Vladimir Pribylovsky

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Vladimir Valerianovich Pribylovsky
Native name Владимир Валерианович Прибыловский
Born (1956-03-06)6 March 1956
Moscow, Soviet Union
Died 13 January 2016(2016-01-13) (aged 59)
Moscow, Russia
Nationality Russian
Alma mater Moscow State University
Occupation Byzantine studies, writing books
Known for human rights activism

Vladimir Valerianovich Pribylovsky (Russian: Влади́мир Валериа́нович Прибыло́вский, 6 March 1956–13 January 2016) was a Russian politologist and journalist[1]


Pribylovsky graduated from the Department of Medieval History of Moscow State University in 1981 specializing in Byzantine studies. In the 1980s he was persecuted by Soviet authorities for spreading banned literature.

Since 1993 he was the president of the Panorama Information and Research Center think tank.[2] From November 2005 he operated the Russian-language website Anticompromat.ru,[3] which is essentially a collection of biographies of Russian politicians compiled and partially written by Pribylovsky from a variety of published sources.[4] On 31 March, after being shortly closed, the website moved to a Californian hosting and became available at Anticompromat.org. On 1 April its mirror was reopened at the original URL.

Together with Yury Felshtinsky, Pribylovsky co-authored The Operation Successor, a book about Vladimir Putin's rise to power. A later versions were published as The Age of Assassins and Corporation.[5][6][7]


On 13 January 2016, Pribylovsky was found dead in his Moscow apartment.[8][9]



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