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Wilhelm Rath (14 May 1897, in Berlin – 13 January 1973, in Wolfsburg /Kärnten Austria) was a German writer, translator, bio-dynamic farmer and anthroposophist. He is best known for his research and translations of certain medieval mystics, notably the Friend of God from the Oberland, Bernard Silvestris, Alanus ab Insulis and John of Hildesheim.

Upon leaving school in 1914, he volunteered for active service and was taken captive towards the end of World War I. As a prisoner of war in England, he learned of Anthroposophy and took up contact with Rudolf Steiner after the war. He subsequently became committed to the work of biodynamic agriculture, which he pursued until his death.[1]

With Ernst Lehrs he contributed significantly to the organisation of the youth conference in which Rudolf Steiner held the lecture cycle “The Younger Generation” and which led to the founding of an Esoteric Youth Circle.[2][3][4]


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