Yehuda Leib Ginsburg

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Yehuda Leib Ginsburg (1888–1946)[1] was a Rabbi in Denver, Colorado. He moved to Denver from Yaroslavl, Russia where he had been the town's Rabbi previously. He is most notable for his commentary on various parts of the Torah and Rabbinic Writings which deal mostly with the ethical teachings found within them.

Ginsburg was an active member of the Vaad Hatzala Board of Directors.[2]


In most of his works (especially Musar HaMishna and Musar HaNevim) Ginsburg tried to find ethical teachings within the legal framework of the Mishna or the text of the prophets. In Yalkut Yehuda, however, Ginsburg collects midrashim and presents a commentary on that midrash below.

Rabbi Ginsburg's works, particularly Yalkut Yehuda, are frequently cited in the "Surf a Little Torah" feature of Yeshivat Har Etzion's Virtual Beit Midrash.


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