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The Wihuri Sibelius Prize is a music prize awarded by the Wihuri Foundation for International Prizes to prominent composers who have become internationally known and acknowledged. The Wihuri Sibelius Prize is one of the biggest and most prestigious music prizes in the world of classical music. The first Sibelius Prize was awarded to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, whom the prize was named after, in 1953. By 2015, the Wihuri Foundation for International Prizes has awarded altogether 16 Wihuri Sibelius Prizes, the latest award climbing up to €150.000. The Wihuri Sibelius Prize winner is selected by a five-member committee that consists of experts from Finnish music institutions. The prize may be awarded to private individuals or organizations regardless of nationality, religion, race or language.

Antti Wihuri handing over the Wihuri Sibelius Prize to Paul Hindemith in 1955. In the back President Juho Kusti Paasikivi.


Year [1] Prizewinner [1] Country
1953 Jean Sibelius Jean Sibelius 1939.jpg  Finland
1955 Paul Hindemith Paul Hindemith 1923.jpg  West Germany
1958 Dmitri Schostakovich Dmitri Shostakovich credit Deutsche Fotothek adjusted.jpg  Soviet Union
1963 Igor Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky  Soviet Union
1965 Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten  United Kingdom
Erik Bergman 75px  Finland
Usko Meriläinen  Finland
Einojuhani Rautavaara 75px  Finland
1971 Olivier Messiaen 75px  France
1973 Witold Lutoslawski 75px  Poland
Joonas Kokkonen 75px  Finland
1983 Krzysztof Penderecki 75px  Poland
Aulis Sallinen 75px  Finland
2000 György Ligeti 75px  Hungary/ Austria
2003 Magnus Lindberg 75px  Finland
2006 Per Nørgård 75px  Denmark
2009 Kaija Saariaho  Finland
2012 György Kurtág Kurtag academy.JPG  Hungary
2015 Harrison Birtwistle 75px  United Kingdom


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