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Vladimir Miller (Russian: Влади́мир Ми́ллер) is a Russian opera folk, and choir singer possessing a low-ranging basso profondo (oktavist) voice, one of the lowest voices in the world.[1] Many have also lauded the powerful unique timbre of his voice, especially when singing low notes. Miller is regularly heard singing the F1 and G1.[2] He was born in Siberia in 1964.[3]


Miller was initially not planning a singing career. He graduated from Leningrad State Conservatoire as a musicologist. Later he studied singing at Cologne Music School in Germany. His teachers were Reinhard Leisenheimer and Kurt Moll. He soon became a leading soloist in the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella.

Miller has performed in concerts in Great Britain, Germany, the Vatican, the Netherlands, Italy, and the United States. Miller has learned and performed an extensive repertoire, singing leading parts in operas by Mozart and Claudio Monteverdi. He sang parts in cantatas and oratorios by Heinrich Schütz, J.S. Bach, Anton Bruckner, Alexander Gretchaninov, John Tavener, and others. Miller has sung in the Male Choir of the Valaam Institute for Choral Art since 1990.

Besides his concerts Vladimir Miller focuses on the field Russian musical history. He has published a number of works.[4] Miller and Mikhail Kruglov, are great friends and they often sing together. He has also sung with the late Octavists Vladimir Pasyoukov and Yuri Wichniakov.

Physical appearance

Miller is a typical Basso Profondo. He stands much taller than average and has an imposing presence. Miller is rarely seen without a thick beard, and often performs in an all black cassock.


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