United States House of Representatives elections, 1952

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United States House of Representatives elections, 1952

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All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
218 seats were needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  SPEAKER JWMartin.jpg Rayburn-Sam-LOC.jpg
Leader Joseph Martin Sam Rayburn
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Massachusetts-14th Texas-4th
Last election 199 seats 235 seats
Seats won 221 213
Seat change Increase 22 Decrease 22
Popular vote 28,393,794 28,642,537
Percentage 49.3% 49.8%
Swing Increase 0.4% Increase 0.2%

Speaker before election

Sam Rayburn

Elected Speaker

Joseph Martin

The U.S. House election, 1952 was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1952 which coincided with the election of President Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower's Republican Party gained 22 seats from the Democratic Party, gaining a majority of the House. However, the Democrats technically had almost 250,000 more votes (0.4%). This would be the last time the Republican Party won a majority in the House until 1994. It was also the last election when both major parties increased their share of the popular vote simultaneously, largely due to the disintegration of the American Labor Party and other third parties.

Outgoing President Harry Truman's dismal approval rating was one reason why his party lost its House majority. Also, continued uneasiness about the Korean War was an important factor. Joseph W. Martin, Jr. (R-Massachusetts) became Speaker of the House, exchanging places with Sam Rayburn (D-Texas), who became the new Minority Leader.

Prominent races

Notable freshmen included future Speaker Tip O'Neill (D-Mass.), future Senate Majority leader Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), and future Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird (R-Wisc.).

Overall results

221 1 213
Republican I Democratic
Party Total
Democratic Party 213 Decrease 22 49.0% 49.8% 28,642,537
Republican Party 221 Increase 22 50.8% 49.3% 28,393,794
Progressive Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.3% 145,171
Liberal Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.2% 113,631
Independents 1 Steady 0.2% 0.2% 111,780
American Labor Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.2% 95,597
Prohibition Party 0 Steady 0.0% 0.1% 38,664
People's Choice Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 8,853
Socialist Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 4,892
Increase Jobless Pay Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 3,432
People's Rights Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 2,434
Socialist Workers Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 1,750
Square Deal Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 548
Independent Citizens Committee 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 247
Socialist Labor Party 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 177
Others 0 Steady 0.0% <0.1% 7,233
Totals 435 Steady 100.0% 100.0% 57,570,740
Popular vote
House seats
House seats by party holding majority in state
  up to 100% Republican
  up to 100% Democratic
  up to 80% Republican
  up to 80% Democratic
  up to 60% Republican
  up to 60% Democratic
Change in seats
  6+ Republican gain
  6+ Democratic gain
  3-5 Republican gain
  3-5 Democratic gain
  1-2 Republican gain
  1-2 Democratic gain
  no net change

Separate elections

Four special elections were held on dates other than in November.

Date ↑ District Predecessor Reason Results Candidates
February 19, 1952 New York 5th T. Vincent Quinn (D) Resigned December 30, 1951 Republican gain
Winner subsequently lost re-election in November
Robert T. Ross (R)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
April 1, 1952 New York 32nd William T. Byrne (D) Died January 27, 1952 Democratic hold
Winner subsequently won re-election in November
Leo W. O'Brien (D)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
August 2, 1952 Kentucky 2nd John A. Whitaker (D) Died December 15, 1951 Democratic hold
Winner subsequently won re-election in November
Garrett L. Withers (D)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]
September 23, 1952 Texas 7th Tom Pickett (D) Resigned June 30, 1952 Democratic hold
Winner subsequently won re-election in November
John Dowdy (D)
[Data unknown/missing. You can help!]

November elections


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Alabama 1 Frank W. Boykin Democratic 1935 Re-elected Frank W. Boykin (D) Unopposed
Alabama 2 George M. Grant Democratic 1938 Re-elected George M. Grant (D) Unopposed
Alabama 3 George W. Andrews Democratic 1944 Re-elected George W. Andrews (D) Unopposed
Alabama 4 Kenneth A. Roberts Democratic 1950 Re-elected Kenneth A. Roberts (D) Unopposed
Alabama 5 Albert Rains Democratic 1944 Re-elected Albert Rains (D) Unopposed
Alabama 6 Edward deGraffenried Democratic 1948 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Armistead I. Selden, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Alabama 7 Carl Elliott Democratic 1948 Re-elected Carl Elliott (D) 72.5%
Cyrus Kitchens (R) 27.5%
Alabama 8 Robert E. Jones, Jr. Democratic 1947 Re-elected Robert E. Jones, Jr. (D) 87.3%
H. G. Williams (R) 12.7%
Alabama 9 Laurie C. Battle Democratic 1946 Re-elected Laurie C. Battle (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arizona 1 John R. Murdock Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John Jacob Rhodes (R) 54.0%
John R. Murdock (D) 46.0%
Arizona 2 Harold Patten Democratic 1948 Re-elected Harold Patten (D) 56.9%
William C. Frey (R) 43.1%


Arkansas lost one seat in reapportionment leaving it with 6; the existing 4th district along the western edge of the state lost some of its territory to the 3rd district in the northwest, and the rest was merged with the 7th district in the south, with minor changes to other districts.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arkansas 1 Ezekiel C. Gathings Democratic 1938 Re-elected Ezekiel C. Gathings (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 2 Wilbur Mills Democratic 1938 Re-elected Wilbur Mills (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 3 James William Trimble Democratic 1944 Re-elected James William Trimble (D) 56.0%
Jack Joyce (R) 44.0%
Arkansas 4 Oren Harris
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Oren Harris (D) Unopposed
Boyd Anderson Tackett Democratic 1948 Retired to run for Governor
Democratic loss
Arkansas 5 Brooks Hays Democratic 1942 Re-elected Brooks Hays (D) 78.8%
Alonzo A. Ross (R) 19.5%
Ed Schultz (I) 1.8%
Arkansas 6 William F. Norrell Democratic 1938 Re-elected William F. Norrell (D) Unopposed


Seven new seats were added in reapportionment, increasing the delegation from 23 to 30 seats. Two of the new seats were won by Democrats, and five by Republicans. One Republican and one Democratic incumbents lost re-election, and a retiring Democrat was replaced by a Republican. Overall, therefore, Democrats gained one seat and Republicans gained 7.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
California 1 Hubert B. Scudder Republican 1948 Re-elected Hubert B. Scudder (R) 86.4%
Carl Sullivan (Ind Prog) 13.6%
California 2 Clair Engle Democratic 1943 Re-elected Clair Engle (D) Unopposed
California 3 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
John E. Moss (D) 50.8%
Leslie E. Wood (R) 47.8%
Helen C. Thomsen (Ind Prog) 1.4%
California 4 Franck R. Havenner Democratic 1936/1944 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William S. Mailliard (R) 55.0%
Franck R. Havenner (D) 45.0%
California 5 John Shelley Democratic 1949 Re-elected John Shelley (D) Unopposed
California 6 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Robert Condon (D) 50.6%
John F. Baldwin, Jr. (R) 49.4%
California 7 John J. Allen, Jr. Republican 1946 Re-elected John J. Allen, Jr. (R) 84.3%
John Allen Johnson (Ind Prog) 15.7%
California 8 George Paul Miller
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1944 Re-elected George Paul Miller (D) Unopposed
California 9 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
J. Arthur Younger (R) 53.1%
Harold F. Taggart (D) 45.3%
Charles S. Brown (Ind Prog) 1.6%
California 10 Jack Z. Anderson
Redistricted from 8th
Republican 1938 Retired
Republican hold
Charles S. Gubser (R) 59.2%
Arthur L. Johnson (D) 39.1%
Betsey K. Fisher (Ind Prog) 1.6%
California 11 J. Leroy Johnson
Redistricted from 3rd
Republican 1942 Re-elected J. Leroy Johnson (R) 87.1%
Leslie B. Schlingheyde (D) 12.9%
California 12 Allan O. Hunter
Redistricted from 9th
Republican 1950 Re-elected Allan O. Hunter (R) Unopposed
California 13 Ernest K. Bramblett
Redistricted from 11th
Republican 1946 Re-elected Ernest K. Bramblett (R) 51.0%
Will Hays (D) 49.0%
California 14 Thomas H. Werdel
Redistricted from 10th
Republican 1948 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Harlan Hagen (D) 51.0%
Thomas H. Werdel (R) 49.0%
California 15 Gordon L. McDonough Republican 1944 Re-elected Gordon L. McDonough (R) Unopposed
California 16 Donald L. Jackson Republican 1946 Re-elected Donald L. Jackson (R) 59.7%
Jerry K. Harter (D) 40.3%
California 17 Cecil R. King Democratic 1942 Re-elected Cecil R. King (D) 54.6%
Robert H. Finch (R) 44.1%
Loyd C. Seeliger (Ind Prog) 1.3%
California 18 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Craig Hosmer (R) 55.5%
Joseph M. Kennick (D) 44.5%
California 19 Chet Holifield Democratic 1942 Re-elected Chet Holifield (D) 87.1%
Ida Alvarez (Ind Prog) 9.4%
Milton Snipper (I) 3.4%
California 20 John Carl Hinshaw Republican 1938 Re-elected John Carl Hinshaw (R) Unopposed
California 21 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Edgar W. Hiestand (R) 53.6%
Everett G. Burkhalter (D) 46.4%
California 22 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Joseph F. Holt (R) 60.5%
Dean E. McHenry (D) 39.5%
California 23 Clyde Doyle
Redistricted from 18th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected Clyde Doyle (D) 87.5%
Olive T. Thompson (Ind Prog) 11.1%
C. Cleveland (W/I) 1.5%
California 24 Norris Poulson
Redistricted from 13th
Republican 1932/1946 Re-elected Norris Poulson (R) 87.4%
Bertram L. Sharp (Ind Prog) 12.6%
California 25 Patrick J. Hillings
Redistricted from 12th
Republican 1950 Re-elected Patrick J. Hillings (R) 64.3%
Woodrow Wilson Sayre (D) 35.7%
California 26 Sam Yorty
Redistricted from 14th
Democratic 1950 Re-elected Sam Yorty (D) 88.0%
Horace V. Alexander (Ind Prog) 12.0%
California 27 Harry R. Sheppard
Redistricted from 21st
Democratic 1936 Re-elected Harry R. Sheppard (D) 55.0%
Carl B. Hilliard (R) 45.0%
California 28 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
James B. Utt (R) 63.0%
Lionel Van Deerlin (D) 37.0%
California 29 John J. Phillips
Redistricted from 22nd
Republican 1942 Re-elected John J. Phillips (R) Unopposed
California 30 Clinton D. McKinnon
Redistricted from 23rd
Democratic 1948 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Bob Wilson (R) 59.6%
De Graff Austin (D) 40.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Colorado 1 Byron G. Rogers Democratic 1950 Re-elected Byron G. Rogers (D) 50.8%
Mason K. Knuckles (R) 48.6%
Carle Whitehead (S) 0.7%
Colorado 2 William S. Hill Republican 1940 Re-elected William S. Hill (R) 63.1%
Ralph L. WIlliams (D) 36.9%
Colorado 3 John Chenoweth Republican 1950 Re-elected John Chenoweth (R) 57.7%
John Henry Marsalis (D) 42.3%
Colorado 4 Wayne N. Aspinall Democratic 1948 Re-elected Wayne N. Aspinall (D) 50.0%
Howard M. Shults (R) 50.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Connecticut 1 Abraham A. Ribicoff Democratic 1948 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Thomas J. Dodd (D) 54.0%
John Ashmead (R) 46.0%
Connecticut 2 Horace Seely-Brown, Jr. Republican 1950 Re-elected Horace Seely-Brown, Jr. (R) 55.5%
William M. Citron (D) 44.5%
Connecticut 3 John A. McGuire Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Albert W. Cretella (R) 52.8%
John A. McGuire (D) 47.2%
Connecticut 4 Albert P. Morano Republican 1950 Re-elected Albert P. Morano (R) 60.1%
Joseph P. Lyford (D) 39.3%
Stanley Mayhew (S) 0.6%
Connecticut 5 James T. Patterson Republican 1946 Re-elected James T. Patterson (R) 56.7%
John A. Speziale (D) 43.3%
Connecticut At-large Antoni N. Sadlak Republican 1946 Re-elected Antoni N. Sadlak (R) 55.0%
Stanley J. Pribyson (D) 44.8%
Annie B. Waterman (S) 0.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Delaware At-large J. Caleb Boggs Republican 1946 Retired to run for Governor
Republican hold
Herbert B. Warburton (R) 51.9%
Joseph S. Scannell (D) 48.1%


Florida was redistricted from 6 districts to 8, splitting the area around Sarasota out from the Tampa-St. Petersburg based 1st district, and splitting Gainesville out from the Jacksonville-based 2nd district.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Florida 1 Chester B. McMullen Democratic 1950 Retired
Democratic hold
Courtney W. Campbell (D) 50.7%
William C. Cramer (R) 49.3%
Florida 2 Charles Edward Bennett Democratic 1948 Re-elected Charles Edward Bennett (D) Unopposed
Florida 3 Robert L. F. Sikes Democratic 1940 Re-elected Robert L. F. Sikes (D) Unopposed
Florida 4 William C. Lantaff Democratic 1950 Re-elected William C. Lantaff (D) 66.0%
Dorothea M. B. Vermorel (R) 34.0%
Florida 5 Albert S. Herlong, Jr. Democratic 1948 Re-elected Albert S. Herlong, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Florida 6 Dwight L. Rogers Democratic 1944 Re-elected Dwight L. Rogers (D) 60.8%
Janet H. Fitzgerald (R) 39.2%
Florida 7 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
James A. Haley (D) 56.3%
Kent S. McKinley (R) 43.7%
Florida 8 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Donald Ray Matthews (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Georgia 1 Prince Hulon Preston, Jr. Democratic 1946 Re-elected Prince Hulon Preston, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Georgia 2 Edward E. Cox Democratic 1924 Re-elected Edward E. Cox (D) Unopposed
Georgia 3 Tic Forrester Democratic 1950 Re-elected Tic Forrester (D) Unopposed
Georgia 4 Albert Sidney Camp Democratic 1939 Re-elected Albert Sidney Camp (D) 100.0%
Enoch Calloway (W/I) 0.02%
Georgia 5 James C. Davis Democratic 1946 Re-elected James C. Davis (D) 100.0%
Baxter Jones (W/I) 0.02%
James A. MacKay (W/I) 0.001%
Georgia 6 Carl Vinson Democratic 1914 Re-elected Carl Vinson (D) Unopposed
Georgia 7 Henderson Lovelace Lanham Democratic 1946 Re-elected Henderson Lovelace Lanham (D) 99.9%
Frank Gleason (W/I) 0.1%
Georgia 8 William M. Wheeler Democratic 1946 Re-elected William M. Wheeler (D) 99.9%
J. M. Kent (W/I) 0.1%
Georgia 9 John Stephens Wood Democratic 1944 Retired
Democratic hold
Phillip M. Landrum (D) Unopposed
Georgia 10 Paul Brown Democratic 1933 Re-elected Paul Brown (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Idaho 1 John Travers Wood Republican 1950 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Gracie Pfost (D) 50.3%
John Travers Wood (R) 49.7%
Idaho 2 Hamer H. Budge Republican 1950 Re-elected Hamer H. Budge (R) 66.2%
W. H. Jensen (D) 33.8%


Illinois lost one seat, redistricting from 26 to 25 districts. No changes were made to the Chicago area districts, but the downstate districts were broadly reorganized, forcing incumbents Peter F. Mack, Jr. (D) and Edward H. Jenison (R) into the same district.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Illinois 1 William L. Dawson Democratic 1942 Re-elected William L. Dawson (D) 73.5%
Edgar G. Brown (R) 26.5%
Illinois 2 Richard B. Vail Republican 1950 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Barratt O'Hara (D) 51.4%
Richard B. Vail (R) 48.6%
Illinois 3 Fred E. Busbey Republican 1950 Re-elected Fred E. Busbey (R) 54.5%
Neil J. Linehan (D) 45.5%
Illinois 4 William E. McVey Republican 1950 Re-elected William E. McVey (R) 56.6%
Arthur E. Dillner (D) 43.4%
Illinois 5 John C. Kluczynski Democratic 1950 Re-elected John C. Kluczynski (D) 64.5%
Ernest L. Kaysen (R) 35.5%
Illinois 6 Thomas J. O'Brien Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas J. O'Brien (D) 63.1%
John L. Roach (R) 36.9%
Illinois 7 Adolph J. Sabath Democratic 1906 Re-elected Adolph J. Sabath (D) 70.0%
Louis F. Capuzi (R) 30.0%
Illinois 8 Thomas S. Gordon Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas S. Gordon (D) 59.0%
William F. Cooper (R) 41.0%
Illinois 9 Sidney R. Yates Democratic 1948 Re-elected Sidney R. Yates (D) 52.4%
Robert R. Siegrist (R) 47.6%
Illinois 10 Richard W. Hoffman Republican 1948 Re-elected Richard W. Hoffman (R) 65.0%
John Schaffenegger (D) 35.0%
Illinois 11 Timothy P. Sheehan Republican 1950 Re-elected Timothy P. Sheehan (R) 59.4%
Stanley W. Morten (D) 40.6%
Illinois 12 Edgar A. Jonas Republican 1948 Re-elected Edgar A. Jonas (R) 55.7%
Philip A. Fleischman (D) 44.3%
Illinois 13 Marguerite S. Church Republican 1950 Re-elected Marguerite S. Church (R) 70.6%
Lawrence J. Hayes (D) 29.4%
Illinois 14 Chauncey W. Reed Republican 1934 Re-elected Chauncey W. Reed (R) 71.5%
William E. Hartnett (D) 28.5%
Illinois 15 Noah M. Mason Republican 1936 Re-elected Noah M. Mason (R) 63.6%
Stanley Hubbs (D) 36.4%
Illinois 16 Leo E. Allen Republican 1932 Re-elected Leo E. Allen (R) 66.5%
John P. Barton (D) 33.5%
Illinois 17 Leslie C. Arends Republican 1934 Re-elected Leslie C. Arends (R) 63.6%
John A. Kinneman (D) 36.4%
Illinois 18 Harold H. Velde Republican 1948 Re-elected Harold H. Velde (R) 55.2%
John T. McNaughton (D) 44.8%
Illinois 19 Robert B. Chiperfield Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert B. Chiperfield (R) 60.8%
Ray Simkins (D) 39.2%
Illinois 20 Sid Simpson Republican 1942 Re-elected Sid Simpson (R) 61.8%
John R. Roy (D) 38.2%
Illinois 21 Peter F. Mack, Jr. Democratic 1948 Re-elected Peter F. Mack, Jr. (D) 52.4%
Edward H. Jenison (R) 47.6%
Edward H. Jenison
Redistricted from 23rd
Republican 1946 Lost re-election
Republican loss
Illinois 22 William L. Springer Republican 1950 Re-elected William L. Springer (R) 63.0%
David W. Beggs, Jr. (D) 37.0%
Illinois 23 Charles W. Vursell
Redistricted from 24th
Republican 1942 Re-elected Charles W. Vursell (R) 57.7%
W. Carl Johnston (D) 42.3%
Illinois 24 Melvin Price
Redistricted from 25th
Democratic 1944 Re-elected Melvin Price (D) 64.8%
Phyllis Schlafly (R) 35.2%
Illinois 25 C. W. Bishop
Redistricted from 26th
Republican 1940 Re-elected C. W. Bishop (R) 56.2%
C. Edwin Hair (D) 43.8%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Indiana 1 Ray J. Madden Democratic 1942 Re-elected Ray J. Madden (D) 56.4%
Elliott Belshaw (R) 43.3%
John P. Jones (Proh) 0.3%
Indiana 2 Charles A. Halleck Republican 1935 Re-elected Charles A. Halleck (R) 63.3%
L. Dewey Burham (D) 36.1%
Ross J. McLennan (Proh) 0.6%
Indiana 3 Shepard J. Crumpacker, Jr. Republican 1950 Re-elected Shepard J. Crumpacker, Jr. (R) 54.5%
Charles C. Price (D) 44.9%
Everett J. Mishler (Proh) 0.7%
Indiana 4 E. Ross Adair Republican 1950 Re-elected E. Ross Adair (R) 63.7%
Howard L. Morrison (D) 35.4%
Claude Swartz (Proh) 0.9%
Indiana 5 John V. Beamer Republican 1950 Re-elected John V. Beamer (R) 56.9%
Philip Chase Dermond (D) 42.3%
Ralph G. Stallsmith (Proh) 0.9%
Indiana 6 Cecil M. Harden Republican 1948 Re-elected Cecil M. Harden (R) 55.7%
Jack H. Mankin (D) 44.0%
Woodrow Shields (Proh) 0.3%
Indiana 7 William G. Bray Republican 1950 Re-elected William G. Bray (R) 56.1%
Thomas J. Courtney (D) 43.4%
Maurice G. Murphy (Proh) 0.5%
Indiana 8 Winfield K. Denton Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
D. Bailey Merrill (R) 52.6%
Winfield K. Denton (D) 47.0%
Raymond M. Morris (Proh) 0.5%
Indiana 9 Earl Wilson Republican 1940 Re-elected Earl Wilson (R) 56.4%
Edward Lewis (D) 43.2%
Elmer D. Riggs (Proh) 0.5%
Indiana 10 Ralph Harvey Republican 1947 Re-elected Ralph Harvey (R) 59.9%
Fred V. Culp (D) 39.1%
Lela Stubbefield (Proh) 1.0%
Indiana 11 Charles B. Brownson Republican 1950 Re-elected Charles B. Brownson (R) 59.3%
John C. Carvey (D) 40.3%
Vernon Dunkel (Proh) 0.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Iowa 1 Thomas E. Martin Republican 1938 Re-elected Thomas E. Martin (R) 62.8%
Clair A. Williams (D) 36.9%
F. A. Oliver (Proh) 0.2%
Iowa 2 Henry O. Talle Republican 1938 Re-elected Henry O. Talle (R) 62.2%
T. W. Mullaney (D) 37.7%
Roy Corliss (D) 0.05%
Iowa 3 H. R. Gross Republican 1948 Re-elected H. R. Gross (R) 65.8%
George R. Laub (D) 34.0%
Paul Kindschi (Proh) 0.1%
Iowa 4 Karl M. Le Compte Republican 1938 Re-elected Karl M. Le Compte (R) 61.9%
Earl E. Glassburner (D) 37.9%
Benson B. Compton (Proh) 0.2%
Iowa 5 Paul Cunningham Republican 1940 Re-elected Paul Cunningham (R) 58.8%
Alvin P. Meyer (D) 41.0%
Richard DeCamp (Proh) 0.3%
Iowa 6 James I. Dolliver Republican 1944 Re-elected James I. Dolliver (R) 68.7%
Francis G. Cutler (D) 31.1%
Roy C. Nelson (Proh) 0.2%
Iowa 7 Ben F. Jensen Republican 1938 Re-elected Ben F. Jensen (R) 67.3%
Thomas J. Keleher (D) 32.6%
Ralph Young (Proh) 0.08%
Iowa 8 Charles B. Hoeven Republican 1942 Re-elected Charles B. Hoeven (R) 99.7%
Charles Warner (Proh) 0.3%
Milo Price (D) 0.01%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kansas 1 Albert M. Cole Republican 1944 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Howard Shultz Miller (D) 51.5%
Albert M. Cole (R) 48.5%
Kansas 2 Errett P. Scrivner Republican 1943 Re-elected Errett P. Scrivner (R) 57.3%
Claude L. Rice (D) 42.7%
Kansas 3 Myron V. George Republican 1950 Re-elected Myron V. George (R) 59.5%
Fred L. Hedges (D) 40.5%
Kansas 4 Edward Herbert Rees Republican 1936 Re-elected Edward Herbert Rees (R) 59.4%
Bill Porter (D) 40.6%
Kansas 5 Clifford R. Hope Republican 1926 Re-elected Clifford R. Hope (R) 70.9%
Art McAnarney (D) 29.1%
Kansas 6 Wint Smith Republican 1946 Re-elected Wint Smith (R) 62.5%
Horace A. Santry (D) 37.5%


Kentucky lost one seat at reapportionment, and redistricted from 9 districts to 8, adjusting boundaries across the state and dividing the old 8th up among its neighbors.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kentucky 1 Noble Jones Gregory Democratic 1936 Re-elected Noble Jones Gregory (D) 65.8%
W. Mallam Lake (R) 34.2%
Kentucky 2 Garrett L. Withers Democratic August 2, 1952
Re-elected Garrett L. Withers (D) 54.4%
David C. Brodie (R) 45.6%
Helen Whitaker (W/I) 0.002%
Kentucky 3 Thruston Ballard Morton Republican 1946 Retired
Republican hold
John M. Robsion, Jr. (R) 54.0%
Boman L. Shamburger (D) 45.7%
H. A. I. Rosenberg (I) 0.3%
Kentucky 4 Frank Chelf Democratic 1944 Re-elected Frank Chelf (D) 55.9%
R. H. Hutchison, Jr. (R) 44.1%
Kentucky 5 Brent Spence Democratic 1930 Re-elected Brent Spence (D) 55.4%
William D. Cochran (R) 44.6%
C. B. Fogett (W/I) 0.003%
E. A. Curry (W/I) 0.003%
Joe B. Bates
Redistricted from 8th
Democratic 1930 Lost renomination
Democratic loss
Kentucky 6 John C. Watts Democratic 1951 Re-elected John C. Watts (D) 56.3%
Leslie A. Henderson (R) 43.7%
Thomas R. Underwood (W/I) 0.001%
Kentucky 7 Carl D. Perkins Democratic 1948 Re-elected Carl D. Perkins (D) 58.2%
Curtis Clark (R) 41.8%
Kentucky 8 James S. Golden
Redistricted from 9th
Republican 1948 Re-elected James S. Golden (R) 68.8%
W. D. Scalf (D) 31.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Louisiana 1 F. Edward Hebert Democratic 1940 Re-elected F. Edward Hebert (D) 66.4%
George W. Reese, Jr. (R) 33.6%
Louisiana 2 Hale Boggs Democratic 1946 Re-elected Hale Boggs (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 3 Edwin E. Willis Democratic 1948 Re-elected Edwin E. Willis (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 4 Overton Brooks Democratic 1936 Re-elected Overton Brooks (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 5 Otto Passman Democratic 1946 Re-elected Otto Passman (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 6 James H. Morrison Democratic 1942 Re-elected James H. Morrison (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 7 Henry D. Larcade, Jr. Democratic 1942 Retired
Democratic hold
T. Ashton Thompson (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 8 A. Leonard Allen Democratic 1936 Retired
Democratic hold
George S. Long (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maine 1 Robert Hale Republican 1942 Re-elected Robert Hale (R) 61.6%
James A. McVicar (D) 38.4%
Maine 2 Charles P. Nelson Republican 1948 Re-elected Charles P. Nelson (R) 66.3%
Leland B. Currier (D) 32.9%
A. M. Chiaravalloti (Lib Dem) 0.8%
Maine 3 Clifford McIntire Republican 1951 Re-elected Clifford McIntire (R) 76.2%
Philip R. Sharpe (D) 23.8%


Maryland redistricted from 6 to 7 seats, transferring territory from the 2nd to the 3rd and 4th and to a new 7th seat in the Baltimore suburbs.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maryland 1 Edward T. Miller Republican 1946 Re-elected Edward T. Miller (R) 61.1%
Dudley George Roe (D) 38.9%
Maryland 2 James Devereaux Republican 1950 Re-elected James Devereaux (R) 61.4%
A. Gordon Boone (D) 38.6%
Maryland 3 Edward Garmatz Democratic 1947 Re-elected Edward Garmatz (D) 70.9%
Jerry Toula (R) 29.1%
Maryland 4 George Hyde Fallon Democratic 1944 Re-elected George Hyde Fallon (D) 54.7%
Samuel Hopkins (R) 45.3%
Maryland 5 Lansdale Ghiselin Sasscer Democratic 1939 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Frank Small, Jr. (R) 50.4%
Richard E. Lankford (D) 49.6%
Maryland 6 James Glenn Beall Republican 1942 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
DeWitt Hyde (R) 57.8%
Stella B. Werner (D) 42.2%
Maryland 7 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Samuel Friedel (D) 51.4%
William F. Laukaitis (R) 48.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Massachusetts 1 John W. Heselton Republican 1944 Re-elected John W. Heselton (R) 67.1%
William H. Burns (D) 32.7%
Albert A. Ridyard (Proh) 0.2%
Massachusetts 2 Foster Furcolo Democratic 1948 Resigned when appointed Treasurer
Democratic hold
Edward Boland (D) 51.8%
Troy T. Murray (R) 47.9%
Anthony D. Hall (Proh) 0.3%
Massachusetts 3 Philip Philbin Democratic 1942 Re-elected Philip Philbin (D) 67.3%
Frank D. Walker (R) 32.4%
Isaac Goddard (Proh) 0.3%
Massachusetts 4 Harold Donohue Democratic 1946 Re-elected Harold Donohue (D) 54.4%
Carl A. Sheridan (R) 45.1%
Lillian E. Williams (Proh) 0.5%
Massachusetts 5 Edith Nourse Rogers Republican 1925 Re-elected Edith Nourse Rogers (R) 75.9%
Helen M. Fitzgerald Cullen (D) 23.7%
Miriam S. Hall (D) 0.4%
Massachusetts 6 William H. Bates Republican 1950 Re-elected William H. Bates (R) 95.1%
Lula B. White (Proh) 4.9%
Massachusetts 7 Thomas J. Lane Democratic 1941 Re-elected Thomas J. Lane (D) 74.7%
John L. Southwick, Jr. (R) 24.5%
E. Frank Searle (Proh) 0.8%
Massachusetts 8 Angier Goodwin Republican 1942 Re-elected Angier Goodwin (R) 50.9%
John C. Carr, Jr. (D) 48.7%
Alma D. Shaw (Proh) 0.4%
Massachusetts 9 Donald W. Nicholson Republican 1947 Re-elected Donald W. Nicholson (R) 59.1%
James F. O'Neill (D) 40.6%
Ethel I. Ireland (Proh) 0.3%
Massachusetts 10 Christian Herter Republican 1942 Retired to run for Governor
Republican hold
Laurence Curtis (R) 54.3%
Frederick C. Hailer, Jr. (D) 45.1%
Katherine L. S. Goddard (Proh) 0.6%
Massachusetts 11 John F. Kennedy Democratic 1946 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Tip O'Neill (D) 69.3%
Jesse A. Rogers (R) 30.3%
William D. Ross (Proh) 0.4%
Massachusetts 12 John William McCormack Democratic 1928 Re-elected John William McCormack (D) 82.2%
James S. Tremblay (R) 17.8%
Massachusetts 13 Richard B. Wigglesworth Republican 1928 Re-elected Richard B. Wigglesworth (R) 60.6%
David J. Crowley (D) 39.4%
Massachusetts 14 Joseph William Martin, Jr. Republican 1924 Re-elected Joseph William Martin, Jr. (R) 63.2%
Edward F. Doolan (D) 36.5%
Grace Farnsworth Luder (Proh) 0.3%


Michigan added one seat, and divided the 17th district to form an 18th district, leaving boundaries otherwise unchanged.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Michigan 1 Thaddeus M. Machrowicz Democratic 1950 Re-elected Thaddeus M. Machrowicz (D) 84.2%
Ralph G. Tenerowicz (R) 15.2%
Adam Kujtkowski (Prog) 0.3%
Peter Koker (I) 0.2%
Michigan 2 George Meader Republican 1950 Re-elected George Meader (R) 63.4%
John P. Dawson (D) 36.3%
Walter S. Haynes (Proh) 0.3%
David R. Luce (Prog) 0.09%
Michigan 3 Paul W. Shafer Republican 1936 Re-elected Paul W. Shafer (R) 62.0%
Kenneth G. Brown (D) 37.6%
Clarence O. Button (Proh) 0.4%
Michigan 4 Clare E. Hoffman Republican 1934 Re-elected Clare E. Hoffman (R) 66.6%
Murle E. Gorton (D) 33.0%
Ralph C. March (Proh) 0.4%
Michigan 5 Gerald Ford Republican 1948 Re-elected Gerald Ford (R) 66.3%
Vincent E. O'Neill (D) 33.3%
Ella Fruin (Proh) 0.4%
William Glenn (Prog) 0.09%
Michigan 6 William W. Blackney Republican 1938 Retired
Republican hold
Kit Clardy (R) 52.6%
Donald Hayworth (D) 47.0%
Egbert Street (Proh) 0.4%
Michigan 7 Jesse P. Wolcott Republican 1930 Re-elected Jesse P. Wolcott (R) 60.3%
Ira D. McCoy (D) 39.5%
Clarence Dykehouse (Proh) 0.2%
Michigan 8 Fred L. Crawford Republican 1934 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Alvin Morell Bentley (R) 66.6%
Clarence V. Smazel (D) 33.0%
Marion A. Jones (Proh) 0.5%
Michigan 9 Ruth Thompson Republican 1950 Re-elected Ruth Thompson (R) 59.5%
John H. Piercey (D) 40.1%
Glenn Root (Proh) 0.4%
Michigan 10 Roy O. Woodruff Republican 1920 Retired
Republican hold
Elford Albin Cederberg (R) 67.5%
William J. Kelly (D) 32.5%
Michigan 11 Charles E. Potter Republican 1947 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
Victor A. Knox (R) 59.3%
Prentiss M. Brown, Jr. (D) 40.7%
Michigan 12 John B. Bennett Republican 1946 Re-elected John B. Bennett (R) 58.2%
E. Burr Sherwood (D) 41.8%
Michigan 13 George D. O'Brien Democratic 1948 Re-elected George D. O'Brien (D) 64.8%
Clarence J. McLeod (R) 35.1%
Karl V. Kurtz (Proh) 0.2%
Michigan 14 Louis C. Rabaut Democratic 1948 Re-elected Louis C. Rabaut (D) 53.0%
Richard Durant (R) 46.9%
Herman G. Ottmer (Proh) 0.1%
Michigan 15 John D. Dingell, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John D. Dingell, Sr. (D) 66.7%
Gregory M. Pillon (R) 33.2%
Clyde Watt (Proh) 0.1%
Michigan 16 John Lesinski, Sr. Democratic 1932 Re-elected John Lesinski, Sr. (D) 60.7%
Harold J. Smith (R) 38.8%
Margaret Nowak (Prog) 0.3%
Earl A. Johnson (Proh) 0.2%
Michigan 17 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Charles G. Oakman (R) 52.9%
Martha W. Griffiths (D) 47.0%
Walter D. Carpenter (Proh) 0.2%
Michigan 18 George A. Dondero
Redistricted from 17th
Republican 1932 Re-elected George A. Dondero (R) 56.2%
Arthur J. Law (D) 43.6%
Rene Hall (Proh) 0.2%
Dwight I. Todd (Prog) 0.07%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Minnesota 1 August H. Andresen Republican 1934 Re-elected August H. Andresen (R) 69.4%
George Alfson (DFL) 30.6%
Minnesota 2 Joseph P. O'Hara Republican 1940 Re-elected Joseph P. O'Hara (R) 67.7%
Richard T. Malone (DFL) 32.3%
Minnesota 3 Roy W. Wier Democratic 1948 Re-elected Roy W. Wier (DFL) 52.2%
Ed Willow (R) 47.8%
Minnesota 4 Eugene McCarthy Democratic 1948 Re-elected Eugene McCarthy (DFL) 61.7%
Roger G. Kennedy (R) 38.3%
Minnesota 5 Walter Judd Republican 1942 Re-elected Walter Judd (R) 59.2%
Karl F. Rolvaag (DFL) 40.8%
Minnesota 6 Fred Marshall Democratic 1948 Re-elected Fred Marshall (DFL) 52.6%
J. Arthur Bensen (R) 47.4%
Minnesota 7 H. Carl Andersen Republican 1938 Re-elected H. Carl Andersen (R) 62.6%
James M. Youngdale (DFL) 37.4%
Minnesota 8 John Blatnik Democratic 1946 Re-elected John Blatnik (DFL) 62.6%
Ernest R. Orchard (R) 37.4%
Minnesota 9 Harold Hagen Republican 1944 Re-elected Harold Hagen (R) 60.5%
Curtiss Olson (DFL) 39.5%


Mississippi lost 1 seat in reapportionment and redistricted from 7 seats to 6; in addition to other boundary adjustments a substantial portion of the old 4th district was moved into the 1st, and 4th district incumbent Abernethy defeated 1st district incumbent Rankin in the Democratic primary.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Mississippi 1 Thomas Abernethy
Redistricted from 4th
Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas Abernethy (D) Unopposed
John E. Rankin Democratic 1920 Lost renomination
Democratic loss
Mississippi 2 Jamie L. Whitten Democratic 1941 Re-elected Jamie L. Whitten (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 3 Frank E. Smith Democratic 1950 Re-elected Frank E. Smith (D) 87.2%
Paul Clark (R) 12.8%
Mississippi 4 John Bell Williams
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1946 Re-elected John Bell Williams (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 5 W. Arthur Winstead Democratic 1942 Re-elected W. Arthur Winstead (D) 94.1%
Henry J. Maddox (R) 5.9%
Mississippi 6 William M. Colmer Democratic 1932 Re-elected William M. Colmer (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Missouri 1 Frank M. Karsten
Redistricted from 13th
Democratic 1946 Re-elected Frank M. Karsten (D) 64.2%
Eugene A. Miller (R) 35.8%
Missouri 2 Thomas B. Curtis
Redistricted from 12th
Republican 1950 Re-elected Thomas B. Curtis (R) 56.9%
Donald McClanahan (D) 43.1%
Missouri 3 Claude I. Bakewell
Redistricted from 11th
Republican 1951 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Leonor Sullivan (D) 64.8%
Claude I. Bakewell (R) 35.2%
Missouri 4 Leonard Irving Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Jeffrey P. Hillelson (R) 53.3%
Leonard Irving (D) 46.7%
Missouri 5 Richard Bolling Democratic 1948 Re-elected Richard Bolling (D) 56.0%
Frank C. Rayburn (R) 44.0%
Missouri 6 Phil J. Welch
Redistricted from 3rd
Democratic 1948 Retired to run for Governor
Republican gain
William C. Cole (R) 52.4%
Robert O. Richardson (D) 47.6%
Missouri 7 Dewey Short Republican 1934 Re-elected Dewey Short (R) 61.7%
John Hosmer (D) 38.3%
Orland K. Armstrong
Redistricted from 6th
Republican 1950 Retired
Republican loss
Missouri 8 A. S. J. Carnahan Democratic 1948 Re-elected A. S. J. Carnahan (D) 52.8%
Francis E. Howard (R) 47.2%
Missouri 9 Clarence Cannon Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clarence Cannon (D) 54.7%
Samuel W. Arnold (R) 45.3%
Clare Magee
Redistricted from 1st
Democratic 1948 Retired
Democratic loss
Missouri 10 Paul C. Jones Democratic 1948 Re-elected Paul C. Jones (D) 60.7%
Andrew Sandegren (R) 39.3%
Missouri 11 Morgan M. Moulder
Redistricted from 2nd
Democratic 1948 Re-elected Morgan M. Moulder (D) 50.4%
Max Schwabe (R) 49.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Montana 1 Mike Mansfield Democratic 1942 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Lee Metcalf (D) 50.3%
Wellington D. Rankin (R) 48.9%
Leverne Hamilton (S) 0.8%
Montana 2 Wesley A. D'Ewart Republican 1945 Re-elected Wesley A. D'Ewart (R) 62.0%
Willard E. Fraser (D) 38.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nebraska 1 Carl T. Curtis Republican 1938 Re-elected Carl T. Curtis (R) 72.0%
Samuel Freeman (D) 28.0%
Nebraska 2 Howard Buffett Republican 1950 Retired
Republican hold
Roman Hruska (R) 56.1%
James A. Hart (D) 43.9%
Nebraska 3 Robert Dinsmore Harrison Republican 1951 Re-elected Robert Dinsmore Harrison (R) 71.9%
Alan A. Dusatko (D) 28.1%
Nebraska 4 Arthur L. Miller Republican 1942 Re-elected Arthur L. Miller (R) 73.3%
Francis D. Lee (D) 26.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nevada At-large Walter S. Baring, Jr. Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Clarence Clifton Young (R) 50.5%
Walter S. Baring, Jr. (D) 49.5%

New Hampshire

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Hampshire 1 Chester Earl Merrow Republican 1942 Re-elected Chester Earl Merrow (R) 60.2%
Peter Poirier (D) 39.8%
New Hampshire 2 Norris Cotton Republican 1946 Re-elected Norris Cotton (R) 66.4%
John Guay (D) 33.6%

New Jersey

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Jersey 1 Charles A. Wolverton Republican 1926 Re-elected Charles A. Wolverton (R) 55.0%
Alfred R. Pierce (D) 44.7%
Kent A. Smitheman (Prog) 0.2%
New Jersey 2 T. Millet Hand Republican 1944 Re-elected T. Millet Hand (R) 63.4%
Charles Edward Rupp (D) 36.6%
New Jersey 3 James C. Auchincloss Republican 1942 Re-elected James C. Auchincloss (R) 64.4%
John W. Zimmerman (D) 35.0%
Marvin H. Fish (Prog) 0.6%
New Jersey 4 Charles R. Howell Democratic 1948 Re-elected Charles R. Howell (D) 54.7%
John J. Inglesby (R) 45.3%
New Jersey 5 Charles A. Eaton Republican 1924 Retired
Republican hold
Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr. (R) 62.2%
Aldona L. Appleton (D) 37.8%
Clinton A. Smith (Proh) 0.06%
New Jersey 6 Clifford P. Case Republican 1944 Re-elected Clifford P. Case (R) 63.9%
H. Frank Pettit (D) 35.4%
Ithamar Quigley (Proh) 0.6%
New Jersey 7 William B. Widnall Republican 1950 Re-elected William B. Widnall (R) 68.3%
Vito A. Concilio (D) 31.7%
New Jersey 8 Gordon Canfield Republican 1940 Re-elected Gordon Canfield (R) 62.6%
John J. Winberry (D) 35.0%
Peter J. Toth (Increase Jobless Pay) 2.2%
Edith Claxton (Proh) 0.1%
Harry Santhouse (Soc-Lab) 0.1%
New Jersey 9 Frank C. Osmers, Jr. Republican 1951 Re-elected Frank C. Osmers, Jr. (R) 66.2%
William H. McNulty (D) 33.4%
Angelica Boles (Prog) 0.4%
New Jersey 10 Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Democratic 1948 Re-elected Peter W. Rodino, Jr. (D) 56.9%
Alexander J. Matturri (R) 41.8%
Lawrence Sutherland (Proh) 1.0%
Michael Burns (Square Deal) 0.4%
New Jersey 11 Hugh Joseph Addonizio Democratic 1948 Re-elected Hugh Joseph Addonizio (D) 52.2%
William O. Barnes, Jr. (R) 46.3%
William E. Bohannon (Socialist Workers) 1.3%
Walter F. Hartt (Proh) 0.2%
New Jersey 12 Robert W. Kean Republican 1938 Re-elected Robert W. Kean (R) 54.8%
Martin S. Fox (D) 45.2%
New Jersey 13 Alfred Dennis Sieminski Democratic 1950 Re-elected Alfred Dennis Sieminski (D) 55.1%
Julius D. Canter (R) 41.2%
Edmund T. Kalinowski (Peoples Choice) 3.6%
New Jersey 14 Edward J. Hart Democratic 1934 Re-elected Edward J. Hart (D) 51.5%
William J. Bozzuffi (R) 45.4%
Thomas F. Conroy (Peoples Choice) 3.1%

New Mexico

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Mexico At-large John J. Dempsey Democratic 1950 Re-elected John J. Dempsey (D) 26.2%
Antonio M. Fernandez (D) 25.9%
Homer J. Berkshire (R) 24.2%
Ed Guthmann (R) 23.7%
New Mexico At-large Antonio M. Fernandez Democratic 1942 Re-elected

New York

New York redistricted from 45 seats to 43, losing a seat in Long Island and another upstate.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New York 1 Ernest Greenwood Democratic 1950 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Stuyvesant Wainwright (R) 60.4%
Ernest Greenwood (D) 39.3%
Otto Skottedal (American Labor) 0.3%
New York 2 Leonard W. Hall Republican 1938 Retired to run for surrogate of Nassau County
Republican hold
Steven Boghos Derounian (R) 68.8%
Joseph Liff (D) 28.4%
Herbert H. Stroup (Liberal) 2.1%
Stanley Faulkner (American Labor) 0.6%
New York 3 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Frank J. Becker (R) 65.4%
Richard A. O'Leary (D) 31.0%
Eugene M. Theuman (Liberal) 2.9%
Henry Dolimer (American Labor) 0.7%
New York 4 Henry J. Latham
Redistricted from 3rd
Republican 1944 Re-elected Henry J. Latham (R) 62.6%
Joseph J. Perrini (D) 36.0%
Herbert A. Shingler (American Labor) 1.4%
New York 5 L. Gary Clemente
Redistricted from 4th
Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Albert H. Bosch (R) 53.5%
L. Gary Clemente (D) 45.3%
Hugh N. Mulzac (American Labor) 1.2%
New York 6 Robert Tripp Ross
Redistricted from 5th
Republican February 19, 1952
Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Lester Holtzman (D) 49.2%
Robert Tripp Ross (R) 48.9%
Morris Pottish (American Labor) 1.9%
New York 7 James J. Delaney
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected James J. Delaney (D) 51.0%
William Adam Schulz (R) 47.3%
James Garry (American Labor) 1.7%
New York 8 Louis B. Heller
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1949 Re-elected Louis B. Heller (D) 65.3%
Benjamin F. Westervelt, Jr. (R) 32.6%
Beny Sher (American Labor) 2.1%
Victor Anfuso Democratic 1950 Retired
Democratic loss
New York 9 Eugene James Keogh Democratic 1936 Re-elected Eugene James Keogh (D) 61.1%
Joseph M. Soviero (R) 35.7%
Helen Wishnofsky (American Labor) 3.1%
New York 10 Edna F. Kelly Democratic 1949 Re-elected Edna F. Kelly (D) 71.2%
George W. Thomas (R) 28.8%
New York 11 Emanuel Celler
Redistricted from 15th
Democratic 1922 Re-elected Emanuel Celler (D) 73.8%
Henry D. Dorfman (R) 21.6%
Terry Rosenbaum (American Labor) 4.2%
Max Gilgoff (American Labor) 0.4%
New York 12 James J. Heffernan
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1940 Retired
Republican gain
Francis E. Dorn (R) 52.7%
Donald L. O'Toole (D) 45.6%
Clifford T. McAvoy (American Labor) 1.8%
Donald L. O'Toole
Redistricted from 13th
Democratic 1936 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
New York 13 Abraham J. Multer
Redistricted from 14th
Democratic 1947 Re-elected Abraham J. Multer (D) 68.3%
P. Vincent Landi (R) 27.8%
Abraham Beacher (American Labor) 2.4%
Simon W. Gerson (Peoples Rights) 1.5%
New York 14 John J. Rooney
Redistricted from 12th
Democratic 1944 Re-elected John J. Rooney (D) 64.2%
Jacob P. Lafkowitz (R) 33.2%
Charles Cafiero (American Labor) 2.5%
New York 15 James J. Murphy
Redistricted from 16th
Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
John H. Ray (R) 57.9%
James J. Murphy (D) 41.5%
Jean Militean (American Labor) 0.5%
New York 16 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
Redistricted from 22nd
Democratic 1944 Re-elected Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (D) 73.9%
Richard L. Baltimore, Jr. (R) 16.2%
Clarence Francis (Liberal) 7.3%
Andronicus Jacobs (American Labor) 2.6%
New York 17 Frederic Rene Coudert, Jr. Republican 1946 Re-elected Frederic Rene Coudert, Jr. (R) 57.0%
Harry Grossman (D) 40.7%
Moses C. Weinman (American Labor) 2.2%
New York 18 James G. Donovan Democratic 1950 Re-elected James G. Donovan (D) 92.6%
Vito Magli (American Labor) 7.4%
New York 19 Arthur George Klein Democratic 1946 Re-elected Arthur George Klein (D) 66.0%
Edward I. Goldberg (R) 29.7%
Joseph Selterman (American Labor) 4.3%
New York 20 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. Democratic 1949 Re-elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr. (D) 60.2%
Clarence C. Van Bell (R) 36.8%
Arthur D. Kahn (American Labor) 3.0%
New York 21 Jacob K. Javits Republican 1946 Re-elected Jacob K. Javits (R) 63.4%
John C. Hart (D) 33.6%
William M. Mandel (American Labor) 2.9%
New York 22 Sidney A. Fine
Redistricted from 23rd
Democratic 1950 Re-elected Sidney A. Fine (D) 58.0%
Martin Greene (R) 24.8%
David Wells (Liberal) 13.9%
Anita Friedlander (American Labor) 3.3%
New York 23 Isidore Dollinger
Redistricted from 24th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected Isidore Dollinger (D) 63.8%
Sidney S. Flaum (R) 18.9%
Harry Kavesh (Liberal) 11.7%
Howard Fast (American Labor) 5.6%
New York 24 Charles A. Buckley
Redistricted from 25th
Democratic 1934 Re-elected Charles A. Buckley (D) 46.5%
Solon S. Kane (R) 32.8%
Herman Woskow (Liberal) 16.6%
Carl Trost (American Labor) 4.1%
New York 25 Christopher C. McGrath
Redistricted from 26th
Democratic 1948 Retired to run for surrogate of Bronx County
Republican gain
Paul A. Fino (R) 50.1%
Bernard J. O'Connell (D) 40.4%
Louis Schifrin (Liberal) 7.8%
August Buhr (American Labor) 1.7%
New York 26 Ralph A. Gamble
Redistricted from 28th
Republican 1937 Re-elected Ralph A. Gamble (R) 67.3%
Flora Chudson (D) 32.0%
Pasquale Barile (American Labor) 0.7%
New York 27 Ralph W. Gwinn Republican 1944 Re-elected Ralph W. Gwinn (R) 58.5%
George A. Brenner (D) 40.9%
Herbert C. Hewitt (American Labor) 0.6%
New York 28 Katharine St. George
Redistricted from 29th
Republican 1946 Re-elected Katharine St. George (R) 65.6%
Marion K. Sanders (D) 33.9%
Harold Chown (American Labor) 0.5%
New York 29 J. Ernest Wharton
Redistricted from 30th
Republican 1950 Re-elected J. Ernest Wharton (R) 69.8%
Walter Donnaruma (D) 28.2%
Edward Friss (Liberal) 1.7%
Joseph Kooperman (American Labor) 0.4%
New York 30 Leo W. O'Brien
Redistricted from 32nd
Democratic April 1, 1952
Re-elected Leo W. O'Brien (D) 53.7%
John F. Forner, Jr. (R) 46.0%
Scott K. Gray, Jr. (American Labor) 0.2%
New York 31 Dean P. Taylor
Redistricted from 33rd
Republican 1942 Re-elected Dean P. Taylor (R) 70.6%
Helen Nolan Neil (D) 27.3%
John H. Sullivan (Liberal) 2.1%
New York 32 Bernard W. Kearney
Redistricted from 31st
Republican 1942 Re-elected Bernard W. Kearney (R) 67.4%
David C. Prince (D) 30.5%
Herbert M. Merrill (Liberal) 2.1%
New York 33 Clarence E. Kilburn
Redistricted from 34th
Republican 1940 Re-elected Clarence E. Kilburn (R) 69.0%
Maurice N. McGrath (D) 29.2%
William J. Delo, Jr. (Liberal) 1.8%
New York 34 William R. Williams
Redistricted from 35th
Republican 1950 Re-elected William R. Williams (R) 58.8%
Charles Ray Wilson (D) 39.3%
Anthony Blasting (Liberal) 1.7%
Michael A. Jimenez (American Labor) 0.2%
New York 35 R. Walter Riehlman
Redistricted from 36th
Republican 1946 Re-elected R. Walter Riehlman (R) 63.2%
Arthur B. McGuire (D) 36.5%
Lillian Reiner (American Labor) 0.2%
New York 36 John Taber
Redistricted from 38th
Republican 1922 Re-elected John Taber (R) 69.9%
Donald J. O'Connor (D) 29.9%
Lila K. Larson (D) 0.2%
New York 37 W. Sterling Cole
Redistricted from 39th
Republican 1934 Re-elected W. Sterling Cole (R) 69.4%
Jean Ivory (D) 30.4%
Robert L. Blandford (American Labor) 0.2%
Edwin Arthur Hall Republican 1939 Lost renomination
Republican loss
New York 38 Kenneth B. Keating
Redistricted from 40th
Republican 1946 Re-elected Kenneth B. Keating (R) 69.3%
Victor Kruppenbacher (D) 30.3%
Manuel Gitlin (American Labor) 0.4%
New York 39 Harold C. Ostertag
Redistricted from 41st
Republican 1950 Re-elected Harold C. Ostertag (R) 65.8%
O. Richard Judson (D) 34.0%
Michael J. Burke (American Labor) 0.2%
New York 40 William E. Miller
Redistricted from 42nd
Republican 1950 Re-elected William E. Miller (R) 59.6%
E. Dent Lackey (D) 40.2%
John Touralchuk (American Labor) 0.2%
New York 41 Edmund P. Radwan
Redistricted from 43rd
Republican 1950 Re-elected Edmund P. Radwan (R) 55.9%
Anthony F. Tauriello (D) 44.1%
New York 42 John Cornelius Butler
Redistricted from 44th
Republican 1950 Lost renomination
Republican hold
John R. Pillion (R) 55.2%
Chester C. Gorski (D) 44.6%
Charles T. Asque (American Labor) 0.1%
New York 43 Daniel A. Reed
Redistricted from 45th
Republican 1918 Re-elected Daniel A. Reed (R) 66.2%
Harry D. Johnson (D) 32.0%
Lyle H. Furlong (Liberal) 1.6%
Axel W. Berggren (American Labor) 0.2%

North Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Herbert Covington Bonner Democratic 1940 Re-elected Herbert Covington Bonner (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 2 John H. Kerr Democratic 1923 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Lawrence H. Fountain (D) 94.8%
W. B. White (R) 5.2%
North Carolina 3 Graham Arthur Barden Democratic 1934 Re-elected Graham Arthur Barden (D) 76.1%
Everette L. Peterson (R) 23.9%
North Carolina 4 Harold D. Cooley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Harold D. Cooley (D) 75.3%
Paul C. West (R) 24.7%
North Carolina 5 Richard Thurmond Chatham Democratic 1948 Re-elected Richard Thurmond Chatham (D) 98.2%
Forest Bedell (R) 1.8%
Jeff D. Johnson (R) 0.06%
North Carolina 6 Carl T. Durham Democratic 1938 Re-elected Carl T. Durham (D) 69.5%
Louis F. Ferree (R) 30.5%
North Carolina 7 Frank Ertel Carlyle Democratic 1948 Re-elected Frank Ertel Carlyle (D) 98.5%
D. R. Johnson (R) 1.5%
E. N. Pait (R) 0.002%
North Carolina 8 Charles B. Deane Democratic 1946 Re-elected Charles B. Deane (D) 59.9%
Walter B. Love (R) 40.1%
North Carolina 9 Robert L. Doughton Democratic 1910 Retired
Democratic hold
Hugh Quincy Alexander (D) 51.5%
Walter P. Johnson (R) 48.5%
North Carolina 10 Hamilton C. Jones Democratic 1946 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles R. Jonas (R) 57.4%
Hamilton C. Jones (D) 42.6%
North Carolina 11 Woodrow W. Jones Democratic 1950 Re-elected Woodrow W. Jones (D) 63.0%
George M. Pritchard (R) 37.0%
North Carolina 12 Monroe Minor Redden Democratic 1946 Retired
Democratic hold
George A. Shuford (D) 56.9%
Hugh Montieth (R) 43.1%

North Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Dakota At-large Usher L. Burdick Republican 1948 Re-elected Usher L. Burdick (R) 46.7%
Otto Krueger (R) 40.4%
Edward Nesemeier (D) 12.8%
North Dakota At-large Fred G. Aandahl Republican 1950 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold


Ohio's representation was not changed at reapportionment, but redistricted its at-large district into a 23rd district and also removed the 11th district in south Ohio, creating two new districts around Cleveland.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Ohio 1 Charles H. Elston Republican 1938 Retired
Republican hold
Gordon H. Scherer (R) 61.6%
Walter A. Kelly (D) 38.4%
Ohio 2 William E. Hess Republican 1950 Re-elected William E. Hess (R) 56.6%
Earl T. Wagner (D) 43.4%
Ohio 3 Paul F. Schenck Republican 1951 Re-elected Paul F. Schenck (R) 51.1%
Thomas B. Talbot (D) 48.9%
Ohio 4 William Moore McCulloch Republican 1947 Re-elected William Moore McCulloch (R) 68.3%
Carleton Carl Reiser (D) 31.7%
Ohio 5 Cliff Clevenger Republican 1938 Re-elected Cliff Clevenger (R) 63.2%
Dan Batt (D) 36.8%
Ohio 6 James G. Polk Democratic 1948 Re-elected James G. Polk (D) 50.1%
Leo Blackburn (R) 49.9%
Ohio 7 Clarence J. Brown Republican 1938 Re-elected Clarence J. Brown (R) Unopposed
Ohio 8 Jackson Edward Betts Republican 1950 Re-elected Jackson Edward Betts (R) 68.7%
Henry P. Drake (D) 31.3%
Ohio 9 Frazier Reams Independent 1950 Re-elected Frazier Reams (I) 40.9%
Thomas H. Burke (D) 33.4%
Gilmore Flues (R) 25.7%
Ohio 10 Thomas A. Jenkins Republican 1924 Re-elected Thomas A. Jenkins (R) 64.0%
Delmar A. Canaday (D) 36.0%
Walter E. Brehm
Redistricted from 11th
Republican 1942 Retired
Republican loss
Ohio 11 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Oliver P. Bolton (R) 58.9%
Robert J. Kilpatrick (D) 41.1%
Ohio 12 John M. Vorys Republican 1938 Re-elected John M. Vorys (R) 62.3%
George T. Tarbutton (D) 37.7%
Ohio 13 Alvin F. Weichel Republican 1942 Re-elected Alvin F. Weichel (R) 58.8%
George C. Steinemann (D) 41.2%
Ohio 14 William H. Ayres Republican 1950 Re-elected William H. Ayres (R) 58.5%
Walter B. Huber (D) 41.5%
Ohio 15 Robert T. Secrest Democratic 1948 Re-elected Robert T. Secrest (D) 64.3%
P. W. Griffiths (R) 35.7%
Ohio 16 Frank T. Bow Republican 1950 Re-elected Frank T. Bow (R) 54.4%
John McSweeney (D) 45.6%
Ohio 17 J. Harry McGregor Republican 1940 Re-elected J. Harry McGregor (R) 68.2%
James J. Mayer (D) 31.8%
Ohio 18 Wayne L. Hays Democratic 1948 Re-elected Wayne L. Hays (D) 55.8%
Clarence J. Wetzel (R) 44.2%
Ohio 19 Michael J. Kirwan Democratic 1936 Re-elected Michael J. Kirwan (D) 66.3%
Allen Russell (R) 33.7%
Ohio 20 Michael A. Feighan Democratic 1942 Re-elected Michael A. Feighan (D) 65.2%
John H. Ferguson (R) 34.8%
Ohio 21 Robert Crosser Democratic 1922 Re-elected Robert Crosser (D) 68.6%
Lawrence O. Payne (R) 31.4%
Ohio 22 Frances P. Bolton Republican 1940 Re-elected Frances P. Bolton (R) 58.8%
Chat Paterson (D) 41.2%
Ohio 23 George H. Bender
Redistricted from At-large
Republican 1950 Re-elected George H. Bender (R) 64.6%
Michael P. O'Brien (D) 35.4%


Oklahoma was reapportioned from 8 seats to 6 and eliminated the 7th and 8th districts, moving most of their territory into the 1st and 6th and expanding other districts to compensate.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oklahoma 1 Vacant George B. Schwabe (R) died April 2, 1952
Republican loss
Page Belcher (R) 58.6%
H. G. Dickey (D) 41.4%
Page Belcher
Redistricted from 8th
Republican 1950 Re-elected
Oklahoma 2 Vacant William G. Stigler (D) died August 21, 1952
Democratic hold
Ed Edmondson (D) 59.2%
Edward E. Easton (R) 38.8%
Sample Eugene Brockman (I) 1.1%
Jeff McHenry (I) 0.5%
W. R. Kelton (I) 0.3%
Oklahoma 3 Carl Albert Democratic 1946 Re-elected Carl Albert (D) 77.9%
Frank D. McSherry (R) 22.1%
Oklahoma 4 Tom Steed Democratic 1948 Re-elected Tom Steed (D) 58.7%
John L. Goode (R) 40.7%
L. D. Akin (I) 0.7%
Oklahoma 5 John Jarman Democratic 1950 Re-elected John Jarman (D) 62.4%
Edwin Whitney Burch (R) 37.6%
Oklahoma 6 Victor Wickersham
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected Victor Wickersham (D) 63.3%
K. B. Cornell (R) 36.7%
Toby Morris Democratic 1946 Lost renomination
Democratic loss


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oregon 1 A. Walter Norblad Republican 1946 Re-elected A. Walter Norblad (R) 68.0%
Robert B. Jones (D) 32.0%
Oregon 2 Lowell Stockman Republican 1942 Retired
Republican hold
Sam Coon (R) 58.5%
John G. Jones (D) 41.5%
Oregon 3 Homer D. Angell Republican 1938 Re-elected Homer D. Angell (R) 54.0%
Alfred H. Corbett (D) 46.0%
Oregon 4 Harris Ellsworth Republican 1942 Re-elected Harris Ellsworth (R) 66.3%
Walter A. Swanson (D) 33.7%


Pennsylvania redistricted from 33 districts to 30, eliminating 1 district in northeastern Pennsylvania and 2 in southwestern Pennsylvania.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Pennsylvania 1 William A. Barrett Democratic 1948 Re-elected William A. Barrett (D) 68.2%
James Iannucci (R) 31.8%
Pennsylvania 2 William T. Granahan Democratic 1948 Re-elected William T. Granahan (D) 61.8%
Daniel J. McCauley, Jr. (R) 38.2%
Pennsylvania 3 Hardie Scott Republican 1946 Retired
Democratic gain
James A. Byrne (D) 58.4%
Morton Witkin (R) 41.6%
Pennsylvania 4 Earl Chudoff Democratic 1948 Re-elected Earl Chudoff (D) 69.9%
Joseph R. Burns (R) 29.7%
David P. Widamen (Prog) 0.4%
Pennsylvania 5 William J. Green, Jr. Democratic 1948 Re-elected William J. Green, Jr. (D) 54.2%
Philip Richman (R) 45.8%
Pennsylvania 6 Hugh Scott Republican 1946 Re-elected Hugh Scott (R) 51.7%
Harrington Herr (D) 48.2%
Anthony V. Lo Popolo (I) 0.1%
Pennsylvania 7 Benjamin F. James Republican 1948 Re-elected Benjamin F. James (R) 61.7%
Murray P. Zealor (D) 38.3%
Pennsylvania 8 Karl C. King Republican 1951 Re-elected Karl C. King (R) 59.3%
Wilson H. Stephenson (D) 40.7%
Pennsylvania 9 Paul B. Dague Republican 1946 Re-elected Paul B. Dague (R) 66.2%
Philip E. Ragan (D) 33.8%
Pennsylvania 10 Joseph L. Carrigg
Redistricted from 14th
Republican 1951 Re-elected Joseph L. Carrigg (R) 53.6%
Harry P. O'Neill (D) 46.4%
Harry P. O'Neill Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
Pennsylvania 11 Daniel J. Flood Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Edward J. Bonin (R) 50.2%
Daniel J. Flood (D) 49.8%
Pennsylvania 12 Ivor D. Fenton Republican 1938 Re-elected Ivor D. Fenton (R) 60.7%
Peter Krehel (D) 39.3%
Pennsylvania 13 Samuel K. McConnell, Jr.
Redistricted from 16th
Republican 1944 Re-elected Samuel K. McConnell, Jr. (R) 66.4%
Frank A. Keegan (D) 33.6%
Pennsylvania 14 George M. Rhodes
Redistricted from 13th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected George M. Rhodes (D) 49.7%
James W. Bertolet (R) 49.2%
Darlington Hoopes (S) 1.1%
Pennsylvania 15 Francis E. Walter
Redistricted from 20th
Democratic 1932 Re-elected Francis E. Walter (D) 54.8%
John Russell Craig (R) 45.2%
Pennsylvania 16 Walter M. Mumma
Redistricted from 18th
Republican 1950 Re-elected Walter M. Mumma (R) 61.7%
David V. Randall (D) 38.3%
Pennsylvania 17 Alvin Bush
Redistricted from 15th
Republican 1950 Re-elected Alvin Bush (R) 64.1%
Patrick A. McGowan (D) 34.7%
Clyde A. Taylor (Proh) 1.2%
Pennsylvania 18 Richard M. Simpson
Redistricted from 17th
Republican 1937 Re-elected Richard M. Simpson (R) 63.5%
Philip R. Shoemaker (D) 36.5%
Pennsylvania 19 James F. Lind
Redistricted from 21st
Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
S. Walter Stauffer (R) 52.3%
James F. Lind (D) 47.7%
Pennsylvania 20 James E. Van Zandt
Redistricted from 22nd
Republican 1946 Re-elected James E. Van Zandt (R) 62.8%
Joseph A. Moran (D) 37.2%
Pennsylvania 21 Augustine B. Kelley
Redistricted from 27th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Augustine B. Kelley (D) 52.9%
J. Cleveland McKenna (R) 47.1%
Pennsylvania 22 John P. Saylor
Redistricted from 26th
Republican 1949 Re-elected John P. Saylor (R) 52.4%
William D. Shettig (D) 47.6%
Pennsylvania 23 Leon H. Gavin
Redistricted from 19th
Republican 1942 Re-elected Leon H. Gavin (R) 67.8%
Fred C. Barr (D) 32.2%
Pennsylvania 24 Carroll D. Kearns
Redistricted from 28th
Republican 1946 Re-elected Carroll D. Kearns (R) 57.1%
Clinton J. Bebell (D) 42.9%
Pennsylvania 25 Louis E. Graham Republican 1938 Re-elected Louis E. Graham (R) 50.4%
Frank M. Clark (D) 49.6%
Pennsylvania 26 Thomas E. Morgan
Redistricted from 24th
Democratic 1944 Re-elected Thomas E. Morgan (D) 59.1%
Edward L. Sittler, Jr. (R) 40.9%
Edward L. Sittler, Jr.
Redistricted from 23rd
Republican 1950 Lost re-election
Republican loss
Pennsylvania 27 James G. Fulton
Redistricted from 31st
Republican 1944 Re-elected James G. Fulton (R) 62.6%
Thomas J. O'Toole (D) 37.4%
Pennsylvania 28 Herman P. Eberharter
Redistricted from 32nd
Democratic 1936 Re-elected Herman P. Eberharter (D) 58.7%
Harmar D. Denny, Jr. (R) 41.3%
Harmar D. Denny, Jr.
Redistricted from 29th
Republican 1950 Lost re-election
Republican loss
Pennsylvania 29 Robert J. Corbett
Redistricted from 30th
Republican 1944 Re-elected Robert J. Corbett (R) 61.7%
Lee T. Sellars (D) 38.3%
Pennsylvania 30 Vera Buchanan
Redistricted from 33rd
Democratic 1951 Re-elected Vera Buchanan (D) 63.6%
Peter F. Bender (R) 36.4%

Rhode Island

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Rhode Island 1 Aime Forand Democratic 1940 Re-elected Aime Forand (D) 54.9%
Berthelot A. Leclaire (R) 45.1%
Rhode Island 2 John E. Fogarty Democratic 1940 Re-elected John E. Fogarty (D) 53.4%
James O. Watts (R) 46.6%

South Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1 L. Mendel Rivers Democratic 1940 Re-elected L. Mendel Rivers (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 2 John J. Riley Democratic 1950 Re-elected John J. Riley (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 3 William Jennings Bryan Dorn Democratic 1950 Re-elected William Jennings Bryan Dorn (D) 93.9%
David Dows (R) 6.1%
South Carolina 4 Joseph R. Bryson Democratic 1938 Re-elected Joseph R. Bryson (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 5 James P. Richards Democratic 1932 Re-elected James P. Richards (D) 93.9%
Herbert L. Crosland (R) 6.1%
South Carolina 6 John L. McMillan Democratic 1938 Re-elected John L. McMillan (D) Unopposed

South Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Dakota 1 Harold Lovre Republican 1948 Re-elected Harold Lovre (R) 68.5%
Goldie Wells (D) 31.5%
South Dakota 2 Ellis Yarnal Berry Republican 1950 Re-elected Ellis Yarnal Berry (R) 69.0%
George A. Bangs (D) 31.0%


Tennessee lost one seat in reapportionment, and divided the old 4th district between the old 5th and 7th districts, with other minor boundary changes.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Tennessee 1 B. Carroll Reece Republican 1950 Re-elected B. Carroll Reece (R) 65.9%
Arthur W. Bright (D) 34.1%
Tennessee 2 Howard Baker, Sr. Republican 1950 Re-elected Howard Baker, Sr. (R) 68.9%
Boyd W. Cox (D) 31.1%
Tennessee 3 James B. Frazier, Jr. Democratic 1948 Re-elected James B. Frazier, Jr. (D) 70.0%
Joseph M. Parker (R) 30.0%
Tennessee 4 Joe L. Evins
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1946 Re-elected Joe L. Evins (D) Unopposed
Albert Gore, Sr. Democratic 1938 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic loss
Tennessee 5 Percy Priest
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Percy Priest (D) 67.5%
Homer P. Wall (R) 32.5%
Tennessee 6 James Patrick Sutton
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected James Patrick Sutton (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 7 Tom J. Murray
Redistricted from 8th
Democratic 1942 Re-elected Tom J. Murray (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 8 Jere Cooper
Redistricted from 9th
Democratic 1928 Re-elected Jere Cooper (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 9 Clifford Davis
Redistricted from 10th
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Clifford Davis (D) 85.7%
William P. Chenault (I) 14.3%


Texas gained one seat, adding it as an at-large district instead of redistricting.[2]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Texas 1 Wright Patman Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wright Patman (D) Unopposed
Texas 2 Jesse M. Combs Democratic 1944 Retired
Democratic hold
Jack Brooks (D) 79.0%
Randolph C. Reed (R) 21.0%
Texas 3 Lindley Beckworth Democratic 1938 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Brady P. Gentry (D) Unopposed
Texas 4 Sam Rayburn Democratic 1912 Re-elected Sam Rayburn (D) Unopposed
Texas 5 Joseph Franklin Wilson Democratic 1946 Re-elected Joseph Franklin Wilson (D) Unopposed
Texas 6 Olin E. Teague Democratic 1946 Re-elected Olin E. Teague (D) Unopposed
Texas 7 John Dowdy Democratic September 23, 1952
Re-elected John Dowdy (D) Unopposed
Texas 8 Albert Richard Thomas Democratic 1936 Re-elected Albert Richard Thomas (D) Unopposed
Texas 9 Clark W. Thompson Democratic 1947 Re-elected Clark W. Thompson (D) Unopposed
Texas 10 Homer Thornberry Democratic 1948 Re-elected Homer Thornberry (D) Unopposed
Texas 11 William R. Poage Democratic 1936 Re-elected William R. Poage (D) Unopposed
Texas 12 Wingate H. Lucas Democratic 1946 Re-elected Wingate H. Lucas (D) Unopposed
Texas 13 Frank N. Ikard Democratic 1951 Re-elected Frank N. Ikard (D) Unopposed
Texas 14 John E. Lyle, Jr. Democratic 1944 Re-elected John E. Lyle, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Texas 15 Lloyd Bentsen Democratic 1948 Re-elected Lloyd Bentsen (D) Unopposed
Texas 16 Kenneth M. Regan Democratic 1947 Re-elected Kenneth M. Regan (D) Unopposed
Texas 17 Omar Burleson Democratic 1946 Re-elected Omar Burleson (D) Unopposed
Texas 18 Walter E. Rogers Democratic 1950 Re-elected Walter E. Rogers (D) Unopposed
Texas 19 George H. Mahon Democratic 1934 Re-elected George H. Mahon (D) Unopposed
Texas 20 Paul J. Kilday Democratic 1938 Re-elected Paul J. Kilday (D) Unopposed
Texas 21 O. C. Fisher Democratic 1942 Re-elected O. C. Fisher (D) Unopposed
Texas At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Martin Dies, Jr. (D) Unopposed


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Utah 1 Walter K. Granger Democratic 1940 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Douglas R. Stringfellow (R) 60.5%
Ernest R. McKay (D) 39.5%
Utah 2 Reva Beck Bosone Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
William A. Dawson (R) 52.5%
Reva Beck Bosone (D) 47.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Vermont At-large Winston L. Prouty Republican 1950 Re-elected Winston L. Prouty (R) 71.8%
Herbert B. Comings (D) 28.2%


Virginia gained one seat, adding a new district in the DC suburbs and making boundary adjustments elsewhere.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Virginia 1 Edward J. Robeson, Jr. Democratic 1950 Re-elected Edward J. Robeson, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Virginia 2 Porter Hardy, Jr. Democratic 1946 Re-elected Porter Hardy, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Virginia 3 J. Vaughan Gary Democratic 1945 Re-elected J. Vaughan Gary (D) 57.7%
Walter R. Gambill (R) 42.3%
Virginia 4 Watkins Moorman Abbitt Democratic 1948 Re-elected Watkins Moorman Abbitt (D) Unopposed
Virginia 5 Thomas Bahnson Stanley Democratic 1946 Re-elected Thomas Bahnson Stanley (D) Unopposed
Virginia 6 Clarence G. Burton Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Richard Harding Poff (R) 51.5%
Clarence G. Burton (D) 48.5%
Virginia 7 Burr Harrison Democratic 1946 Re-elected Burr Harrison (D) 79.1%
Glenn W. Ruebush (R) 20.9%
Virginia 8 Howard W. Smith Democratic 1930 Re-elected Howard W. Smith (D) 75.8%
Homer G. Richey (I) 24.2%
Virginia 9 Thomas B. Fugate Democratic 1948 Retired
Republican gain
William Creed Wampler (R) 51.7%
M. M. Long (D) 48.3%
Virginia 10 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Joel T. Broyhill (R) 50.2%
Edmund D. Campbell (D) 49.8%


Washington gained one seat at reapportionment, adding it as an at-large district instead of redistricting.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Washington 1 Hugh B. Mitchell Democratic 1948 Retired to run for Governor
Republican gain
Thomas Pelly (R) 51.4%
Stimson Bullitt (D) 48.3%
James A. McDaniel (Prog) 0.3%
Washington 2 Henry M. Jackson Democratic 1940 Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Jack Westland (R) 54.2%
Harry F. Henson (D) 45.6%
Elgar Houghton (Prog) 0.2%
Washington 3 Russell V. Mack Republican 1947 Re-elected Russell V. Mack (R) 53.3%
Gordon M. Quarnstrom (D) 46.6%
Robert Dokter (Prog) 0.1%
Washington 4 Hal Holmes Republican 1942 Re-elected Hal Holmes (R) 67.5%
William Bryan (D) 32.5%
Washington 5 Walt Horan Republican 1942 Re-elected Walt Horan (R) 56.0%
Robert Dellwo (D) 44.0%
Washington 6 Thor C. Tollefson Republican 1946 Re-elected Thor C. Tollefson (R) 59.8%
John J. O'Connell (D) 40.2%
Washington At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Donald H. Magnuson (D) 50.5%
Al Canwell (R) 49.5%
Elmer R. Moork (Lab) 0.05%

West Virginia

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
West Virginia 1 Robert L. Ramsay Democratic 1948 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Bob Mollohan (D) 52.9%
Francis J. Love (R) 47.1%
West Virginia 2 Harley O. Staggers Democratic 1948 Re-elected Harley O. Staggers (D) 51.5%
Kermit R. Mason (R) 48.5%
West Virginia 3 Cleveland M. Bailey Democratic 1948 Re-elected Cleveland M. Bailey (D) 53.4%
Frank Love (R) 46.6%
West Virginia 4 Maurice G. Burnside Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Will E. Neal (R) 53.3%
Maurice G. Burnside (D) 46.7%
West Virginia 5 Elizabeth Kee Democratic 1951 Re-elected Elizabeth Kee (D) 63.8%
Cyrus H. Gadd (R) 36.2%
West Virginia 6 E. H. Hedrick Democratic 1944 Retired to run for Governor
Democratic hold
Robert Byrd (D) 55.6%
Latelle M. LaFollette, Jr. (R) 44.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wisconsin 1 Lawrence H. Smith Republican 1941 Re-elected Lawrence H. Smith (R) 59.4%
Arnie W. Agnew (D) 40.6%
Wisconsin 2 Glenn Robert Davis Republican 1947 Re-elected Glenn Robert Davis (R) 62.9%
Horace W. Wilkie (D) 37.1%
Wisconsin 3 Gardner R. Withrow Republican 1948 Re-elected Gardner R. Withrow (R) 75.1%
Edna Brown (D) 24.9%
Wisconsin 4 Clement J. Zablocki Democratic 1948 Re-elected Clement J. Zablocki (D) 64.3%
John C. Schafer (R) 35.7%
Wisconsin 5 Charles J. Kersten Republican 1950 Re-elected Charles J. Kersten (R) 51.6%
Andrew Biemiller (D) 48.4%
Wisconsin 6 William Van Pelt Republican 1950 Re-elected William Van Pelt (R) 71.7%
Ralph A. Norem (D) 28.3%
Wisconsin 7 Vacant Reid F. Murray (R) died April 29, 1952
Republican hold
Melvin R. Laird (R) 72.3%
Ernest Kluck (D) 27.7%
Wisconsin 8 John W. Byrnes Republican 1944 Re-elected John W. Byrnes (R) 73.6%
Robert C. Schultz (D) 26.4%
Wisconsin 9 Merlin Hull Republican 1934 Re-elected Merlin Hull (R) 65.2%
Kent L. Pillsbury (D) 34.8%
Wisconsin 10 Alvin E. O'Konski Republican 1942 Re-elected Alvin E. O'Konski (R) 67.4%
Roland Kannenberg (D) 32.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wyoming At-large William H. Harrison Republican 1950 Re-elected William H. Harrison (R) 60.1%
Robert R. Rose, Jr. (D) 39.9%

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