Wagaydyic languages

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Daly River
Linguistic classification: unclassified
Glottolog: None
wadj1254  (covered by Wadjiginy)[1]

Wagaydyic is a pair of closely related but otherwise unclassified Australian Aboriginal languages, Wadjiginy (Wagaydy) and Kandjerramalh (Pungupungu).

Tryon (1987) notes that the two languages are 80% cognate, but there are serious grammatical differences that prevent them from being considered dialects of a single language.[2]

The unattested Giyug may have been related. The Wagaydyic languages have previously been classified with Malak-Malak into a Northern Daly family, but similarities appear to be due to lexical and morphological borrowing from Malak-Malak, at least in Wadjiginy.

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