United States House of Representatives elections, 1962

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United States House of Representatives elections, 1962

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All 435 seats to the United States House of Representatives
218 seats were needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party
  157px Charles A. Halleck.jpg
Leader John McCormack Charles Halleck
Party Democratic Republican
Leader's seat Massachusetts-12th Indiana-2nd
Last election 262 seats 175 seats
Seats won 258 176
Seat change Decrease 4 Increase 1
Popular vote 26,860,184 24,160,387
Percentage 52.4% 47.1%
Swing Decrease 2.4% Increase 2.3%

Speaker before election

John McCormack

Elected Speaker

John McCormack

The U.S. House election, 1962 was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1962, which occurred in the middle of President John F. Kennedy's term. As in most midterm elections, Kennedy's Democratic Party lost seats to the opposition Republican Party, but retained a majority. House Democrats were expected to lose their majority, but the resolution over the Cuban missile crisis just a few weeks prior, led to a rebound in approval for the Democrats under President Kennedy.

The number of seats up for election went back to 435, in accordance with reapportionment resulting from the 1960 census. (The membership had been increased temporarily to 437 in 1959, providing 1 seat each for new states of Alaska and Hawaii, while the other 435 seats continued with the reapportionment resulting from the 1950 census.)

A notable freshman was future Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (R-Illinois).

Overall results

258 1 176
Democratic I Republican

Summary of the November 6, 1962 election results

Parties Seats Popular Vote
1960 1962 Change Strength Vote  % Change
  Democratic Party 262 258 Decrease 4 59.3% 26,860,184 52.4% Decrease 2.4%
  Republican Party 175 176 Increase 1 40.5% 24,160,387 47.1% Increase 2.3%
  Liberal Party 0 0 Steady 0.0% 94,208 0.2% Steady
  Independent 0 1 Increase 1 0.2% 80,484 0.2% Increase 0.2%
Prohibition Party 0 0 Steady 0.0% 17,171 <0.1% Steady
  Conservative Party 0 0 Steady 0.0% 6,950 <0.1% Steady
  Socialist Labor Party 0 0 Steady 0.0% 2,611 <0.1% Steady
  Voters For Peace Party 0 0 Steady 0.0% 1,124 <0.1% Steady
  Socialist Workers Party 0 0 Steady 0.0% 730 <0.1% Steady
  Others 0 0 Steady 0.0% 19,139 <0.1% Decrease 0.1%
Total 437 435 Decrease 2 100.0% 51,242,988 100.0% ——
Source: Election Statistics - Office of the Clerk
Popular vote
House seats
House seats by party holding plurality in state
  80.1-100% Republican
  80.1-100% Democratic
  60.1-80% Republican
  60.1-80% Democratic
  up to 60% Republican
  up to 60% Democratic
Change by party
  6+ Republican gain
  6+ Democratic gain
  3-5 Republican gain
  3-5 Democratic gain
  1-2 Republican gain
  1-2 Democratic gain
  no net change

Separate elections

Date ↑
(linked to elections)
District Predecessor Party Reason for vacancy Result Candidates
January 27, 1962 Texas 13 Frank N. Ikard Democratic Resigned December 15, 1961
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
Democratic hold Graham B. Purcell, Jr. (D) 62.9%
Joe Meissner (R) 37.1%
January 30, 1962 Texas 4 Sam Rayburn Democratic Died November 16, 1961
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
Democratic hold Ray Roberts (D) 54.3%
R.C. Slagle (D) 46.7%
February 13, 1962 Michigan 14 Louis C. Rabaut Democratic Died November 12, 1961
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
Democratic hold Harold M. Ryan (D) 50.5%
Robert E. Waldron (R) 49.2%
Charles Frazier (Soc.Lab) 0.28%
February 20, 1962 New York 6 Lester Holtzman Democratic Resigned December 31, 1961
Winner was subsequently redistricted in November to the 8th district
Democratic hold Benjamin S. Rosenthal (D) 44.5%
Thomas F. Galvin (R) 43.8%
Emil Levin (Emil Levin) 11.7%
April 10, 1962 South Carolina 2 John J. Riley Democratic Died January 1, 1962
Winner was not a candidate for re-election in November. (See Widow's succession)
Democratic hold Corinne Boyd Riley (D) 100%

November elections


Alabama lost 1 seat in redistricting and elected all seats at-large as a method of determining which seat to eliminate.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Alabama At-large George M. Grant
Redistricted from 2nd
Democratic 1938 Re-elected George Huddleston, Jr. (D) 11.3%
Armistead I. Selden, Jr. (D) 11.0%
George W. Andrews (D) 10.9%
George M. Grant (D) 10.7%
Albert Rains (D) 10.1%
Kenneth A. Roberts (D) 10.0%
Robert E. Jones, Jr. (D) 9.6%
Carl Elliott (D) 9.6%
John H. Buchanan, Jr. (R) 5.3%
Tom Abernethy (R) 5.2%
Evan Foreman, Jr. (R) 5.1%
J. Chester Robinson (R) 1.2%
Alabama At-large George W. Andrews
Redistricted from 3rd
Democratic 1944 Re-elected
Alabama At-large Kenneth A. Roberts
Redistricted from 4th
Democratic 1950 Re-elected
Alabama At-large Albert Rains
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1944 Re-elected
Alabama At-large Armistead I. Selden, Jr.
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1952 Re-elected
Alabama At-large Carl Elliott
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected
Alabama At-large Robert E. Jones, Jr.
Redistricted from 8th
Democratic 1947 Re-elected
Alabama At-large George Huddleston, Jr.
Redistricted from 9th
Democratic 1954 Re-elected
Frank W. Boykin
Redistricted from 1st
Democratic 1935 Lost renomination
Democratic loss


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Alaska At-large Ralph Julian Rivers Democratic 1958 Re-elected Ralph Julian Rivers (D) 56.0%
Lowell Thomas, Jr. (R) 44.0%


Arizona gained one seat and formed a new third district out of the northern part of the state.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arizona 1 John Jacob Rhodes Republican 1952 Re-elected John Jacob Rhodes (R) 58.7%
Howard V. Peterson (D) 41.3%
Arizona 2 Mo Udall Democratic 1961 Re-elected Mo Udall (D) 58.3%
Richard K. Burke (R) 41.7%
Arizona 3 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
George Frederick Senner, Jr. (D) 56.0%
John P. Clark (R) 44.0%


Arkansas lost two seats and merged the 5th and 6th districts into the other districts. 5th district incumbent Dale Alford chose to run for governor rather than face Wilbur Mills in a primary, and 6th district incumbent Catherine Dorris Norrell retired after serving out the remainder of her husband’s term.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Arkansas 1 Ezekiel C. Gathings Democratic 1938 Re-elected Ezekiel C. Gathings (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 2 Wilbur Mills Democratic 1938 Re-elected Wilbur Mills (D) Unopposed
Dale Alford
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1958 Retired to run for Governor
Democratic loss
Arkansas 3 James William Trimble Democratic 1944 Re-elected James William Trimble (D) 69.3%
Cy Carney, Jr. (R) 30.7%
Arkansas 4 Oren Harris Democratic 1940 Re-elected Oren Harris (D) 77.4%
Warren Lieblong (R) 22.5%
Frank Jarratt (W/I) 0.03%
Catherine Dorris Norrell
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1961 Retired
Democratic loss


Eight new seats were added in reapportionment, including 4 additional districts in Greater Los Angeles alone as well as others in San Diego, the Northern Central Valley, Alameda County, and the Central Coast, increasing the delegation from 30 to 38 seats.[1] Seven of the new seats were won by Democrats, one by a Republican. Two Republican incumbents lost re-election to Democrats. Therefore, Democrats increased by 9 seats and Republicans decreased by 1.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
California 1 Clement Woodnutt Miller Democratic 1958 Died October 7, 1962
Re-elected posthumously
Clement Woodnutt Miller (D) 50.8%
Don H. Clausen (R) 49.2%
California 2 Harold T. Johnson Democratic 1958 Re-elected Harold T. Johnson (D) 64.6%
Fredric H. Nagel (R) 35.4%
California 3 John E. Moss Democratic 1952 Re-elected John E. Moss (D) 74.8%
George W. G. Smith (R) 25.2%
California 4 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Robert L. Leggett (D) 56.5%
L. V. Honsinger (R) 43.5%
California 5 John Shelley Democratic 1949 Re-elected John Shelley (D) 80.5%
Roland S. Charles (R) 19.5%
California 6 William S. Mailliard
Redistricted from 4th
Republican 1952 Re-elected William S. Mailliard (R) 58.7%
John A. O'Connell (D) 41.3%
California 7 Jeffery Cohelan Democratic 1958 Re-elected Jeffery Cohelan (D) 64.5%
Leonard L. Cantando (R) 35.5%
California 8 George Paul Miller Democratic 1944 Re-elected George Paul Miller (D) 72.5%
Harold Petersen (R) 27.5%
California 9 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Don Edwards (D) 66.0%
Joseph F. Donovan (R) 34.0%
California 10 Charles S. Gubser Republican 1952 Re-elected Charles S. Gubser (R) 60.7%
James P. Thurber, Jr. (D) 39.3%
California 11 J. Arthur Younger
Redistricted from 9th
Republican 1952 Re-elected J. Arthur Younger (R) 62.3%
William J. Keller (D) 37.7%
California 12 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Burt L. Talcott (R) 61.3%
William K. Steward (D) 38.7%
California 13 Charles M. Teague Republican 1954 Re-elected Charles M. Teague (R) 64.9%
George J. Holgate (D) 35.1%
California 14 John F. Baldwin, Jr.
Redistricted from 6th
Republican 1954 Re-elected John F. Baldwin, Jr. (R) 62.9%
Charles R. Weidner (D) 37.1%
California 15 John J. McFall
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1956 Re-elected John J. McFall (D) 70.0%
Arthur L. Young (R) 30.0%
California 16 Bernice F. Sisk
Redistricted from 12th
Democratic 1954 Re-elected Bernice F. Sisk (D) 71.9%
Arthur L. Selland (R) 28.1%
California 17 Cecil R. King Democratic 1942 Re-elected Cecil R. King (D) 67.2%
Ted Bruinsma (R) 32.8%
California 18 Harlan Hagen
Redistricted from 14th
Democratic 1952 Re-elected Harlan Hagen (D) 58.9%
G. Ray Arnett (R) 41.1%
California 19 Chet Holifield Democratic 1942 Re-elected Chet Holifield (D) 61.6%
Robert T. Ramsay (R) 38.4%
California 20 H. Allen Smith Republican 1956 Re-elected H. Allen Smith (R) 70.6%
Leon Mayer (D) 29.4%
California 21 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Augustus F. Hawkins (D) 84.6%
Herman Smith (R) 15.4%
California 22 James C. Corman Democratic 1960 Re-elected James C. Corman (D) 53.6%
Charles S. Foote (R) 46.4%
California 23 Clyde Doyle Democratic 1948 Re-elected Clyde Doyle (D) 64.2%
Del Clawson (R) 35.8%
California 24 Glenard P. Lipscomb Republican 1953 Re-elected Glenard P. Lipscomb (R) 70.3%
Knox Mellon (D) 29.7%
California 25 John H. Rousselot Republican 1960 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Ronald B. Cameron (D) 53.6%
John H. Rousselot (R) 46.4%
California 26 James Roosevelt Democratic 1954 Re-elected James Roosevelt (D) 68.3%
Daniel Beltz (R) 31.7%
California 27 Edgar W. Hiestand
Redistricted from 21st
Republican 1952 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Everett G. Burkhalter (D) 52.1%
Edgar W. Hiestand (R) 47.9%
California 28 Alphonzo E. Bell, Jr.
Redistricted from 16th
Republican 1960 Re-elected Alphonzo E. Bell, Jr. (R) 64.0%
Robert J. Felixson (D) 36.0%
California 29 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
George Brown, Jr. (D) 55.7%
H. L. Richardson (R) 44.3%
California 30 Gordon L. McDonough
Redistricted from 15th
Republican 1944 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Edward R. Roybal (D) 56.5%
Gordon L. McDonough (R) 43.5%
California 31 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Charles H. Wilson (D) 52.2%
Gordon Hahn (R) 47.8%
California 32 Craig Hosmer
Redistricted from 18th
Republican 1952 Re-elected Craig Hosmer (R) 70.8%
J. J. Johovich (D) 29.2%
California 33 Harry R. Sheppard
Redistricted from 27th
Democratic 1936 Re-elected Harry R. Sheppard (D) 59.0%
William R. Thomas (R) 41.0%
California 34 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Richard T. Hanna (D) 55.9%
Robert A. Geier (R) 44.1%
California 35 James B. Utt
Redistricted from 28th
Republican 1952 Re-elected James B. Utt (R) 68.5%
Burton Shamsky (D) 31.5%
California 36 Bob Wilson
Redistricted from 30th
Republican 1952 Re-elected Bob Wilson (R) 61.8%
William C. Godfrey (D) 38.2%
California 37 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Lionel Van Deerlin (D) 51.4%
Dick Wilson (R) 48.6%
California 38 Dalip Singh Saund
Redistricted from 29th
Democratic 1956 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Patrick M. Martin (R) 55.9%
Dalip Singh Saund (D) 44.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Colorado 1 Byron G. Rogers Democratic 1950 Re-elected Byron G. Rogers (D) 56.0%
William B. Chenoweth (R) 44.0%
Colorado 2 Peter H. Dominick Republican 1960 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican hold
Donald G. Brotzman (R) 61.8%
Conrad L. McBride (D) 38.2%
Colorado 3 John Chenoweth Republican 1950 Re-elected John Chenoweth (R) 54.7%
Albert J. Tomsic (D) 45.3%
Colorado 4 Wayne N. Aspinall Democratic 1948 Re-elected Wayne N. Aspinall (D) 58.6%
Leo L. Sommerville (R) 41.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Connecticut 1 Emilio Q. Daddario Democratic 1958 Re-elected Emilio Q. Daddario (D) 57.5%
James F. Collins (R) 41.9%
Donald B. LaCroix (W/I) 0.6%
Connecticut 2 Horace Seely-Brown, Jr. Republican 1960 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic gain
William L. St. Onge (D) 50.8%
Moses A. Savin (R) 49.2%
Connecticut 3 Robert Giaimo Democratic 1958 Re-elected Robert Giaimo (D) 56.0%
Daniel Reinhardsen (R) 44.0%
Connecticut 4 Abner W. Sibal Republican 1960 Re-elected Abner W. Sibal (R) 52.0%
Francis X. Lennon, Jr. (D) 48.0%
Connecticut 5 John S. Monagan Democratic 1958 Re-elected John S. Monagan (D) 58.5%
John Rand (R) 41.5%
Connecticut At-large Frank Kowalski Democratic 1958 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Bernard F. Grabowski (D) 52.7%
John Lupton (R) 47.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Delaware At-large Harris B. McDowell, Jr. Democratic 1958 Re-elected Harris B. McDowell, Jr. (D) 53.0%
Wilmer F. Williams (R) 47.0%


Florida added 4 new districts at reapportionment: the 3rd around Miami, the 9th in the Panhandle, the 10th around Tampa, and the 11th in Orlando and the nearby Atlantic coast.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Florida 1 Robert L. F. Sikes
Redistricted from 3rd
Democratic 1940 Re-elected Robert L. F. Sikes (D) 81.9%
M. M. Woolley (R) 18.1%
Florida 2 Charles Edward Bennett Democratic 1948 Re-elected Charles Edward Bennett (D) Unopposed
Florida 3 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Claude Pepper (D) 57.6%
Robert A. Peterson (R) 42.4%
Florida 4 Dante Fascell Democratic 1954 Re-elected Dante Fascell (D) 64.5%
J. C. McGlon, Jr. (R) 35.5%
Florida 5 Albert S. Herlong, Jr. Democratic 1948 Re-elected Albert S. Herlong, Jr. (D) 65.2%
Hubert H. Hevey, Jr. (R) 34.8%
Florida 6 Paul Rogers Democratic 1954 Re-elected Paul Rogers (D) 64.2%
Frederick A. Kibbe (R) 35.8%
Florida 7 James A. Haley Democratic 1952 Re-elected James A. Haley (D) 66.8%
F. Onell Rogers (R) 33.2%
Florida 8 Donald Ray Matthews Democratic 1952 Re-elected Donald Ray Matthews (D) Unopposed
Florida 9 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Don Fuqua (D) 75.4%
Wilfred C. Varn (R) 24.6%
Florida 10 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Sam M. Gibbons (D) 70.6%
Victor A. Rule (R) 29.4%
Florida 11 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Edward J. Gurney (R) 51.9%
John A. Sutton (D) 48.1%
Florida 12 William C. Cramer
Redistricted from 1st
Republican 1954 Re-elected William C. Cramer (R) 64.5%
Grover C. Criswell (D) 35.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Georgia 1 George Elliott Hagan Democratic 1960 Re-elected George Elliott Hagan (D) Unopposed
Georgia 2 J. L. Pilcher Democratic 1953 Re-elected J. L. Pilcher (D) Unopposed
Georgia 3 Tic Forrester Democratic 1950 Re-elected Tic Forrester (D) Unopposed
Georgia 4 John James Flynt, Jr. Democratic 1954 Re-elected John James Flynt, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Georgia 5 James C. Davis Democratic 1946 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Charles Weltner (D) 55.6%
L. J. O'Callaghan (R) 44.4%
Georgia 6 Carl Vinson Democratic 1914 Re-elected Carl Vinson (D) Unopposed
Georgia 7 John W. Davis Democratic 1960 Re-elected John W. Davis (D) 72.4%
E. Ralph Ivey (R) 27.6%
Georgia 8 Iris Faircloth Blitch Democratic 1954 Retired
Democratic hold
J. Russell Tuten (D) Unopposed
Georgia 9 Phillip M. Landrum Democratic 1952 Re-elected Phillip M. Landrum (D) Unopposed
Georgia 10 Robert Grier Stephens, Jr. Democratic 1960 Re-elected Robert Grier Stephens, Jr. (D) Unopposed


Hawaii added a second seat at reapportionment and elected both seats at-large.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Hawaii At-large Daniel Inouye Democratic 1959 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Thomas Gill (D) 33.9%
Spark Matsunaga (D) 33.9%
Albert W. Evensen (R) 19.5%
Richard Sutton (R) 12.7%
Hawaii At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Idaho 1 Gracie Pfost Democratic 1952 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Compton I. White, Jr. (D) 53.0%
Erwin H. Schwiebert (R) 47.0%
Idaho 2 Ralph R. Harding Democratic 1960 Re-elected Ralph R. Harding (D) 52.8%
Orval Hansen (R) 47.2%


Illinois lost one seat at reapportionment, merging the existing 21st district into the 20th and 23rd, and the Chicago districts were realigned to give more representation to the suburbs.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Illinois 1 William L. Dawson Democratic 1942 Re-elected William L. Dawson (D) 74.1%
Benjamin C. Duster (R) 25.9%
Illinois 2 Barratt O'Hara Democratic 1952 Re-elected Barratt O'Hara (D) 62.3%
Philip G. Bixler (R) 37.7%
Illinois 3 William T. Murphy Democratic 1958 Re-elected William T. Murphy (D) 51.6%
Ernest E. Michaels (R) 48.4%
Illinois 4 Ed Derwinski Republican 1958 Re-elected Ed Derwinski (R) 64.9%
Richard E. Friedman (D) 35.1%
Illinois 5 John C. Kluczynski Democratic 1950 Re-elected John C. Kluczynski (D) 63.4%
Joseph Potempa (R) 36.6%
Illinois 6 Thomas J. O'Brien Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas J. O'Brien (D) 77.7%
Adolph Herda (R) 22.3%
Illinois 7 Roland V. Libonati Democratic 1957 Re-elected Roland V. Libonati (D) 78.8%
Joseph D. Day (R) 21.2%
Illinois 8 Dan Rostenkowski Democratic 1958 Re-elected Dan Rostenkowski (D) 60.8%
Irvin R. Techon (R) 39.2%
Illinois 9 Edward Rowan Finnegan
Redistricted from 12th
Democratic 1960 Re-elected Edward Rowan Finnegan (D) 54.8%
Thomas E. Ward (R) 45.2%
Sidney R. Yates Democratic 1948 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic loss
Illinois 10 Harold R. Collier Republican 1956 Re-elected Harold R. Collier (R) 66.6%
Joseph A. Salerno (D) 33.4%
Illinois 11 Roman C. Pucinski Democratic 1958 Re-elected Roman C. Pucinski (D) 52.7%
Henry J. Hyde (R) 47.3%
Illinois 12 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Robert McClory (R) 63.9%
John C. Kimball (D) 36.1%
Illinois 13 Marguerite S. Church Republican 1950 Retired
Republican hold
Donald Rumsfeld (R) 63.7%
John A. Kennedy (D) 36.3%
Illinois 14 Elmer J. Hoffman Republican 1958 Re-elected Elmer J. Hoffman (R) 59.7%
Jerome M. Ziegler (D) 40.3%
Illinois 15 Noah M. Mason Republican 1936 Retired
Republican hold
Charlotte T. Reid (R) 61.1%
Stanley H. Cowan (D) 38.9%
Illinois 16 John B. Anderson Republican 1960 Re-elected John B. Anderson (R) 66.9%
Walter S. Busky (D) 33.1%
Illinois 17 Leslie C. Arends Republican 1934 Re-elected Leslie C. Arends (R) 62.5%
Donald M. Laughlin (D) 37.5%
Illinois 18 Robert H. Michel Republican 1956 Re-elected Robert H. Michel (R) 61.2%
Francis D. Nash (D) 38.8%
Illinois 19 Robert B. Chiperfield Republican 1938 Retired
Republican hold
Robert T. McLoskey (R) 55.9%
David DeDoncker (D) 44.1%
Illinois 20 Paul Findley Republican 1960 Re-elected Paul Findley (R) 52.9%
Peter F. Mack, Jr. (D) 47.1%
Peter F. Mack, Jr.
Redistricted from 21st
Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
Illinois 21 Kenneth J. Gray
Redistricted from 25th
Democratic 1954 Re-elected Kenneth J. Gray (D) 60.0%
Frank H. Walker (R) 40.0%
Illinois 22 William L. Springer Republican 1950 Re-elected William L. Springer (R) 59.7%
Bob Wilson (D) 40.3%
Illinois 23 George E. Shipley Democratic 1958 Re-elected George E. Shipley (D) 51.7%
Edward H. Jenison (R) 48.3%
Illinois 24 Melvin Price Democratic 1944 Re-elected Melvin Price (D) 73.8%
Kurt Glaser (R) 26.2%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Indiana 1 Ray J. Madden Democratic 1942 Re-elected Ray J. Madden (D) 60.5%
Harold Moody (R) 39.0%
Harry C. Beamer (Proh) 0.5%
Indiana 2 Charles A. Halleck Republican 1935 Re-elected Charles A. Halleck (R) 57.6%
John J. Murray (D) 42.4%
Indiana 3 John Brademas Democratic 1958 Re-elected John Brademas (D) 51.9%
Charles W. Ainlay (R) 48.1%
Indiana 4 E. Ross Adair Republican 1950 Re-elected E. Ross Adair (R) 55.6%
Ronald R. Ross (D) 44.4%
Indiana 5 J. Edward Roush Democratic 1958 Re-elected J. Edward Roush (D) 51.6%
George O. Chambers (R) 48.4%
Indiana 6 Richard L. Roudebush Republican 1960 Re-elected Richard L. Roudebush (R) 52.7%
Fred Wampler (D) 47.3%
Indiana 7 William G. Bray Republican 1950 Re-elected William G. Bray (R) 57.8%
Elden C. Tipton (D) 42.2%
Indiana 8 Winfield K. Denton Democratic 1954 Re-elected Winfield K. Denton (D) 55.7%
Earl J. Heseman (R) 44.3%
Indiana 9 Earl Wilson Republican 1960 Re-elected Earl Wilson (R) 52.1%
John Pritchard (D) 47.9%
Indiana 10 Ralph Harvey Republican 1960 Re-elected Ralph Harvey (R) 52.9%
John E. Mitchell (D) 47.1%
Indiana 11 Donald Cogley Bruce Republican 1960 Re-elected Donald Cogley Bruce (R) 54.2%
Andrew Jacobs, Jr. (D) 45.8%


Iowa lost one seat at reapportionment and divided the existing 6th district in north-central Iowa among several neighboring districts with compensating boundary changes elsewhere. Incumbent Merwin Coad chose to retire rather than run against one of the other incumbents.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Iowa 1 Fred Schwengel Republican 1954 Re-elected Fred Schwengel (R) 61.1%
Harold Stephens (D) 38.9%
Iowa 2 James E. Bromwell Republican 1960 Re-elected James E. Bromwell (R) 52.8%
Frank W. Less (D) 47.2%
Iowa 3 H. R. Gross Republican 1948 Re-elected H. R. Gross (R) 56.7%
Neel F. Hill (D) 43.3%
Iowa 4 John Henry Kyl Republican 1959 Re-elected John Henry Kyl (R) 55.8%
Gene W. Glenn (D) 44.2%
Iowa 5 Neal Smith Democratic 1958 Re-elected Neal Smith (D) 62.8%
Sonja C. Egenes (R) 37.2%
Merwin Coad
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1956 Retired
Democratic loss
Iowa 6 Charles B. Hoeven
Redistricted from 8th
Republican 1942 Re-elected Charles B. Hoeven (R) 58.5%
Donald W. Murray (D) 41.5%
Iowa 7 Ben F. Jensen Republican 1938 Re-elected Ben F. Jensen (R) 56.1%
Ed Peters (D) 43.9%


Kansas lost one seat at reapportionment and redistricted from 6 to 5, combining the existing southwestern 5th and northwestern 6th districts into a single district, in which incumbents James Floyd Breeding and Bob Dole ran against each other, and making modest boundary changes elsewhere.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kansas 1 Bob Dole
Redistricted from 6th
Republican 1960 Re-elected Bob Dole (R) 55.8%
James Floyd Breeding (D) 44.2%
James Floyd Breeding
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1956 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
Kansas 2 William H. Avery
Redistricted from 1st
Republican 1954 Re-elected William H. Avery (R) 65.2%
Harry F. Kehoe (D) 34.8%
Kansas 3 Robert Fred Ellsworth
Redistricted from 2nd
Republican 1960 Re-elected Robert Fred Ellsworth (R) 63.4%
Bill Sparks (D) 36.6%
Kansas 4 Garner E. Shriver Republican 1960 Re-elected Garner E. Shriver (R) 66.6%
Lawrence J. Wetzel (D) 33.4%
Kansas 5 Walter L. McVey, Jr.
Redistricted from 3rd
Republican 1960 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Joe Skubitz (R) 53.3%
Wade A. Myers (D) 46.7%


Kentucky lost one seat at reapportionment. 5th district incumbent Brent Spence elected to retire, and his district was divided between several other districts with the lion’s share going to the 4th.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Kentucky 1 Frank Stubblefield Democratic 1958 Re-elected Frank Stubblefield (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 2 William Huston Natcher Democratic 1953 Re-elected William Huston Natcher (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 3 Frank W. Burke Democratic 1958 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Gene Snyder (R) 50.8%
Frank W. Burke (D) 49.2%
Kentucky 4 Frank Chelf Democratic 1944 Re-elected Frank Chelf (D) 52.9%
Clyde Middleton (R) 47.1%
Brent Spence
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1930 Retired
Democratic loss
Kentucky 5 Eugene Siler
Redistricted from 8th
Republican 1954 Re-elected Eugene Siler (R) Unopposed
Kentucky 6 John C. Watts Democratic 1951 Re-elected John C. Watts (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 7 Carl D. Perkins Democratic 1948 Re-elected Carl D. Perkins (D) 56.7%
C. Alex Parker, Jr. (R) 42.5%
Rex Henrickson (I) 0.7%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Louisiana 1 F. Edward Hebert Democratic 1940 Re-elected F. Edward Hebert (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 2 Hale Boggs Democratic 1946 Re-elected Hale Boggs (D) 67.2%
David C. Treen (R) 32.8%
Louisiana 3 Edwin E. Willis Democratic 1948 Re-elected Edwin E. Willis (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 4 Joe Waggonner Democratic 1961 Re-elected Joe Waggonner (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 5 Otto Passman Democratic 1946 Re-elected Otto Passman (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 6 James H. Morrison Democratic 1942 Re-elected James H. Morrison (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 7 T. Ashton Thompson Democratic 1952 Re-elected T. Ashton Thompson (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 8 Harold B. McSween Democratic 1958 Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Gillis William Long (D) 64.0%
Jack W. Lewis (R) 36.0%


Maine lost one seat at reapportionment, redistricting from 3 seats to 2 -- a 1st district containing the coastal parts of the existing 1st and 2nd districts, and a 2nd district containing the existing 3rd district and the rest of inland Maine.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maine 1 Stanley R. Tupper
Redistricted from 2nd
Republican 1960 Re-elected Stanley R. Tupper (R) 59.6%
Ronald Kellam (D) 40.4%
Peter A. Garland Republican 1960 Lost renomination
Republican loss
Maine 2 Clifford McIntire
Redistricted from 3rd
Republican 1951 Re-elected Clifford McIntire (R) 51.1%
William D. Hathaway (D) 48.9%


Maryland gained an eighth seat at reapportionment and chose to elect it at-large.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Maryland 1 Thomas F. Johnson Democratic 1958 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Rogers Morton (R) 53.2%
Thomas F. Johnson (D) 46.8%
Maryland 2 Daniel Brewster Democratic 1958 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic hold
Clarence Long (D) 51.9%
John Fife Symington, Jr. (R) 48.1%
Maryland 3 Edward Garmatz Democratic 1947 Re-elected Edward Garmatz (D) Unopposed
Maryland 4 George Hyde Fallon Democratic 1944 Re-elected George Hyde Fallon (D) 72.3%
John E. Brandau (R) 27.7%
Maryland 5 Richard E. Lankford Democratic 1954 Re-elected Richard E. Lankford (D) 59.5%
Joseph M. Baker, Jr. (R) 40.5%
Maryland 6 Charles Mathias, Jr. Republican 1960 Re-elected Charles Mathias, Jr. (R) 60.9%
John R. Foley (D) 39.1%
Maryland 7 Samuel Friedel Democratic 1952 Re-elected Samuel Friedel (D) 70.0%
Caroline R. Ramsay (R) 30.0%
Maryland At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Carlton R. Sickles (D) 55.7%
Newton I. Steers (R) 44.3%


Massachusetts lost two seats at reapportionment, one from each party.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Massachusetts 1 Silvio Conte Republican 1958 Re-elected Silvio Conte (R) 74.4%
William K. Hefner (D) 25.6%
Massachusetts 2 Edward Boland Democratic 1952 Re-elected Edward Boland (D) 67.8%
Samuel S. Rodman, Jr. (R) 32.2%
Massachusetts 3 Philip Philbin Democratic 1942 Re-elected Philip Philbin (D) 72.4%
Frank Anthony (R) 27.6%
Massachusetts 4 Harold Donohue Democratic 1946 Re-elected Harold Donohue (D) 90.5%
Stanley E. Shogren (Proh) 9.5%
Massachusetts 5 Frank B. Morse Republican 1960 Re-elected Frank B. Morse (R) 57.4%
Thomas J. Lane (D) 42.6%
Thomas J. Lane
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1941 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
Massachusetts 6 William H. Bates Republican 1950 Re-elected William H. Bates (R) 56.2%
George J. O'Shea (D) 43.8%
Massachusetts 7 Torbert H. MacDonald
Redistricted from 8th
Democratic 1954 Re-elected Torbert H. MacDonald (D) 71.6%
Gordon F. Hughes (R) 28.4%
Massachusetts 8 Tip O'Neill
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1952 Re-elected Tip O'Neill (D) 73.0%
Howard Greyber (R) 27.0%
Massachusetts 9 John William McCormack
Redistricted from 12th
Democratic 1928 Re-elected John William McCormack (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 10 Joseph William Martin, Jr.
Redistricted from 14th
Republican 1924 Re-elected Joseph William Martin, Jr. (R) 65.5%
Edward F. Doolan (D) 34.5%
Laurence Curtis Republican 1952 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican loss
Massachusetts 11 James A. Burke
Redistricted from 13th
Democratic 1958 Re-elected James A. Burke (D) 64.3%
Harry F. Stimpson, Jr. (R) 35.7%
Massachusetts 12 Hastings Keith
Redistricted from 9th
Republican 1958 Re-elected Hastings Keith (R) 64.2%
Alexander Byron (D) 35.8%


Michigan gained one seat at reapportionment, which it elected at-large rather than redistricting.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Michigan 1 Lucien N. Nedzi Democratic 1961 Re-elected Lucien N. Nedzi (D) 89.2%
Walter Czarnecki (R) 10.8%
Michigan 2 George Meader Republican 1950 Re-elected George Meader (R) 58.4%
Thomas P. Payne (D) 41.6%
Michigan 3 August E. Johansen Republican 1954 Re-elected August E. Johansen (R) 59.5%
Paul H. Todd, Jr. (D) 40.5%
Michigan 4 Clare E. Hoffman Republican 1934 Retired
Republican hold
J. Edward Hutchinson (R) 63.8%
Edward Burns (D) 36.2%
Michigan 5 Gerald Ford Republican 1948 Re-elected Gerald Ford (R) 67.0%
William G. Reamon (D) 33.0%
Michigan 6 Charles E. Chamberlain Republican 1956 Re-elected Charles E. Chamberlain (R) 54.5%
Don Hayworth (D) 45.5%
Michigan 7 James G. O'Hara Democratic 1958 Re-elected James G. O'Hara (D) 56.3%
H. Charles Knill (R) 43.7%
Michigan 8 R. James Harvey Republican 1960 Re-elected R. James Harvey (R) 60.5%
Jerome T. Hart (D) 39.5%
Michigan 9 Robert P. Griffin Republican 1956 Re-elected Robert P. Griffin (R) 59.4%
Donald G. Jennings (D) 40.6%
Michigan 10 Elford Albin Cederberg Republican 1952 Re-elected Elford Albin Cederberg (R) 61.5%
Hubert C. Evans (D) 38.5%
Michigan 11 Victor A. Knox Republican 1952 Re-elected Victor A. Knox (R) 56.7%
Warren P. Cleary (D) 43.3%
Michigan 12 John B. Bennett Republican 1946 Re-elected John B. Bennett (R) 63.3%
William J. Bolognesi (D) 36.7%
Michigan 13 Charles Diggs Democratic 1954 Re-elected Charles Diggs (D) 71.2%
Robert B. Blackwell (R) 28.8%
Michigan 14 Harold M. Ryan Democratic February 13, 1962
Re-elected Harold M. Ryan (D) 61.8%
Lois V. Nair (R) 38.2%
Michigan 15 John D. Dingell, Jr. Democratic 1955 Re-elected John D. Dingell, Jr. (D) 83.0%
Ernest Richard (R) 17.0%
Michigan 16 John Lesinski, Jr. Democratic 1950 Re-elected John Lesinski, Jr. (D) 67.9%
Laverne O. Elliott (R) 32.1%
Michigan 17 Martha W. Griffiths Democratic 1954 Re-elected Martha W. Griffiths (D) 59.3%
James F. O'Neill (R) 40.7%
Michigan 18 William Broomfield Republican 1956 Re-elected William Broomfield (R) 59.6%
George J. Fulkerson (D) 40.4%
Michigan At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Neil Staebler (D) 52.0%
Alvin M. Bentley (R) 47.9%
Ralph M. Muncy (Soc-Lab) 0.2%


Minnesota lost one seat at reapportionment, and the 7th saw the largest change, with its territory split between the existing 2nd and 6th districts.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Minnesota 1 Al Quie Republican 1958 Re-elected Al Quie (R) 57.5%
George Shepherd (DFL) 42.5%
Minnesota 2 Ancher Nelsen Republican 1958 Re-elected Ancher Nelsen (R) 62.2%
Conrad Hammar (DFL) 37.8%
Minnesota 3 Clark MacGregor Republican 1960 Re-elected Clark MacGregor (R) 60.2%
Irving R. Keldsen (DFL) 39.8%
Minnesota 4 Joseph Karth Democratic 1958 Re-elected Joseph Karth (DFL) 59.5%
Harry Strong (R) 40.5%
Minnesota 5 Walter Judd Republican 1942 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Donald M. Fraser (DFL) 51.7%
Walter Judd (R) 48.0%
Joseph Johnson (Socialist Workers) 0.3%
Minnesota 6 Fred Marshall Democratic 1948 Retired
Democratic hold
Alec Olson (DFL) 50.1%
Robert J. Odegard (R) 49.9%
H. Carl Andersen
Redistricted from 7th
Republican 1938 Lost renomination as Independent
Republican loss
Minnesota 7 Odin Langen
Redistricted from 9th
Republican 1958 Re-elected Odin Langen (R) 52.0%
Harding C. Noblitt (DFL) 48.0%
Minnesota 8 John Blatnik Democratic 1946 Re-elected John Blatnik (DFL) 65.7%
Jerry H. Ketola (R) 34.3%


Mississippi lost one seat at reapportionment, and merged the 2nd and 3rd districts without making other boundary changes.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Mississippi 1 Thomas Abernethy Democratic 1942 Re-elected Thomas Abernethy (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 2 Jamie L. Whitten Democratic 1941 Re-elected Jamie L. Whitten (D) Unopposed
Frank E. Smith
Redistricted from 3rd
Democratic 1950 Lost renomination
Democratic loss
Mississippi 3 John Bell Williams
Redistricted from 4th
Democratic 1946 Re-elected John Bell Williams (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 4 W. Arthur Winstead
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1942 Re-elected W. Arthur Winstead (D) 83.0%
Sterling P. Davis, Jr. (I) 17.0%
Mississippi 5 William M. Colmer
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1932 Re-elected William M. Colmer (D) Unopposed


Missouri lost one seat at reapportionment, and merged the 11th and 8th districts with compensating boundary changes to other districts.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Missouri 1 Frank M. Karsten Democratic 1946 Re-elected Frank M. Karsten (D) 70.7%
Charles F. Cherry (R) 29.3%
Missouri 2 Thomas B. Curtis Republican 1950 Re-elected Thomas B. Curtis (R) 56.3%
Philip V. Maher (D) 43.7%
Missouri 3 Leonor Sullivan Democratic 1952 Re-elected Leonor Sullivan (D) 70.5%
J. Marvin Krause (R) 29.5%
Missouri 4 William J. Randall Democratic 1959 Re-elected William J. Randall (D) 53.9%
John D. Fox (R) 46.1%
Missouri 5 Richard Bolling Democratic 1948 Re-elected Richard Bolling (D) 58.9%
Walter McCarty (R) 41.1%
Missouri 6 William Raleigh Hull, Jr. Democratic 1954 Re-elected William Raleigh Hull, Jr. (D) 55.3%
Ethan H. Campbell (R) 44.7%
Missouri 7 Durward Gorham Hall Republican 1960 Re-elected Durward Gorham Hall (R) 57.7%
Jim Thomas (D) 42.3%
Missouri 8 Richard Howard Ichord, Jr. Democratic 1960 Re-elected Richard Howard Ichord, Jr. (D) 59.0%
David W. Bernhardt (R) 41.0%
Morgan M. Moulder
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1948 Retired
Democratic loss
Missouri 9 Clarence Cannon Democratic 1922 Re-elected Clarence Cannon (D) 60.5%
Anthony C. Schroeder (R) 39.5%
Missouri 10 Paul C. Jones Democratic 1948 Re-elected Paul C. Jones (D) 60.6%
Truman Farrow (R) 39.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Montana 1 Arnold Olsen Democratic 1960 Re-elected Arnold Olsen (D) 52.8%
Wayne Montgomery (R) 47.2%
Montana 2 James Franklin Battin Republican 1960 Re-elected James Franklin Battin (R) 55.4%
Leo Graybill, Jr. (D) 44.6%


Nebraska lost one seat at reapportionment and split the southern 1st district between the eastern 3rd and western 4th districts.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nebraska 1 Ralph F. Beermann
Redistricted from 3rd
Republican 1960 Re-elected Ralph F. Beermann (R) 50.3%
Clair A. Callan (D) 44.4%
George C. Menkens (W/I) 5.3%
Phillip Hart Weaver Republican 1954 Lost renomination
Republican loss
Nebraska 2 Glenn Cunningham Republican 1956 Re-elected Glenn Cunningham (R) 69.4%
Thomas N. Bonner (D) 30.6%
Nebraska 3 David T. Martin
Redistricted from 4th
Republican 1960 Re-elected David T. Martin (R) 65.6%
John A. Hoffman (D) 34.4%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Nevada At-large Walter S. Baring, Jr. Democratic 1956 Re-elected Walter S. Baring, Jr. (D) 71.6%
Carlton J. Adair (R) 28.4%

New Hampshire

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Hampshire 1 Chester Earl Merrow Republican 1942 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican hold
Louis C. Wyman (R) 53.1%
J. Oliva Huot (D) 46.9%
New Hampshire 2 Perkins Bass Republican 1954 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican hold
James Colgate Cleveland (R) 57.5%
Eugene S. Daniell (D) 42.5%

New Jersey

New Jersey gained one seat and formed a 15th district out of parts of the existing 3rd and 5th districts around Perth Amboy without making substantial changes elsewhere.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Jersey 1 William T. Cahill Republican 1958 Re-elected William T. Cahill (R) 58.8%
Neil F. Deighan (D) 41.0%
Albert Rouis (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
New Jersey 2 Milton W. Glenn Republican 1957 Re-elected Milton W. Glenn (R) 52.7%
Paul R. Porreca (D) 46.7%
Elvin Baker (Soc-Lab) 0.5%
New Jersey 3 James C. Auchincloss Republican 1942 Re-elected James C. Auchincloss (R) 56.9%
Peter J. Gannon (D) 43.1%
New Jersey 4 Frank Thompson Democratic 1954 Re-elected Frank Thompson (D) 63.8%
Ephraim Tomlinson II (R) 35.9%
Bernardo S. Doganiero (Soc-Lab) 0.3%
New Jersey 5 Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr. Republican 1952 Re-elected Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr. (R) 66.0%
Eugene M. Friedman (D) 33.2%
Frank Consalvo (Conservative) 0.8%
New Jersey 6 Florence P. Dwyer Republican 1956 Re-elected Florence P. Dwyer (R) 59.6%
Lillian W. Egolf (D) 39.8%
John H. Wisner, Jr. (Conservative) 0.6%
New Jersey 7 William B. Widnall Republican 1950 Re-elected William B. Widnall (R) 61.4%
J. Emmett Cassidy (D) 37.8%
Robert A. Kretzer (Conservative) 0.5%
James McKinley (I) 0.3%
New Jersey 8 Charles S. Joelson Democratic 1960 Re-elected Charles S. Joelson (D) 65.0%
Walter W. Porter, Jr. (R) 34.2%
Harry Santhouse (Soc-Lab) 0.4%
Charles R. Checkley (Conservative) 0.4%
New Jersey 9 Frank C. Osmers, Jr. Republican 1951 Re-elected Frank C. Osmers, Jr. (R) 56.9%
Donald R. Sorkow (D) 42.2%
Arthur A. Wacker (Conservative) 0.6%
Nathan Karp (Soc-Lab) 0.3%
New Jersey 10 Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Democratic 1948 Re-elected Peter W. Rodino, Jr. (D) 72.8%
Charles A. Baretski (R) 26.5%
Frank J. DeGeorge (Conservative) 0.5%
William Kirkland (I) 0.3%
New Jersey 11 Hugh Joseph Addonizio Democratic 1948 Resigned to run for Mayor of Newark
Democratic hold
Joseph G. Minish (D) 59.5%
Frank A. Palmieri (R) 37.4%
Samuel Voltaggio (I) 2.6%
Marjorie H. Schwester (Conservative) 0.5%
New Jersey 12 George M. Wallhauser Republican 1958 Re-elected George M. Wallhauser (R) 52.5%
Robert R. Peacock (D) 46.6%
Harrison P. Smith, Jr. (Conservative) 0.5%
Harry Press (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
Ruth F. Shiminsky (Socialist Workers) 0.1%
New Jersey 13 Cornelius Edward Gallagher Democratic 1958 Re-elected Cornelius Edward Gallagher (D) 77.0%
Eugene P. Kenny (R) 21.0%
Thomas Quinn (I) 2.0%
New Jersey 14 Dominick V. Daniels Democratic 1958 Re-elected Dominick V. Daniels (D) 70.6%
Michael J. Bell (R) 27.8%
Kenneth Walsh (Conservative) 1.6%
New Jersey 15 None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Edward J. Patten (D) 56.7%
Bernard F. Rodgers (R) 43.3%

New Mexico

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New Mexico At-large Joseph M. Montoya Democratic 1957 Re-elected Thomas G. Morris (D) 31.7%
Joseph M. Montoya (D) 26.7%
Jack C. Redman (R) 24.1%
Junio Lopez (R) 17.5%
New Mexico At-large Thomas G. Morris Democratic 1958 Re-elected

New York

New York lost 2 seats at reapportionment; after redistricting, Long Island actually gained two seats while Manhattan lost two and Brooklyn and Upstate New York lost one each.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
New York 1 Otis G. Pike Democratic 1960 Re-elected Otis G. Pike (D) 61.7%
Walter M. Ormsby (R) 38.3%
New York 2 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
James R. Grover, Jr. (R) 55.7%
Robert J. Flynn (D) 44.3%
New York 3 Steven Boghos Derounian
Redistricted from 2nd
Republican 1952 Re-elected Steven Boghos Derounian (R) 59.2%
George Soll (D) 40.8%
New York 4 None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
John W. Wydler (R) 56.4%
Joseph A. Daley (D) 42.7%
Harry H. Purvis (I) 0.9%
New York 5 Frank J. Becker
Redistricted from 3rd
Republican 1952 Re-elected Frank J. Becker (R) 57.5%
Franklin Bear (D) 42.5%
New York 6 Seymour Halpern
Redistricted from 4th
Republican 1958 Re-elected Seymour Halpern (R) 63.3%
Leonard L. Finz (D) 36.7%
New York 7 Joseph P. Addabbo
Redistricted from 5th
Democratic 1960 Re-elected Joseph P. Addabbo (D) 59.3%
George Archinal (R) 40.7%
New York 8 Benjamin Stanley Rosenthal
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic February 20, 1962
Re-elected Benjamin Stanley Rosenthal (D) 66.4%
Arthur McCrossen (R) 33.6%
New York 9 James J. Delaney
Redistricted from 7th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected James J. Delaney (D) 58.7%
Charles H. Cohen (R) 35.1%
Mark Starr (Liberal) 6.2%
New York 10 Emanuel Celler
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1922 Re-elected Emanuel Celler (D) 81.0%
Seymour Besunder (R) 19.0%
New York 11 Eugene James Keogh
Redistricted from 9th
Democratic 1936 Re-elected Eugene James Keogh (D) 71.6%
Abraham L. Banner (R) 28.4%
New York 12 Edna F. Kelly
Redistricted from 10th
Democratic 1949 Re-elected Edna F. Kelly (D) 70.0%
Louis London Goldberg (R) 30.0%
New York 13 Abraham J. Multer Democratic 1947 Re-elected Abraham J. Multer (D) 74.6%
Melvyn M. Rothman (R) 25.4%
New York 14 John J. Rooney Democratic 1944 Re-elected John J. Rooney (D) 70.9%
Leon F. Nadrowski (R) 29.1%
Victor Anfuso
Redistricted from 8th
Democratic 1954 Retired to run for New York Supreme Court
Democratic loss
New York 15 Hugh L. Carey
Redistricted from 12th
Democratic 1960 Re-elected Hugh L. Carey (D) 50.2%
Francis E. Dorn (R) 49.8%
New York 16 John H. Ray
Redistricted from 15th
Republican 1952 Retired
Democratic gain
John M. Murphy (D) 47.5%
Robert T. Connor (R) 45.9%
George B. Murphy (Liberal) 6.6%
New York 17 John Lindsay Republican 1958 Re-elected John Lindsay (R) 68.7%
Martin B. Dworkis (D) 31.3%
New York 18 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
Redistricted from 16th
Democratic 1944 Re-elected Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (D) 69.6%
Ramon A. Martinez (R) 21.6%
Mae P. Watts (Liberal) 8.8%
New York 19 Leonard Farbstein Democratic 1956 Re-elected Leonard Farbstein (D) 58.5%
Richard S. Aldrich (R) 30.5%
Bentley Kassal (Liberal) 11.0%
New York 20 William Fitts Ryan Democratic 1960 Re-elected William Fitts Ryan (D) 72.6%
Gilbert A. Robinson (R) 27.4%
Herbert Zelenko
Redistricted from 21st
Democratic 1954 Lost renomination
Democratic loss
New York 21 James C. Healey
Redistricted from 22nd
Democratic 1956 Re-elected James C. Healey (D) 67.4%
Stanley L. Slater (R) 21.0%
Lillian Gulker (Liberal) 11.6%
New York 22 Jacob H. Gilbert
Redistricted from 23rd
Democratic 1960 Re-elected Jacob H. Gilbert (D) 70.4%
Oscar Gonzalez-Suarez (R) 20.5%
David Grand (Liberal) 9.1%
New York 23 Charles A. Buckley
Redistricted from 24th
Democratic 1934 Re-elected Charles A. Buckley (D) 54.4%
John J. Parker (R) 30.9%
John P. Hagan (Liberal) 14.6%
New York 24 Paul A. Fino
Redistricted from 25th
Republican 1952 Re-elected Paul A. Fino (R) 60.1%
Alfred E. Santangelo (D) 35.9%
Frank Leff (Liberal) 4.0%
Alfred E. Santangelo
Redistricted from 18th
Democratic 1956 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
New York 25 Robert R. Barry
Redistricted from 27th
Republican 1958 Re-elected Robert R. Barry (R) 61.5%
A. Frank Reel (D) 38.5%
New York 26 Edwin B. Dooley Republican 1956 Lost renomination
Republican hold
Ogden R. Reid (R) 60.9%
Stanley W. Church (D) 39.1%
New York 27 Katharine St. George
Redistricted from 28th
Republican 1946 Re-elected Katharine St. George (R) 57.9%
William F. Ward, Jr. (D) 42.1%
New York 28 J. Ernest Wharton
Redistricted from 29th
Republican 1950 Re-elected J. Ernest Wharton (R) 64.1%
Morton E. Gilday (D) 35.9%
New York 29 Leo W. O'Brien
Redistricted from 30th
Democratic 1952 Re-elected Leo W. O'Brien (D) 60.1%
Wolfgang J. Riemer (R) 39.9%
New York 30 Carleton J. King
Redistricted from 31st
Republican 1960 Re-elected Carleton J. King (R) 63.7%
William W. Egan (D) 33.9%
Harold T. Smith (Liberal) 2.4%
New York 31 Clarence E. Kilburn
Redistricted from 33rd
Republican 1940 Re-elected Clarence E. Kilburn (R) 60.0%
Francis G. Healey (D) 40.0%
New York 32 Alexander Pirnie
Redistricted from 34th
Republican 1958 Re-elected Alexander Pirnie (R) 57.6%
Virgil C. Crisafulli (D) 42.4%
New York 33 Howard W. Robison
Redistricted from 37th
Republican 1958 Re-elected Howard W. Robison (R) 66.8%
Theodore W. Maurer (D) 29.9%
Harrop Freeman (Liberal) 3.3%
New York 34 R. Walter Riehlman
Redistricted from 35th
Republican 1946 Re-elected R. Walter Riehlman (R) 54.8%
Lee Alexander (D) 43.4%
John Arneson (Liberal) 1.8%
New York 35 Samuel S. Stratton
Redistricted from 32nd
Democratic 1958 Re-elected Samuel S. Stratton (D) 54.5%
Janet Hill Gordon (R) 45.5%
John Taber
Redistricted from 36th
Republican 1922 Retired
Republican loss
New York 36 Jessica M. Weis
Redistricted from 38th
Republican 1958 Retired
Republican hold
Frank Horton (R) 59.3%
Arthur B. Curran, Jr. (D) 40.7%
New York 37 Harold C. Ostertag
Redistricted from 39th
Republican 1950 Re-elected Harold C. Ostertag (R) 64.3%
Norman C. Katner (D) 35.7%
New York 38 Charles Goodell
Redistricted from 43rd
Republican 1959 Re-elected Charles Goodell (R) 68.3%
T. Joseph Lynch (D) 30.3%
Leo M. Brushingham (Liberal) 1.3%
New York 39 John R. Pillion
Redistricted from 42nd
Republican 1952 Re-elected John R. Pillion (R) 62.6%
Angelo S. D'Eloia (D) 35.1%
Walter Bratek (Liberal) 2.3%
New York 40 William E. Miller Republican 1950 Re-elected William E. Miller (R) 52.0%
E. Dent Lackey (D) 48.0%
New York 41 Thaddeus J. Dulski Democratic 1958 Re-elected Thaddeus J. Dulski (D) 71.5%
Daniel J. Kij (R) 28.5%

North Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Carolina 1 Herbert Covington Bonner Democratic 1940 Re-elected Herbert Covington Bonner (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 2 Lawrence H. Fountain Democratic 1952 Re-elected Lawrence H. Fountain (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 3 David N. Henderson Democratic 1960 Re-elected David N. Henderson (D) Unopposed
North Carolina 4 Harold D. Cooley Democratic 1934 Re-elected Harold D. Cooley (D) 58.1%
George E. Ward (R) 41.9%
North Carolina 5 Ralph James Scott Democratic 1956 Re-elected Ralph James Scott (D) 59.2%
A. M. Snipes (R) 40.8%
North Carolina 6 Horace R. Kornegay Democratic 1960 Re-elected Horace R. Kornegay (D) 59.9%
Blackwell P. Robinson (R) 40.1%
North Carolina 7 Alton Lennon Democratic 1956 Re-elected Alton Lennon (D) 77.0%
James E. Walsh, Jr. (R) 23.0%
North Carolina 8 Charles R. Jonas
Redistricted from 10th
Republican 1952 Re-elected Charles R. Jonas (R) 56.0%
Alvin Paul Kitchin (D) 44.0%
Alvin Paul Kitchin Democratic 1956 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
North Carolina 9 Hugh Quincy Alexander Democratic 1952 Lost re-election
Republican gain
James T. Broyhill (R) 50.5%
Hugh Quincy Alexander (D) 49.5%
North Carolina 10 Basil Lee Whitener
Redistricted from 11th
Democratic 1956 Re-elected Basil Lee Whitener (D) 55.1%
Carrol M. Barringer (R) 44.9%
North Carolina 11 Roy A. Taylor
Redistricted from 12th
Democratic 1960 Re-elected Roy A. Taylor (D) 55.2%
Robert Brown (R) 44.8%

North Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
North Dakota 1 Hjalmar Carl Nygaard
Redistricted from At-large
Republican 1960 Re-elected Hjalmar Carl Nygaard (R) 54.6%
Scott Anderson (D) 45.4%
North Dakota 2 Don L. Short
Redistricted from At-large
Republican 1958 Re-elected Don L. Short (R) 54.0%
Robert Vogel (D) 46.0%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Ohio 1 Gordon H. Scherer Republican 1952 Retired
Republican hold
Carl W. Rich (R) 62.7%
Monica Nolan (D) 37.3%
Ohio 2 Donald D. Clancy Republican 1960 Re-elected Donald D. Clancy (R) 62.8%
H. A. Sand (D) 37.2%
Ohio 3 Paul F. Schenck Republican 1951 Re-elected Paul F. Schenck (R) 57.0%
Martin A. Evers (D) 43.0%
Ohio 4 William Moore McCulloch Republican 1947 Re-elected William Moore McCulloch (R) 70.3%
Marjorie Conrad Struna (D) 29.7%
Ohio 5 Del Latta Republican 1958 Re-elected Del Latta (R) 70.4%
William T. Hunt (D) 29.6%
Ohio 6 Bill Harsha Republican 1960 Re-elected Bill Harsha (R) 60.4%
Jerry C. Rasor (D) 39.6%
Ohio 7 Clarence J. Brown Republican 1938 Re-elected Clarence J. Brown (R) 67.7%
Robert A. Riley (D) 32.3%
Ohio 8 Jackson Edward Betts Republican 1950 Re-elected Jackson Edward Betts (R) 70.1%
Morris Laderman (D) 29.9%
Ohio 9 Thomas L. Ashley Democratic 1954 Re-elected Thomas L. Ashley (D) 57.4%
Martin A. Janis (R) 42.6%
Ohio 10 Walter H. Moeller Democratic 1958 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Homer E. Abele (R) 52.3%
Walter H. Moeller (D) 47.7%
Ohio 11 Robert E. Cook Democratic 1958 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Oliver P. Bolton (R) 50.6%
Robert E. Cook (D) 49.4%
Ohio 12 Samuel L. Devine Republican 1958 Re-elected Samuel L. Devine (R) 68.3%
Paul D. Cassidy (D) 31.7%
Ohio 13 Charles Adams Mosher Republican 1960 Re-elected Charles Adams Mosher (R) 55.1%
J. Grant Keys (D) 44.9%
Ohio 14 William H. Ayres Republican 1950 Re-elected William H. Ayres (R) 53.7%
Oliver Ocasek (D) 46.3%
Ohio 15 Tom Van Horn Moorehead Republican 1960 Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Robert T. Secrest (D) 52.4%
Tom Van Horn Moorehead (R) 47.6%
Ohio 16 Frank T. Bow Republican 1950 Re-elected Frank T. Bow (R) 60.0%
Ed Witmer (D) 40.0%
Ohio 17 John M. Ashbrook Republican 1960 Re-elected John M. Ashbrook (R) 58.6%
Robert W. Levering (D) 41.4%
Ohio 18 Wayne L. Hays Democratic 1948 Re-elected Wayne L. Hays (D) 61.0%
John J. Carigg (R) 39.0%
Ohio 19 Michael J. Kirwan Democratic 1936 Re-elected Michael J. Kirwan (D) 62.2%
William Vincent Williams (R) 37.8%
Ohio 20 Michael A. Feighan Democratic 1942 Re-elected Michael A. Feighan (D) 71.0%
Leonard G. Richter (R) 29.0%
Ohio 21 Charles Vanik Democratic 1954 Re-elected Charles Vanik (D) 79.9%
Leodis Harris (R) 20.1%
Ohio 22 Frances P. Bolton Republican 1940 Re-elected Frances P. Bolton (R) 64.6%
Edward Corrigan (D) 30.6%
Ronald B. Peltz (I) 4.8%
Ohio 23 William Edwin Minshall, Jr. Republican 1954 Re-elected William Edwin Minshall, Jr. (R) 71.5%
Emil C. Weber (D) 28.5%
Ohio At-large None (District created) New seat
Republican gain
Robert Taft, Jr. (R) 60.5%
Richard D. Kennedy (D) 39.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oklahoma 1 Page Belcher Republican 1950 Re-elected Page Belcher (R) 68.6%
Herbert W. Wright, Jr. (D) 31.4%
Oklahoma 2 Ed Edmondson Democratic 1952 Re-elected Ed Edmondson (D) 56.6%
Bill Sharp (R) 43.4%
Oklahoma 3 Carl Albert Democratic 1946 Re-elected Carl Albert (D) Unopposed
Oklahoma 4 Tom Steed Democratic 1948 Re-elected Tom Steed (D) Unopposed
Oklahoma 5 John Jarman Democratic 1950 Re-elected John Jarman (D) 68.9%
William P. Pointon, Jr. (R) 31.1%
Oklahoma 6 Victor Wickersham Democratic 1960 Re-elected Victor Wickersham (D) 53.5%
Glenn L. Gibson (R) 46.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Oregon 1 A. Walter Norblad Republican 1946 Re-elected A. Walter Norblad (R) 61.8%
R. Blaine Whipple (D) 38.2%
Oregon 2 Albert C. Ullman Democratic 1956 Re-elected Albert C. Ullman (D) 64.0%
Robert W. Chandler (R) 36.0%
Oregon 3 Edith Green Democratic 1954 Re-elected Edith Green (D) 66.0%
Stanley E. Hartman (R) 34.0%
Oregon 4 Edwin Russell Durno Republican 1960 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Democratic gain
Robert B. Duncan (D) 53.9%
Carl Fisher (R) 46.1%


Three seats were lost in reapportionment, decreasing the delegation from 30 to 27 seats, with redistricting removing one seat in Philadelphia and two in central Pennsylvania. Two of those seats were lost by Republicans (a retirement and a redistricting contest against a Democratic incumbent), and one seat was by a Democrat (a retirement).

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Pennsylvania 1 William A. Barrett Democratic 1944 Re-elected William A. Barrett (D) 63.5%
Winifred H. Malinowsky (R) 36.5%
Pennsylvania 2 Robert N. C. Nix, Sr.
Redistricted from 4th
Democratic 1958 Re-elected Robert N. C. Nix, Sr. (D) 67.1%
Arthur Thomas (R) 32.9%
Kathryn E. Granahan Democratic 1956 Retired
Democratic loss
Pennsylvania 3 James A. Byrne Democratic 1952 Re-elected James A. Byrne (D) 59.3%
Joseph R. Burns (R) 40.7%
Pennsylvania 4 Herman Toll
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1958 Re-elected Herman Toll (D) 56.0%
Frank J. Barbera (R) 44.0%
Pennsylvania 5 William J. Green, Jr. Democratic 1944 Re-elected William J. Green, Jr. (D) 55.9%
Michael J. Bednarek (R) 44.1%
Pennsylvania 6 George M. Rhodes
Redistricted from 14th
Democratic 1948 Re-elected George M. Rhodes (D) 51.2%
Ivor D. Fenton (R) 48.8%
Ivor D. Fenton
Redistricted from 12th
Republican 1938 Lost re-election
Republican loss
Pennsylvania 7 William H. Milliken, Jr. Republican 1958 Re-elected William H. Milliken, Jr. (R) 60.8%
John A. Reilly (D) 39.2%
Pennsylvania 8 Willard S. Curtin Republican 1956 Re-elected Willard S. Curtin (R) 54.8%
James A. Michener (D) 45.2%
Pennsylvania 9 Paul B. Dague Republican 1946 Re-elected Paul B. Dague (R) 67.2%
Richard C. Keller (D) 32.8%
Pennsylvania 10 William Scranton Republican 1960 Retired to run for Governor
Republican hold
Joseph M. McDade (R) 52.5%
William D. Gombar (D) 47.5%
Pennsylvania 11 Daniel J. Flood Democratic 1954 Re-elected Daniel J. Flood (D) 66.5%
Donald B. Ayers (R) 33.5%
Pennsylvania 12 J. Irving Whalley
Redistricted from 18th
Republican 1960 Re-elected J. Irving Whalley (R) 60.5%
A. Reed Hayes (D) 39.5%
James E. Van Zandt
Redistricted from 20th
Republican 1946 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican loss
Pennsylvania 13 Richard Schweiker Republican 1960 Re-elected Richard Schweiker (R) 66.6%
Lee F. Driscoll, Jr. (D) 33.4%
Pennsylvania 14 William S. Moorhead
Redistricted from 28th
Democratic 1958 Re-elected William S. Moorhead (D) 65.7%
Joseph M. Beatty (R) 34.3%
Pennsylvania 15 Francis E. Walter Democratic 1932 Re-elected Francis E. Walter (D) 57.5%
Woodrow A. Horn (R) 42.5%
Pennsylvania 16 John C. Kunkel Republican 1961 Re-elected John C. Kunkel (R) 66.7%
John A. Walter (D) 33.3%
Pennsylvania 17 Herman T. Schneebeli Republican 1960 Re-elected Herman T. Schneebeli (R) 62.9%
William W. Litke (D) 37.1%
Pennsylvania 18 Robert J. Corbett
Redistricted from 29th
Republican 1944 Re-elected Robert J. Corbett (R) 64.3%
Edward F. Cook (D) 35.7%
Pennsylvania 19 George Atlee Goodling Republican 1960 Re-elected George Atlee Goodling (R) 56.8%
Earl D. Warner (D) 43.2%
Pennsylvania 20 Elmer J. Holland
Redistricted from 30th
Democratic 1956 Re-elected Elmer J. Holland (D) 67.4%
Budd E. Sheppard (R) 32.6%
Pennsylvania 21 John H. Dent Democratic 1958 Re-elected John H. Dent (D) 59.6%
Charles E. Scalf (R) 40.4%
Pennsylvania 22 John P. Saylor Republican 1949 Re-elected John P. Saylor (R) 57.5%
Donald J. Perry (D) 42.5%
Pennsylvania 23 Leon H. Gavin Republican 1942 Re-elected Leon H. Gavin (R) 58.6%
Frank M. O'Neil (D) 40.6%
Germain Schreffler (Proh) 0.8%
Pennsylvania 24 Carroll D. Kearns Republican 1946 Lost renomination
Republican hold
James D. Weaver (R) 51.4%
Peter J. Joyce (D) 48.6%
Pennsylvania 25 Frank M. Clark Democratic 1954 Re-elected Frank M. Clark (D) 56.4%
Harvey R. Robinson (R) 43.6%
Pennsylvania 26 Thomas E. Morgan Democratic 1944 Re-elected Thomas E. Morgan (D) 61.7%
Jerome Hahn (R) 38.3%
Pennsylvania 27 James G. Fulton Republican 1944 Re-elected James G. Fulton (R) 65.5%
Margaret L. Walgren (D) 34.5%

Rhode Island

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Rhode Island 1 Fernand St. Germain Democratic 1960 Re-elected Fernand St. Germain (D) 56.8%
R. Gordon Butler (R) 43.2%
Rhode Island 2 John E. Fogarty Democratic 1940 Re-elected John E. Fogarty (D) 71.8%
John F. Kennedy (R) 28.2%

South Carolina

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Carolina 1 L. Mendel Rivers Democratic 1940 Re-elected L. Mendel Rivers (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 2 John J. Riley Democratic 1950 Died in office
Democratic hold
Albert Watson (D) 52.8%
Floyd Spence (R) 47.2%
South Carolina 3 William Jennings Bryan Dorn Democratic 1950 Re-elected William Jennings Bryan Dorn (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 4 Robert T. Ashmore Democratic 1953 Re-elected Robert T. Ashmore (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 5 Robert W. Hemphill Democratic 1956 Re-elected Robert W. Hemphill (D) 94.0%
Robert M. Doster (R) 6.0%
South Carolina 6 John L. McMillan Democratic 1938 Re-elected John L. McMillan (D) Unopposed

South Dakota

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
South Dakota 1 Ben Reifel Republican 1960 Re-elected Ben Reifel (R) 59.2%
Ralph A. Nauman (D) 40.8%
South Dakota 2 Ellis Yarnal Berry Republican 1950 Re-elected Ellis Yarnal Berry (R) 61.5%
M. W. Clarkson (D) 38.5%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Tennessee 1 Louise Goff Reece Republican 1961 Retired
Republican hold
Jimmy Quillen (R) 53.9%
Herbert R. Silvers (D) 43.8%
Arthur Bright (I) 2.3%
Tennessee 2 Howard Baker, Sr. Republican 1950 Re-elected Howard Baker, Sr. (R) 70.6%
Tally R. Livingston (D) 29.4%
Tennessee 3 James B. Frazier, Jr. Democratic 1948 Lost renomination
Republican gain
Bill Brock (R) 51.1%
Wilkes Thrasher, Jr. (D) 48.9%
Tennessee 4 Joe L. Evins Democratic 1946 Re-elected Joe L. Evins (D) 87.9%
Arch M. Eaton (Ind Rep) 12.1%
Tennessee 5 Joseph Carlton Loser Democratic 1956 Retired
Democratic hold
Richard Fulton (Ind Dem) 60.4%
Joseph Carlton Loser (D) 38.2%
Raymond E. Love (W/I) 0.6%
H. L. Crowder (W/I) 0.5%
H. J. Ryan (W/I) 0.3%
Tennessee 6 Ross Bass Democratic 1954 Re-elected Ross Bass (D) 81.8%
J. J. Underwood (I) 18.2%
Tennessee 7 Tom J. Murray Democratic 1942 Re-elected Tom J. Murray (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 8 Fats Everett Democratic 1958 Re-elected Fats Everett (D) 97.3%
Sara Flannary (W/I) 2.7%
Tennessee 9 Clifford Davis Democratic 1940 Re-elected Clifford Davis (D) 50.6%
Robert B. James (R) 49.4%


Texas gained one seat in reapportionment and elected it at large.

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Texas 1 Wright Patman Democratic 1928 Re-elected Wright Patman (D) 67.3%
James Timberlake (R) 32.7%
Texas 2 Jack Brooks Democratic 1952 Re-elected Jack Brooks (D) 68.7%
Roy James, Jr. (R) 31.3%
Texas 3 Lindley Beckworth Democratic 1956 Re-elected Lindley Beckworth (D) 52.0%
WilliamSteger (R) 48.0%
Texas 4 Ray Roberts Democratic 1962 Re-elected Ray Roberts (D) 72.0%
Conner Harrington (R) 28.0%
Texas 5 Bruce R. Alger Republican 1954 Re-elected Bruce R. Alger (R) 56.3%
Bill Jones (D) 43.7%
Texas 6 Olin E. Teague Democratic 1946 Re-elected Olin E. Teague (D) Unopposed
Texas 7 John Dowdy Democratic 1952 Re-elected John Dowdy (D) 88.2%
Raymond Ramage (R) 11.8%
Texas 8 Albert Richard Thomas Democratic 1936 Re-elected Albert Richard Thomas (D) 71.5%
Anthony J. P. Farris (R) 28.5%
Texas 9 Clark W. Thompson Democratic 1947 Re-elected Clark W. Thompson (D) 66.3%
Dave Oaks (R) 33.7%
Texas 10 Homer Thornberry Democratic 1948 Re-elected Homer Thornberry (D) 63.3%
Jim Dobbs (R) 36.7%
Texas 11 William R. Poage Democratic 1936 Re-elected William R. Poage (D) Unopposed
Texas 12 Jim Wright Democratic 1954 Re-elected Jim Wright (D) 60.6%
Del Barron (R) 39.4%
Texas 13 Graham B. Purcell, Jr. Democratic 1962 Re-elected Graham B. Purcell, Jr. (D) 67.1%
Joe Meissner (R) 32.9%
Texas 14 John Andrew Young Democratic 1956 Re-elected John Andrew Young (D) 70.4%
Lawrence Hoover (R) 29.6%
Texas 15 Joe M. Kilgore Democratic 1954 Re-elected Joe M. Kilgore (D) Unopposed
Texas 16 J. T. Rutherford Democratic 1954 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Ed Foreman (R) 53.8%
J. T. Rutherford (D) 46.2%
Texas 17 Omar Burleson Democratic 1946 Re-elected Omar Burleson (D) Unopposed
Texas 18 Walter E. Rogers Democratic 1950 Re-elected Walter E. Rogers (D) 58.8%
Jack Seale (R) 41.2%
Texas 19 George H. Mahon Democratic 1934 Re-elected George H. Mahon (D) 67.1%
Dennis Taylor (R) 32.9%
Texas 20 Henry B. Gonzalez Democratic 1961 Re-elected Henry B. Gonzalez (D) Unopposed
Texas 21 O. C. Fisher Democratic 1942 Re-elected O. C. Fisher (D) 76.1%
E. S. Mayer (R) 23.9%
Texas 22 Robert R. Casey Democratic 1958 Re-elected Robert R. Casey (D) 53.5%
Ross Baker (R) 46.5%
Texas At-large None (District created) New seat
Democratic gain
Joe R. Pool (D) 56.1%
Desmond Barry (R) 43.9%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Utah 1 M. Blaine Peterson Democratic 1960 Lost re-election
Republican gain
Laurence J. Burton (R) 50.9%
M. Blaine Peterson (D) 49.1%
Utah 2 David S. King Democratic 1958 Retired to run for U. S. Senate
Republican gain
Sherman P. Lloyd (R) 53.9%
Bruce S. Jenkins (D) 46.1%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Vermont At-large Robert Stafford Republican 1960 Re-elected Robert Stafford (R) 56.7%
Harold Raynolds (D) 43.3%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Virginia 1 Thomas N. Downing Democratic 1958 Re-elected Thomas N. Downing (D) Unopposed
Virginia 2 Porter Hardy, Jr. Democratic 1946 Re-elected Porter Hardy, Jr. (D) 75.0%
Louis B. Fine (R) 25.0%
Virginia 3 J. Vaughan Gary Democratic 1945 Re-elected J. Vaughan Gary (D) 49.8%
Louis H. Williams (R) 49.2%
Alfred T. Dudley (I) 1.0%
Virginia 4 Watkins Moorman Abbitt Democratic 1948 Re-elected Watkins Moorman Abbitt (D) Unopposed
Virginia 5 William M. Tuck Democratic 1953 Re-elected William M. Tuck (D) Unopposed
Virginia 6 Richard Harding Poff Republican 1952 Re-elected Richard Harding Poff (R) 65.2%
John P. Wheeler (D) 34.5%
J. B. Brayman (I) 0.3%
Virginia 7 Burr Harrison Democratic 1946 Retired
Democratic hold
John O. Marsh, Jr. (D) 50.6%
J. Kenneth Robinson (R) 49.4%
Virginia 8 Howard W. Smith Democratic 1930 Re-elected Howard W. Smith (D) Unopposed
Virginia 9 William Pat Jennings Democratic 1954 Re-elected William Pat Jennings (D) 61.2%
Leon Owens (R) 38.8%
Virginia 10 Joel T. Broyhill Republican 1952 Re-elected Joel T. Broyhill (R) 55.4%
Augustus C. Johnson (D) 44.6%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Washington 1 Thomas Pelly Republican 1952 Re-elected Thomas Pelly (R) 73.7%
Alice Franklin Bryant (D) 26.3%
Washington 2 Jack Westland Republican 1952 Re-elected Jack Westland (R) 59.8%
Milo Moore (D) 40.2%
Washington 3 Julia Butler Hansen Democratic 1960 Re-elected Julia Butler Hansen (D) 65.3%
Edwin J. Alexander (R) 34.7%
Washington 4 Catherine Dean May Republican 1958 Re-elected Catherine Dean May (R) 67.0%
David A. Gallant (D) 33.0%
Washington 5 Walt Horan Republican 1942 Re-elected Walt Horan (R) 64.4%
Bernard J. Gallagher (D) 35.6%
Washington 6 Thor C. Tollefson Republican 1946 Re-elected Thor C. Tollefson (R) 71.1%
Dawn Olson (D) 28.9%
Washington 7 Donald H. Magnuson Democratic 1952 Lost re-election
Republican gain
K. William Stinson (R) 56.6%
Donald H. Magnuson (D) 43.4%

West Virginia

West Virginia lost one seat and redistricted from 6 districts to 5, splitting the existing 3rd district up among all the others.[1]

District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
West Virginia 1 Arch A. Moore, Jr. Republican 1956 Re-elected Arch A. Moore, Jr. (R) 59.9%
Cleveland M. Bailey (D) 40.1%
Cleveland M. Bailey
Redistricted from 3rd
Democratic 1948 Lost re-election
Democratic loss
West Virginia 2 Harley O. Staggers Democratic 1948 Re-elected Harley O. Staggers (D) 58.7%
Cooper Benedict (R) 41.3%
West Virginia 3 John M. Slack, Jr.
Redistricted from 6th
Democratic 1958 Re-elected John M. Slack, Jr. (D) 61.7%
M. G. Guthrie (R) 38.3%
West Virginia 4 Ken Hechler Democratic 1958 Re-elected Ken Hechler (D) 57.8%
Clyde Pinson (R) 42.2%
West Virginia 5 Elizabeth Kee Democratic 1951 Re-elected Elizabeth Kee (D) 73.1%
James S. Crockett (R) 26.9%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wisconsin 1 Henry C. Schadeberg Republican 1960 Re-elected Henry C. Schadeberg (R) 53.3%
Gerald T. Flynn (D) 46.7%
Wisconsin 2 Robert W. Kastenmeier Democratic 1958 Re-elected Robert W. Kastenmeier (D) 52.5%
Ivan H. Kindschi (R) 47.5%
Wisconsin 3 Vernon Wallace Thomson Republican 1960 Re-elected Vernon Wallace Thomson (R) 61.3%
Walter P. Thoresen (D) 38.7%
Wisconsin 4 Clement J. Zablocki Democratic 1948 Re-elected Clement J. Zablocki (D) 72.5%
David F. Tillotson (R) 27.5%
Wisconsin 5 Henry S. Reuss Democratic 1954 Re-elected Henry S. Reuss (D) 63.6%
Thomas F. Nelson (R) 36.4%
Wisconsin 6 William Van Pelt Republican 1950 Re-elected William Van Pelt (R) 59.2%
John A. Race (D) 40.8%
Wisconsin 7 Melvin R. Laird Republican 1952 Re-elected Melvin R. Laird (R) 66.1%
John E. Evans (D) 33.9%
Wisconsin 8 John W. Byrnes Republican 1944 Re-elected John W. Byrnes (R) 62.8%
Owen F. Monfils (D) 37.2%
Wisconsin 9 Lester Johnson Democratic 1953 Re-elected Lester Johnson (D) 55.6%
Dennis B. Danielson (R) 44.4%
Wisconsin 10 Alvin E. O'Konski Republican 1942 Re-elected Alvin E. O'Konski (R) 63.2%
J. Louis Hanson (D) 36.8%


District Incumbent Party First
Result Candidates
Wyoming At-large William H. Harrison Republican 1960 Re-elected William H. Harrison (R) 61.4%
Louis A. Mankus (D) 38.6%

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