Vasily Boryagin

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Vasily Pavlovich Boryagin (Russian: Василий Павлович Борягин, 1919—1998) was a prominent Russian fitter and production-rationalizer, Honored citizen of Berezniki, Hero of Socialist Labor.

Vasily Pavlovich Boryagin was born in 1919 in Lenva, Perm Krai, Russian SFSR. He graduated a high school and in 1937 he took a job at Berezniki Chemical Integrated Plant as a fitter's apprentice. In 1939 he was conscripted to the Army and served in border troops at Russian Far East.[1]

After demobilization in 1946 Boryagin returned to Berezniki and took a job at Soda Factory. He worked there until 1989 as a leader of repair fitters team. Boryagin made a number of rationalization proposal. In 1971 for assembling new machines and ensuring functioning of obsolete equipment during the construction of new shop he was awarded a title of Hero of Socialist Labor and an Order of Lenin.[1]

In 1974 Boryagin prize for leading workers of chemical industry was founded in Perm Region. In 1984 Boryagin was awarded a title of Honored citizen of Berezniki.[1]

Vasily Pavlovich Boryagin died in 1998. In 2004 a memorial tablet was installed on a house where he lived (12 Stepanov Street, Berezniki).[2]


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