United States Senate election in Arizona, 2000

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United States Senate election in Arizona, 2000

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  Jon Kyl, official 109th Congress photo.jpg
Nominee Jon Kyl William Toel
Party Republican Independent
Popular vote 1,101,196 109,230
Percentage 79.3% 7.8%

Candidate Vance Hansen Barry Hess
Party Green Libertarian
Popular vote 108,926 70,724
Percentage 7.8% 5.1%

County results

U.S. senator before election

Jon Kyl

Elected U.S. Senator

Jon Kyl

The 2000 United States Senate election in Arizona was held on November 7, 2000. Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Jon Kyl won re-election to a second term, as no candidate was nominated from the Democratic Party. Independent Bill Toel, Green party nominee Vance Hansen, and Libertarian party nominee Barry Hess each got more than 5% of the vote, a strong third party performance.



  • Vance Hansen, retired teacher


  • Bill Toel, professor and former banker [1]


  • Barry Hess, businessman [2]


  • Jon Kyl, incumbent U.S. Senator first elected in 1994


Jon Kyl, a popular incumbent, did not draw a Democratic opponent [3] despite being labeled as vulnerable at one point.[4]


General election results[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Republican Jon Kyl (Incumbent) 1,108,196 79.32% +25.62%
Independent William Toel 109,230 7.82%
Green Vance Hansen 108,926 7.80%
Libertarian Barry Hess 70,724 5.06% -1.68%
Majority 998,966 71.50% +57.34%
Turnout 1,397,076
Republican hold Swing


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