Vanya-class minesweeper

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Class overview
Name: Vanya class (Project 257)
Preceded by: Sasha class minesweeper
Succeeded by: Zhenya class minesweeper
Built: 1960-1973
In commission: 1960-1990s
Completed: 47
Lost: 1
Retired: 46?
General characteristics
Type: minesweeper
Displacement: 200 tons standard, 260 tons full load
Length: 40.2 meters
Beam: 7.9 meters
Draught: 1.7 meters
Propulsion: 2 shaft diesel engines 2200 hp
Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h)
Range: 2,400 nautical miles (4,444.8 km) at 10 knots (19 km/h)
Crew: 30
Sensors and
processing systems:
radar: Don 2
  • 2 - 30mm guns
  • 8 mines
  • Sweeps MT-1, MTSh

The Vanya class were a group of minesweepers built for the Soviet Navy between 1960 and 1973. The Soviet Designation was Project 257.


The ships were designed as coastal mine hunters. The hulls were built out of wood for significantly reduced magnetic signature. Measures were also taken to reduce electrical and acoustic signature. The propellers were fitted without bubble shields. A more advanced version the Project 257DM was introduced in the mid-1960s. The Project 699 was a version with more powerful diesel engines for towing heavier sweeps.


A total of 47 units were built by shipyards in Kolpino and Vladivostok (3 Project 699).


All ships were retired by the mid-1990s

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