-433 become concurrent for a short distance until Front Street, where Route 11 turns to the northeast.[2]

Route 11 continues to the northeast, away from LA-433, and into the community of Slidell. In Slidell, the route heads along Front Street, passing to the east of commercial buildings and to the west of residences, creating an arterial in downtown Slidell. After the intersection with Erlanger Road, Route 11 intersects with U.S. Route 190 (Fremaux Avenue), which becomes concurrent along Front Street. Routes 11 and 190 continue to the north, intersecting with many locally maintained roads in Slidell. At the intersection with Gause Boulevard and Gause Boulevard West, Route 190 turns to the west.[2]

Route 11 continues to the northeast along Front Street, until the intersection with Indiana Avenue, where it changes onto the alignment of Highway 11. There, Route 11 leaves Slidell for the community of North Slidell, where it comes upon an interchange with Interstate 12 (the West Florida Republic Parkway) at Exit 83. After the partial-cloverleaf interchange, the highway intersects with many local roads in North Slidell and eventually into the community of Alton. North of Alton, Route 11 intersects with Highway Department Road, and eventually parallels to the west of Interstate 59.[2]

Route 11 continues to the northeast, intersecting with Louisiana Highway 41 (Watts Road) and locally maintained Watts Road. This serves as the southern terminus for LA-41. Route 11 turns to the right and intersects with Louisiana Highway 41 Spur, an auxiliary route of the highway that intersected recently in the community of Pearl River. At the intersection, Route 11 turns off of Main Street and interchanges with Interstate 59, paralleling it for a short distance to the north before becoming concurrent at the West Pearl River.[2]

Route 11 and Interstate 59 continue to the northeast, interchanging with a former alignment of U.S. Route 11 that went to east from Interchange 5B. The highways parallel the West Pearl River and eventually, Honey Island Swamp Road. At Honey Island Swamp Road, Interstate 59 and U.S. Route 11 approach Interchange 11, the final interchange in Louisiana. At the Pearl River, the two highways cross the state line and enter Mississippi.[2]


U.S. Route 11 enters the state of Mississippi along Interstate 59, passing through several directions of trees. After a short distance, Route 11 and Interstate 59 interchange at Exit 1 with Mississippi Highway 607, where 607 ends and U.S. Route 11 takes over its northeastern alignment away from Interstate 59. Route 11 generally parallels I-59 across Mississippi, serving as a local business route and following city streets through communities such as Hattiesburg, Laurel, and Meridian. It leaves the state east of Meridian concurrent with U.S. Route 80, entering the state of Alabama.


U.S. Route 11 and U.S. Route 80 split three miles (5 km) into Alabama near Cuba, with U.S. 80 following an eastward track toward Demopolis. US 11, in contrast, continues to parallel the I-20/I-59 freeway through Livingston to Eutaw, where US 11 joins U.S. Route 43. The overlapping routes proceed northeast to Tuscaloosa, where US 43 splits from US 11 and heads north. US 11, however, continues along the I-20/I-59 corridor to Birmingham. US 11 overlaps I-20/59 for approximately 12 miles (19 km) between Woodstock and Bessemer. From Bessemer into Birmingham, the route is locally known as the "Bessemer Superhighway." US 11 is co-signed with Alabama state route 5 between Woodstock and Birmingham. US 11 through the western side of Birmingham is known as the Bessemer Superhighway and 3rd Avenue West. It passes near the Alabama State Fairgrounds, Rickwood Field (one of the oldest baseball stadiums in America) and Legion Field (known for hosting football games). On the east side of Birmingham, US 11 is known locally as 1st Avenue North and as Roebuck Parkway.

West of downtown Birmingham, US 11 intersects U.S. Route 78. US 78 turns east onto US 11, forming an overlap as the roadway enters the heart of the city. In the midst of the city center, US 78 breaks from US 11, progressing south of US 11 as the two routes exit the city. East of downtown, I-20 splits from I-59, with US 11 following I-59 to the northeast. US 11 passes through Gadsden and Fort Payne before crossing into Georgia ten miles (16 km) northeast of Hammondville.

Throughout Alabama, US 11 is paired with unsigned Alabama State Route 7.

Until 1955, US 11 was routed to Ashville and Gadsden following the current routes of AL 23 and US 411, and followed Third Street and went west on Forrest Avenue in downtown Gadsden. It was relocated to its present route to Attalla, with the original route designated as an alternate route until 1963.

The routes that corresponds to US 11's route in Alabama includes the Bear Meat Cabin Road (Huntsville Road), the Rome and Tuscaloosa Road (also called "Georgia Road") from Birmingham, and the Chattanooga Road (also called Alabama Road) from Attalla.


After entering the state from Alabama, US 11 and State Route 58 (SR 58) travel northeast, parallel to Interstate 59 (I-59), through the valley between Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain. The routes travel through the county seat of Dade County, Trenton, where they are briefly concurrent with SR 136. In the community of Wildwood, US 11 and SR 58 intersect the eastern terminus of SR 299 before continuing north into Tennessee.

US 11 and SR 58 see an Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) of 5,000 vehicles or more north of Trenton.[3] However, most of the route's through traffic has been diverted to Interstate 59, which closely parallels the route not only in Georgia, but also in Alabama and Mississippi.


US 11 along Lee Highway, south of Lenoir City

US 11 enters Tennessee west of Chattanooga. The route, concurrent with SR 38 from the state line north, runs parallel to Interstate 24 for three miles (5 km) to an intersection with Cummings Highway (US 41/US 64/US 72/SR 2). While SR 38 terminates here, US 11 follows the highway east into downtown Chattanooga. At the intersection of Broad Street and East 23rd Street, US 11 and US 64 separate from US 41 and US 72 and follow East 23rd east through downtown. The routes briefly overlap with US 41, here concurrent to US 76, on Dodds Avenue before resuming an easterly progression on Brainerd Road thereafter called Lee Highway. The road is also called Lee Highway in Southwestern Virginia.

East of downtown, I-24 terminates while Interstate 75 continues east along the I-24 right-of-way. US 11 and US 64 continue to the northeast, paralleling I-75 to Cleveland. In downtown Cleveland, US 64 separates from US 11, following US 74 east out of the city.

US 11 remains close to I-75 as it heads north, passing through Athens, Sweetwater, Loudon, and Lenoir City before entering Farragut. On the western edge of town, US 11 merges with US 70 at Dixie Lee Junction to form Kingston Pike. The routes remain joined for just over 20 miles (32 km) as they pass through Farragut and West Knoxville before diverging again in downtown Knoxville.

In eastern Knoxville, US 11 splits into U.S. Route 11W and U.S. Route 11E, with US 70 following US 11E.

U.S. Route 11E

Traversing 120.9 miles (194.6 km) from Knoxville, Tennessee to Bristol, Virginia, US 11E connects the cities and towns of New Market, Jefferson City, Morristown, Greeneville, Tusculum, Jonesborough, Johnson City, Bluff City and Bristol, all in Tennessee. After crossing into Virginia, it reconnects with US 11W.

U.S. Route 11W

Traversing 111.2 miles (179.0 km) from Knoxville, Tennessee to Bristol, Virginia, US 11W connects the cities and towns of Blaine, Rutledge, Bean Station, Rogersville, Surgoinsville, Church Hill, Mount Carmel and Kingsport, all in Tennessee. After crossing into Virginia, it reconnects with US 11E.


US 11W and US 11E rejoin as US 11 in Bristol less than a mile north of the Tennessee-Virginia state line. As Lee Highway, US 11 proceeds northeastward through Abingdon, Wytheville and Radford. In this area, Interstate 81 was constructed parallel to US 11.

At Christiansburg, US 11 joins US 460 and the two routes overlap for 28 miles (45 km) to Salem, where the two highways split. US 11 winds through Roanoke on several roads, sometimes opposite the signed direction.

Part of the Carolina Road, a colonial trail, follows the roadbed of Route 11, also known as "the Lee Highway", through Virginia. Near Cloverdale, Virginia is the historical marker: "This is the old road from Pennsylvania to the Yadkin Valley, over which in early times settlers passed going south. On it were the Black Horse Tavern and the Tinker Creek Presbyterian Church."[4]

From Roanoke, the highway continues through Buchanan, Lexington, Staunton, Harrisonburg and Winchester in the Shenandoah Valley. (Between Buchanan and Lexington, US 11 passes over the famed Natural Bridge). Interstate 81 was constructed parallel to US 11 through many of these cities, although it generally bypassed the smaller towns. US 11 enters West Virginia about 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Winchester.

West Virginia

US 11 enters West Virginia less than 200 yards (180 m) southeast of I-81. US 11 heads northeast for about 35 miles (56 km) through Berkeley County, passing through Inwood, Martinsburg, and Falling Waters before crossing the Potomac River into Maryland. The road is known as Winchester Pike south of Martinsburg, and as Williamsport Pike north of the city.


In Maryland, US 11 passes over the Potomac River into Williamsport and through Hagerstown in Washington County before crossing the Mason–Dixon line into Pennsylvania. Interstate 81 was constructed along much the same route in the 1960s.


US 11 and I-81 enter Pennsylvania south of Greencastle. Known as the Molly Pitcher highway, US 11 follows I-81 northeast through the Cumberland Valley, running parallel to each other as they pass through Chambersburg, Shippensburg, and Carlisle. Northeast of Carlisle in Middlesex, US 11 interchanges with the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 76) and I-81 in succession. US 11, now to the south of I-81, continues eastward into the western suburbs of Harrisburg as the Carlisle Pike.

In Camp Hill, a close suburb of Harrisburg, US 11 stops paralleling I-81 and joins U.S. Route 15 northward through the western suburbs of Harrisburg. As the road exits the Harrisburg area, US 11 and US 15 begin to parallel the Susquehanna River as both head northward. The two routes remain overlapped to an intersection in Shamokin Dam, where US 15 branches off to the northwest, following the path of the Susquehanna's West Branch northward. US 11, in contrast, continues to parallel the main Susquehanna River, passing through municipalities such as Danville, Bloomsburg, and Berwick prior to reaching Wilkes-Barre.

In Wilkes-Barre, US 11 breaks from the Susquehanna and begins to run parallel to I-81 once more. From Wilkes-Barre, the highway goes through nearby Scranton, becoming the North Scranton Expressway north of downtown. In Clarks Summit, just north of Scranton, US 11 intersects U.S. Route 6. US 6 joins US 11 westward to Factoryville, where US 11 separates from US 6 and resumes its northerly trek through Susquehanna County to the New York-Pennsylvania border.

New York

US 11 proceeds northwestward through New York from the Pennsylvania border to Binghamton. US 11 and I-81 continue to parallel each other as they head north through Cortland and Syracuse. The route continues northward to Watertown. US 11 heads northeast from Watertown, passing along the northern edge of the Fort Drum Military Reservation and traversing a number of towns and villages, including Canton and Potsdam. US 11 passes north of Adirondack Park passing through Malone. At Rouses Point, US 11 joins New York State Route 9B and heads north to the Canada–US border, becoming QC 223.

Major intersections

Southern segment
US 90 in New Orleans
I‑10 in New Orleans
US 190 in Slidell
I‑12 in Slidell
I‑59 in Pearl River. The highways travel concurrently to Nicholson, Mississippi.
I‑59 / US 98 in Hattiesburg
US 49 in Hattiesburg
I‑59 in Walters
I‑59 in Laurel
I‑59 northeast of Laurel
I‑20 / I‑59 / US 80 in Meridian. I-20/I-59/US 11 travel concurrently through the city. US 11/US 80 travel concurrently to Cuba, Alabama.
I‑20 / I‑59 east-northeast of Toomsuba
US 43 in Eutaw. The highways travel concurrently to Tuscaloosa.
I‑20 / I‑59 in Knoxville
I‑359 / US 43 in Tuscaloosa. I-359/US 11 travel concurrently through the city.
I‑20 / I‑59 / I‑359 in Tuscaloosa
US 82 in Tuscaloosa
I‑20 / I‑59 in Tuscaloosa
I‑20 / I‑59 in Tuscaloosa
I‑20 / I‑59 south of Lake View. The highways travel concurrently to Bessemer.
I‑459 southwest of McCalla
US 78 in Birmingham. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑65 in Birmingham
US 31 / US 280 in Birmingham
I‑20 in Birmingham
I‑59 in Birmingham
I‑459 in Birmingham
US 231 in Ashville
US 278 / US 431 in Attalla. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑59 in Fort Payne
No major intersections
US 41 / US 64 / US 72 in Chattanooga. US 11/US 41/US 72 travel concurrently through the city. US 11/US 64 travel concurrently to Cleveland.
US 27 in Chattanooga
US 41 / US 76 in Chattanooga. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑75 in Chattanooga. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
US 321 in Lenoir City
US 70 southwest of Farragut. The highways travel concurrently to .
I‑140 in Knoxville
I‑40 / I‑75 in Knoxville
US 129 in Knoxville.
US 441 in Knoxville. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑40 / I‑275 in Knoxville
US 11E / US 11W / US 70 in Knoxville.
Northern segment
US 11E / US 11W / US 19 / US 421 in Bristol. US 11/US 19 travel concurrently to Abingdon.
I‑81 / US 58 in Bristol
I‑81 / US 58 northeast of Bristol
I‑81 / US 58 east of Abingdon. US 11/US 58 travel concurrently for approximately 0.3 miles (0.48 km).
I‑81 southeast of Glade Spring
I‑81 in Seven Mile Ford
I‑81 southwest of Marion
I‑81 northeast of Marion
I‑81 west of Wytheville
US 21 in Wytheville. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑77 / I‑81 / US 52 in Wytheville. I-77/US 11/US 52 travel concurrently to Fort Chiswell. I-81/US 11 travel concurrently to south of Pulaski.
US 460 in Christiansburg
I‑81 / US 460 in Christiansburg. US 11/US 460 travel concurrently to Salem.
US 221 in Roanoke. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑581 / US 220 in Roanoke
US 221 / US 460 in Roanoke
I‑81 southwest of Buchanan
I‑81 northeast of Buchanan. The highways travel concurrently to west of Natural Bridge.
I‑81 northeast of Natural Bridge
US 60 in Lexington
I‑64 in East Lexington
I‑64 / I‑81 northeast of East Lexington
US 340 in Greenville
I‑64 / I‑81 in Greenville
US 250 in Staunton. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑81 in Harrisonburg
US 33 in Harrisonburg
I‑81 northeast of Harrisonburg
I‑81 in Mauzy
US 211 in New Market
I‑81 in Strasburg
US 17 / US 50 / US 522 in Winchester. The highways travel concurrently through the city.
I‑81 northeast of Winchester
West Virginia
I‑81 north-northeast of Falling Waters
I‑81 in Halfway
US 40 in Hagerstown
I‑81 in Antrim Township
US 30 in Chambersburg
I‑76 in Middlesex Township
I‑81 in Middlesex Township
US 15 in Camp Hill. The highways travel concurrently to Shamokin Dam.
I‑81 in Summerdale
US 22 / US 322 in Penn Township
US 522 in Monroe Township
I‑80 in South Centre Township
I‑81 in Moosic
I‑81 / US 6 in South Abington Township. US 6/US 11 travel concurrently to northwest of Factoryville.
New York
I‑81 in Dickinson
I‑81 in Chenango
I‑81 in Chenango
I‑81 in Chenango
I‑81 northwest of Whitney Point
I‑81 in Cortlandville
I‑81 northwest of Tully
US 20 south of LaFayette
I‑81 south of Nedrow
I‑81 in Salina
I‑81 south-southwest of Mannsville
I‑781 in Calcium
I‑87 in the Town of Champlain
US 9 in the Town of Champlain
US 2 in Rouses Point
Route 223 at the Canada–United States border north of Rouses Point

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