Yakov Yakovlev

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Yakov Arkadyevich Yakovlev (real name: Epstein; Russian: Я́ков Арка́дьевич Я́ковлев, 9 June 1896, Grodno - 29 July 1938) was a Soviet statesman and politician.

Yakovlev was a Ukrainian Communist who joined the Bolsheviks in 1913. In January 1923 he led the attack on Alexander Bogdanov, criticising him for being a Menshevik in Pravda.[1] From 1929 he served as People's Commissar for Agriculture for the forced collectivisation. In 1936 he appeared as a witness in the first Moscow trial.[2] In 1937 he organized the Great Purge in Belarus,[citation needed] in the following year he fell victim to his own.


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